Catherine Rankine

Catherine Rankine creates work where kitsch is a constant theme; her smiling pet portraits bring to mind the precious status of toys and animals that bring comfort.

These fanciful images also include flowers, animals, girls and domestic objects with a mixture of off-beat humour and so much character; effortlessly creating more than just a static storyboard which takes her work beyond the cute. This subject matter seems inexhaustible to Catherine, it is her passion, bringing to life the strange and alluring world of inanimate objects such as ornaments, cuddly toys and notions of domestic decoration. Catherine is part of our Aspire programme.

Catherine's work

Cats in the garden (2015)

Giraffe + 1 (2013)

Assortment (2013)

Puppy pals (2013)

Food and things (2015)

Three little ladies (2012)

Thirsty dog (2012)

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