Patrick Butterworth

Patrick Butterworth attends Project Ability's ReConnect programme. 

Patrick is a self-taught painter with an eye for detail, using photographs, magazines or members of his family for reference. For Patrick, painting is a slow process, one of distillation, a means of seeking the truth from an image and employing a purity of vision; his paintings appear to fix the moments snapped from a camera.

I am self-taught. I have always drawn, I've always been interested in it. I usually work at home, using pencils or pastels, filling sketchbooks. I've experimented over the years, and that's how I learned. I guess I've always had an eye for details.”

Patrick Butterworth was one of our artists in residence in 2011.

Patrick's work

Untitled (2015)

Untitled (2014)

Untitled (2012)

High Noon (2011)

Untitled (2011)

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