Pauline Jackson

Pauline Jackson attends Project Ability’s Create programme for older young people Art Matters.

Pauline's paintings are radiantly bright, jovial and painted with pictorial ingenuity with precise consideration on composition and application of paint. Pauline is focused solely on picture-making and paints with neatness, precision of line and her paintings often contain hints of caricature. Pauline’s paintings are chromatically loud and declare the happy familiarity of the artist’s everyday subjects. 

Pauline's work

The Louvre (2014)

Untitled (2014)

Untitled (2013)

Untitled (2013)

Self-portrait (2013)

Pandas (2012)

Untitled (2012)

Telephone (2011)

John Lewis (2010)

Untitled (2010)

Pauline's work for sale

Christmas Cards!
Christmas Cards!
Pauline Jackson

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