Cameron Morgan

Morgan is a multi-talented and prolific artist working with Project Ability as part of our Aspire programme, since 1991. 

In 2010 Morgan painted and exhibited a large mural on the walls of the Collins Gallery in Glasgow, as part of the exhibition MyScape. This exhibition spanned two Glasgow galleries and showed the work of 17 artists from six different countries with autism spectrum conditions and Asperger syndrome. This was the first time Cameron worked straight on the wall to create a large scale mural of his journey on the bus to his studio at Project Ability. This was received very well and lead Project Ability and Cameron to decide to apply for funding to further his artistic practice.

The Creative Scotland 2014 application was successful, and allowed Morgan’s standing as a contemporary artist to be firmly established with the Generation show Cameron’s Way: Coast to Coast (

In 2016 Cameron was awarded an Unlimited commission which enabled him to make two new bodies of work; TV Classics Part 1 ( Put your sweet lips closer to the phone. 2016 also saw Cameron awarded a lifetime fellowship to the RSA, with work exhibited at several different venues, exhibitions and festivals around the U.K.

Cameron's work

Wonderwoman (2016)

Spotted Wild Cat (2017)

Lion (2017)

The Caped Crusaders (2016)

Hulk (2016)

Untitled (2016)

Going for my Supper (2016)

Mobile Phone (2016)

Brick Phone (2016)

Candlestick Phone (2016)

1930 - Laurel and Hardy (2016)

1940 - Tarzan (2016)

1950 - Zorro (2016)

1960 - Dr Who (2016)

1970 - The Hulk (2016)

Jammie Dodgers (2015)

Fish Pie (2015)

Roast Dinner (2015)

HP Sauce (2015)

Cauliflower (2015)

Highland Cow (2015)

Piper (2015)

Cameron's Way: Coast to Coast (2014)

Cameron's Way: Coast to Coast (2014)

Scottish Big Breakfast (2014)

Oor Wullie (2014)

Haggis, Neeps & Tatties (2014)

Untitled (2014)

Lola (2013)

Dali (2012)

Eilean Donan Castle (2012)

Let the Games Begin (2011)

Cameron's work for sale

Scottish Harbour
Scottish Harbour
Cameron Morgan

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