Martin Sloss

Martin works from photographs and paints with unusual yet harmonious chromatic reality. Plentiful amounts of thick paint give Martin's paintings an object-like quality, repeating compositional formats that show only part of the picture or scene.

"I like working with oil pastels and I've made a couple of good pictures with them. I like to experiment with colour. I recently used oil paints to make a canvas of the olympic village. It was chosen for the set of a film called 'Not Another Happy Ending' starring Karen Gillan from Doctor Who. I enjoy landscapes, watercolour and canvas. My interests are drama, music and art because they help me realise my skills and potential."

Martin's work

Seascape I, 2017

Seascape II, 2017

Landscape I, 2016

Loch Side, 2016

Harbour, 2016

Indy, 2013

Vase, 2014

Landscape in greens, 2014

Wallace Monument, 2014

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