David Bradley

David Bradley

David Bradley attends Project Ability’s ReConnect programme.

David Bradley experiments with traditional methods of portraiture by applying crude marks to construct faces in a way that emphasises a theatrical intensity of his subjects. A recurring characteristic in David’s work, his own signature mark, is the prominent red nose of which he applies with a quick stroke of the brush to complete his portrait. David paints past figures in his life or his family members to represent his own social history.

The characters he depicts can look troubled, deep in thought, sad, happy, confused – even a little cheeky. Their similarity in style allows for subtle differences between them to really stand out and give each piece a unique personality. Painting onto wood panels gives the work a rough and already slightly worn look, which adds further character and weight to his subjects.

David also paints city and landscapes, seaport docks with boats and rural settings with concrete buildings and people going about their day to day business.

David 's Work