Robert McCamley

Robert McCamley attends Project Ability’s Aspire programme.

Robert's paintings often feature the countryside idyll and deftly painted vivid scenes see trains rushing by, imposing lighthouses and farm animals in a signature use of soft pastels.

Robert's work

'Untitled' 2012

'Darcey Bussel II' 2012 - Let the Games Begin Part 2

'Lighthouse I' 2010 - Grounded

'Lighthouse II' 2010 - Grounded

'Lighthouse III' 2010 - Grounded

'Teapot' 2011 - Home Works

'Bowling' June 2011

'Fisherman' 2011

'Loch Lomond' 2012

'A Hawk' 2011

'Owl' 2011

'Darcey Bussel' 2012- Let the Games Begin Part 2

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