Carole Lee

Carole Lee atttends Project Ability's ReConnect programme.

Carole creates remarkable intricate scenes of everyday activities and is a master draughtswoman of drawing in meticulous visionary detail. Her subjects are people in shopping malls, busy bar scenes, bus-stops, parks and high streets depicting an urban muddle where casual shoppers congregate. The drawings are compiled both from memory and the artist’s own imagination, conjured from watching people passing by,

"It is very much about people moving, how people stand, what they look like when they are standing in the street or waiting for a bus."

Complex pen-and-ink illustrations act almost as explanatory texts, detailing a mass of activity and forming a timeline that leads to the future; the next morning, the shops closing, the bus arriving. Carole Lee has a particular mastery that enables her to recall memories giving her drawings a sense of the real-world,

"...the drawings start themselves, always from memory."

Carole creates montages of journeys to and fro and is highly influenced by the comic books she read when growing up; her characters portray the energy of the likes of The Broons of the 1960s, cut with that same wry sense of humour and pitched somewhere between the bar and the playground.

Carol's work

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