The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 11

The bank holiday weekend may have been a bit of a washout, but I suppose we can at least be grateful for the small things. Friday’s fire at the Glasgow School of Art was devastating, but the damage was thankfully limited by our Fire and Rescue Service. Times like this might be horrific for all involved, but it’s also when Glasgow is at its best: banding together to help others in times of crisis.

It’s so easy to take buildings like the Mac, and its contents, for granted. I didn’t go to the Art School but walked past it almost every day. It was just part of the city. It’s important to take care of the things we’re given to look after, and prolong our heritage as long as we can. That’s why I was excited for this week’s Walking Group trip: the Glasgow Museums Resource Centre, away way out in furthest Nitshill.

It’s such an innocuous looking building that it’s hard to imagine the treasure trove inside. From far off, it looks like any other warehouse. Shamefully, I had never even heard of it until I heard we were going! The Glasgow museums’ collection, despite being pretty vast, can only house 2% of all items at any one time- the rest is kept here. We only had an hour or so for our tour, but I could’ve spent days in this place. We only got to see a fragment of the collections, and I’ll definitely be making a return visit.


The group has been really good to get to know both the participants and my own city. I’d no idea that something like the GMRC even existed! Likewise, the Saturday workshops have been a lot of fun, especially the Friends and Family Fun Workshops. I’m still proud of my tie dye bag from last month’s event! I’m looking forward to this week’s workshop which will involve sand art. I haven’t used it since I was wee so it’s pretty exciting!

This week, I also went out and visited Buchanan High School, one of the schools participating in our Flowers of the Commonwealth banner project.  All of the schools involved will donate a collection of handmade patches, depicting different flowers from countries in the Commonwealth.

I made my way to Coatbridge, camera in hand, unsure of what to expect. I was arriving after lunch and thought maybe there wouldn’t be much for me to get. As it turns out I had no need to worry- the kids were still working away and were more than happy to chat to me about their patches and the ideas behind them.

I was blown away by not just the quantity but the quality of work they’d produced. There were no two patches alike, and it struck me how a class working from the same brief can have such different responses. Their skills with a sewing machine were also seriously impressive!

All of the kids, and their teachers, were really lovely and accommodating. I just wish I’d had the chance to be there for the whole day! If that’s just one example of what a school can produce, I can’t wait to see the finished product. The whole banner sewn together is going to be pretty special, and a really creative way to celebrate the Commonwealth.

Our current block of Aspire classes ends next week, and won’t start again ‘til after I’m all finished up at Project Ability. Thankfully I’ve got piles of footage to get through, and as a Friday treat I’ve uploaded a couple of videos! You can watch them on our Youtube channel right here.

I’d better wrap things up there: there’s been so much going on this week, I didn’t quite realise how long I’d went on for. I’m aware of the relatively short time I have left, so I’m just trying to pack as much in as I can. For now though, I’m off to try and catch some of that elusive sunshine. Happy Friday!

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Clint Eastwood’ by Patrick Butterworth

Enduring cultural icon Clint Eastwood and his character in spaghetti western, 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' is the worthy subject of Patrick Butterworth's painting and we are so impressed with the realism of the painting that we have made it our Artwork of the Week!

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Last day of prep work for Cameron Morgan

The start of Cameron Morgan's gigantic GENERATION project is almost upon us! The artist is doing the last bit of preparation work with tutor Jason Davis, and will commence his mural Cameron's Way: Coast to Coast on Tuesday 3rd June. 

Members of the public are invited to come and see the artist at work for the duration of the Open Studio: Tuesday - Friday until the 27th June. 

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Friends and Family Fun Workshop: Sand Art

The next Friends and Family Fun workshops will be Sand Art on Saturday 31st May.

Experiment with colourful sand to create unique designs and patterns, in this multi-sensory, family friendly workshop. Layer up colours to make a dynamic 3D artwork or play around with masking and imagery to produce an exciting 2D image.

These classes provide the opportunity for children and young people with disabilities and their friends and families to participate in an exciting programme of visual arts activities. What's more you can take away a free goody bag of ideas and materials to help you continue structured arts activities at home.

All young people must be accompanied by an adult.

Places are limited and allocated on a first come first served basis, we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

Date- Saturday 31st May 2014
Time- 11:00-12:30
Cost- £5 per group
Please contact us on 0141 552 2822 to secure your place.

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The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 10

This week has yet again flown by, although I’m glad it’s ended on a lovely, sunny note- especially with the long weekend ahead! Once again it’s been a busy one here at Project Ability, both in the workshops and beyond.

The Aspire workshops finish on 6th June, and won’t resume again until after I’ve left! As you can imagine, this means trying to get as much done as possible. I’ve found these workshops to be really fascinating and inspiring. Every single artist who comes in has a unique way of working in a whole host of different media, and they all have such diverse stories to tell as well.

I’ll really miss the workshops when they’re over, especially as it’ll be so quiet without them! I’ve been trying to shoot as much as I can of the workshops in full swing, and I’ll hopefully be posting more over the course of the next few weeks.

On Wednesday, a group of eight staff and tutors also underwent first aid training. I’ve worked in hospitality and film and TV in the past, so it’s pretty shocking that I’ve never done it before!  I always thought if a situation occurred then I’d know how to handle it: after all, what could be so hard about first aid? Surely it was just common sense!

Turns out, the answer is yes and no. Yes, a lot of knowing what to do is common sense, but it’s another thing to know the correct procedures! I would’ve had no idea how to put someone in the proper recovery position- I would’ve been more likely to just flop them on their side and hope for the best. Likewise, I knew that compressions and CPR were vital for resuscitation, but didn’t know how to actually perform it.

Our trainer, Janet, was really informative and covered a really broad range of potential incidents, and more importantly how to deal with them. I actually felt a bit ashamed at how little I knew of the correct procedures! We covered everything from the Heimlich manoeuvre (or ‘abdominal thrusts’ as they’re now known) to stopping a bleeding. It was explained by talks, videos and practice, which helped it all to stick. Hopefully it’s something I’ll never have to put into practise, but at least I’ll know what to do if it does.

The Flowers of the Commonwealth schools banner project kicked off this week, and it seems to be a success so far! I’ll be getting involved next week as I’m off to the glamorous climes of Coatbridge to film a workshop and see the banner being made, first hand. It’s going to be a really big project, as it involves schools from across the country. I hope if I can even capture some small part of it, people can see the work that’s gone into it as well as the end result.

I hope everyone has a great long weekend, and all of us at Project Ability are sending our thoughts to everyone affected by the fire at the Glasgow School of Art. The building is an iconic and beautiful Glasgow landmark, and it's such a shame that so much work may be lost. Let's hope there isn't too much damage left to do.

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Learning Disability Week - Artwork of the Day 5

It's now day 5 of Learning Disability Week, and our fifth Artwork of the Day is Edward Henry's warming representation of the 'Old Man of Hoy'.

Edward's bold use of contrasting colours in this piece is fantastic; with the use deep oranges, blacks and rich blues all coming together to produce a painting of great atmosphere and impact, we think this work has real presence!

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Learning Disability Week - Artwork of the Day 4

Finding inspiration from the iconic sea cave on Scotland's uninhabited island of Staffa, 'Fingal's Cave' by Aspire artist Scott Smith is our Artwork of the Day, on day 4 of Learning Disability Week 2014!

The cave is named after the eponymous hero of the epic poem 'Fingal' by 18th-century Scots poet-historian James Macpherson. Scott's abstract depiction of the cave has an engaging simplicity as well as an appreciation of the natural beauty and melancholy tenderness of the ancient legend. 

"Eth! descend from the streams of Lena Caolt, stretch thy side as thou movest along the whistling heath of Mora: thy side that is white as the foam of the troubled sea, when the dark winds pour it on rocky Cuthon."
Fingal: An Ancient Epic Poem, The Poetical Works of Ossian, Macpherson 1761

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Learning Disability Week - Artwork of the Day 3

It's day 3 of Learning Disability Week, and today we have chosen this excellent untitled piece by Aspire artist Scott Smith

A beautifully composed work, this simplistic, yet bold and affecting image really captures the beauty and complexity of the subject.  There is a distinct fragility to the work, combined with a sense of motion, which makes this a real treat for the senses.

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Walking group - Week 10

Glasgow Sculpture Studios was the destination for our Walking Group last week. The GSS moved to The Whisky Bond building next to the Union Canal at Port Dundas just a couple of years ago so the building is still being developed.

The group had arranged to meet Elizabeth, the new community engagement manager who invited us to have a tour of the gallery and workshops.

We started with a tour of the workshop facilities, popping into the metal, wood, resin, plaster and clay rooms. We also had a look outside at an area next to the car park which has been made into a community garden by local residents to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs.

We concluded our tour in the gallery where we looked at the work of Canadian artist Gareth Moore who had spent a few months as artist in residence in the studios and made an exhibition which included work using items and materials excavated from the canal.

Elizabeth informed us that the canal next to the building is currently undergoing improvements and she would like to invite the Walking Group to return in the near future to participate in some group activities looking at how this work will be developed.

We finished our walk with a pleasant ramble along the canal and back into town.

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Learning Disability Week - Artwork of the Day 2

It's day 2 of Learning Disability Week and we are very pleased to bring you Tommy Mason’s mixture of soft pastel and decisive paint on canvas - an image of exuberant happiness on a lovely sky-blue haziness!

Drawings and paintings of people like these are constantly recycled in Tommy’s work, and we love how they jostle in multi-coloured stripes in this painting. His flattened smiley emoticon-like faces in yellow, green and orange, look to be undergoing some kind of metamorphosis, perhaps induced by their dreamy surroundings!

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Details from a day in Paris, by Simon McAuley

Simon McAuley spent a few days in Paris last week for the European Outsider Art Association conference Curating Outsider Art. There, he took part in “The Artist’s Viewpoint” a conversation with Julia Krause-Harder and Thomas Röske about their practice. But a stay in Paris wouldn't be complete without a wander around its beautiful streets. 

"These photographs were made on a day spent walking through Paris towards the gallery district. I was interested in these little details amongst the hustle and bustle of a large city. Occasionally I would come across a little quiet pocket where I could make some pictures."

Simon will be in Wales next week for his solo exhibition Light Space, opening on Thursday 22 May in Celf O Gwmpas' new gallery. He will give a talk about his practice on Wednesday 28 May. 

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Learning Disability Week - Artwork of the Day

To mark Learning Disability Week 19-25 May 2014, we will be bringing you an Artwork of the Day from the Aspire workshops starting with 'Fish' a work in progress by Alan Dott.  

A lovely placement of three fish made up of patterned scales, taking on new and unexpected colours, swimming on a yellow surface. 

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Launch of 30th Birthday mugs for Learning Disability Week 2014

Today marks the first day of Learning Disability Week 2014 in Scotland, and to mark the occasion, we are launching our 30th Birthday mugs

The logo was designed by Aspire artist Stephen Reilly, who won last year's logo competition. 

There is only a limited number of these celebratory mugs, so make sure you get yours soon!

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The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 9

It feels like there’s hardly been a full week all month, what with all of the bank holidays. While the long weekends have been nice, it feels like my time here is going so much faster! As such, I’ve been trying to fit in as much as I can, while I can.

I’ve been going about with my trusty camera trying to document as much as I can of our workshops. I’ve also finally got round to wading through the piles of footage I’ve shot so far. I was slightly worried that I hadn’t been doing enough, but a quick trawl through the archive and hard drive soon put these fears to rest. My aim in the time I’m here is to put together snapshots of the activities and workshops that go on here.

There’s only so much you can write about the energy and buzz of a workshop group, but it’s so much better to show it. Sometimes I’m even lucky enough to have artists willing to talk about their work: after all, who knows it better? I prefer the natural environment of the workshop, rather than trying to stage situations and conversations. It never feels as natural as simply going around with a camera, talking to artists while they work and filming what's going on as it happens.

I think it’s the best way of showing off just how much creative talent we have coming through our doors, and will hopefully let potential artists see what we have to offer. Having also shot an artist’s talk, I think it’s also a great way of allowing people to get involved in our activities even if they couldn’t be there.

I also managed to get out and about this Wednesday and join the Walking Group on their trip to the Glasgow Sculpture Studios. After last week's walk around Pollok Park was rained off, I was happy to see the sunshine holding out for us- even if we were mostly indoors! We were given a tour around the studios, which are based in former whisky distillery turned creative arts hub, The Whisky Bond.

The group were shown around the bigger woodwork shops, before going upstairs to see the ceramics and plaster rooms. The tour was ended by a visit around their current exhibition, Blocked Arch, Deferred Ceremony, Dawn Chorus: Tra-diddle da. Like a fly in slow suspense, by Canadian artist Gareth Moore. The project centred around the regeneration of the area and the found objects retrieved from the nearby canal. The area is currently being redeveloped as a creative quarter, and it was interesting to see how old, discarded objects had been similarly reinvigorated by their inclusion in the show. Even the walls of the gallery were a part of it: they had been decorated using pet food, which had been ground into a paste and mixed with paint.

The nice weather had held up and we ended the day with a walk along the canal- not bad for a Wednesday afternoon's work! It's not an area of town that I ever have much reason to be in, so it was an ideal opportunity to rediscover it. I've enjoyed going to places like this with the group: working full time means I don't get much spare time to go and discover new places. It's also been a good way of seeing exhibitions that I might not have otherwise! Hopefully now that sunnier weather is making an appearance, the group will find even more new places to explore.

I've also been using the nice weather to do some exploring of my own. It's been so miserable for so long that I hadn't been taking advantage of working so close to a park like Glasgow Green. Since Project Ability is situated on the bustling main road of Trongate, it's easy to forget that it's nearby. However, sometimes there's nothing better than taking a lunchtime stroll and rediscovering the plentiful green spaces that give Glasgow its name. After all, I need to escape from the editing room at some point!

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Untitled’ by Lesley Nimmo

Aspire artist Lesley Nimmo is no stranger to Artwork of the Week and continually produces wonderful paintings - this one of an unknown creature is no exception!  

A troubled expression and an extended paw, this painting is somewhat comical and fragile, and shows how Lesley creates works that are utterly singular and unique.

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A busy couple of weeks for Simon McAuley

ReConnect artist Simon McAuley has a busy few weeks in front of him! The painter and photographer is currently in Paris, where he will give a talk about his practice at the Curating Outsider Art conference in la Halle St-Pierre. When he is not sitting at a cafe enjoying the sunshine, that is! You can follow the European Outsider Arts Association event on Twitter using #CuratingOA.

The following week, McAuley will go to Wales for his solo exhibition 'Light Space' in the new Celf o Gwmpas gallery. The inaugural exhibition will see the artist return to Llandrindod for the first time since his residency last year. He will give a talk on the 28th May at 4pm. 

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Meet the Volunteers - Soizig Carey

Another week, another wonderful volunteer we'd like you to meet! Soizig Carey is an artist specialised in jewellery design who has been volunteering with our Saturday Create team. 

I graduated in Silversmithing and Jewellery from Edinburgh College of Art in 2009. Since then I have established a multi-disciplinary creative practice, heavily influenced by narratives cultural references, graphics and architecture.

My work in this time has extended from jewellery, 3 dimensional objects and print to installations, teaching and curatorial projects. The cross-over between Visual Art and Design is important to me and I am an active member of both communities in Glasgow.

I was keen to work with Project Ability in the Create Saturday programme as many of my objectives as a teaching artist now focus on early years arts education out-with a classroom context. My key aims are to introduce elements of play into the making process. This emphasises more the child’s right to construct their own experience and invent, rather than be concerned by the finished product.

The Project Ability workshop environment and resources allow for an interactive experience, where the children can be as curious as they wish to make their own creative choices and discoveries. In this respect it caters for individual identities and needs. It has been such a pleasure to work with all the kids and get to know them!
-Soizig Marie Carey

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Commonwealth Games penguins postcards by Ruth Mutch

Great new items in our online shop! 

Ruth Mutch has done it again! The ReConnect artist has created a line of amazing postcards for the Commonwealth Games. Her now well-known penguin characters can be seen wrestling, playing hockey, cycling and partaking in many other sports.

The postcards are now available to buy in our online shop, £0.50 per card or £7.50 for a pack of 18. Even better news, the postage is free for UK & Ireland! They will also be on sale in our gallery shop from June. 

Get yours now!

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Outside In focuses on David Bradley

ReConnect artist David Bradley has been chosen by Outside In to show some of his work in The Dizziness of Freedom, a group exhibition part of the Anxiety 2014 Arts Festival. To mark the start of Mental Health Awareness Week and in recognition of the theme and the festival, they have decided to focus on Bradley's work and practice. 

"How and when did you first start making art?

How? I think it was through despair, angst, going through a bad time, a bad period in my life and I thought art would be an outlet for how I was feeling. I went to a stress place and they were doing some art classes and I thought I would try that, painting beaches and landscapes. That was about 12 years ago. I wasn’t painting landscapes for 12 years, I was just starting out and then eventually I started to do things like this; that was truer to how I was feeling."

Click here to read David Bradley's interview on the Outside In website. 

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The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 8

I don’t know if it’s because of the recent bank holidays but the last few weeks have been flying by. When I first started here at Project Ability, I was only contracted until the beginning of June- meaning that at this point, I’d only have three weeks left! I’m now here until July and even at that, all I can think is how much more work there is to be done.

Either way, I’m still more than halfway through my time here and I feel like I’m only just starting to get a handle on the place now. There’s been so many people to meet and events and workshops to attend, it feels like I’ve been here for ages and no time at all. There are a lot of exciting projects coming up over summer time, including an Open Studio with Cameron Morgan.

There's also our upcoming schools project, Flowers of the Commonwealth, which encompasses schools across the country- I'm guessing there'll be shortage of diversity there! I’m definitely going to have my work cut out with all this going on! My plan is pretty much the same as it’s always been: just keep filming. There’s a fine line between getting lots of footage and being an annoyance though- I don’t want to feel like I’m getting in anyone’s way.

It’s been busy in the workshops too, and I’ve been getting back into the swing of filming again. Thankfully our Aspire artists are always very willing to speak to me about their works! It’s been great to see how much they’ve accomplished since the start of the block. A lot of their works are on quite a large scale and really colourful and intricate. Watching them progress has been really inspirational and I’m looking forward to seeing them all finished.

I’ve been trying to build up a library of videos and pictures so that when I’m done, I’ll have lots to show for my time. Now that I’m past the halfway mark, it’s full steam ahead: I don’t want to get to the end of my internship and feel like I’ve got nothing to show for it!

I’ve also been finishing off the edit for my video interview with David Bradley for Outside In. This was possibly one of the most difficult things to cut, technically and story-wise. It’s hard to know what to cut when someone is speaking about their personal experiences, and it’s also a challenge to keep it interesting and engaging when all you have is one camera pointing in someone’s face!

Most of my experience has been working in drama, and interview-wise I’ve worked mostly on three camera set ups. These are easy enough to cut between, but when it’s just me and one camera it can get tricky. Thankfully I feel as though my editing skills have improved in my time here, so any mistakes or shoogly camera work can be easily fixed. I’d hope by now there’s less shoogly camera work than at the start of my internship anyway!

Don't forget (as if you could!), our JustTextGiving appeal is still underway! In celebration of our 30th Birthday this year, we're trying to raise £10,000. It'll allow us to continue facilitating artists and run even more innovative workshops, events and opportunities. You can donate by texting ANNI30 £5 to 70070. You can also donate via our JustGiving page, Every donation counts- we're also open to new fundraising ideas so please do get in touch!

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Kelvingrove’ by Jonathan McKinstry

This week’s Artwork of the Week is Jonathan McKinstry’s painting of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Jonathan is a talented painter, creating his large paintings with flatly applied bright tones, colour zones and blurs of oil stick strokes; where physicality is met with a sketchy flatness and air of caricature. Coincidently Jonathan is also a maker of comics and his paintings also carry with them a memory of cartoons gleefully offering a viewing experience of high-comic drama.

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Celebrate: Flowers of the Commonwealth Banner

As part of our celebrations for Glasgow’s 2014 Commonwealth Games, we will be creating a large scale textile banner, to be displayed in the Trongate 103 Art House, in Glasgow City Centre, during September 2014.

We will be working with community groups and schools across the country to create colourful floral patches – but we are also looking for creative individuals and groups to make their own patches and post them to us to include in the final banner.

Further details, inspiration and ideas can be found in the downloadable resource pack on this page.

Deadline for applications is Monday 4th August 2014. 

Upper age limit for participation is 25.

Unfortunately we cannot return fabric patches after the exhibition closes.

Project Ability’s ‘Flowers of the Commonwealth’  is funded by the National Lottery through the Celebrate programme.

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Preparation work for Cameron Morgan’s Generation project

Cameron Morgan and Jason Davis are back in our studios and hard at work! The Project Ability artist, assisted by tutor Davis, is now preparing for his fast approaching Generation project Cameron's Way: Coast to Coast.

After creating small scale versions of the mural on paper, Morgan is now picking colours for the artwork.

The Open Studio phase of the project will start in June, with the public being invited to see the artist work directly on the gallery walls. 

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ReSearch Room - Doreen Kay & Celine Mcilmunn

It's hard to believe that Celine Mcilmunn and Doreen Kay have been working together on their collaborative paintings for twelve weeks now. They have been working together Thursday and Friday afternoons each week after Celine has finished working with the ReConnect groups but for the past month Doreen has also been coming in for the mornings and had a couple of hours head start.

'We finally swaped over the paintings last week, and started working on the portraits. It's good to see the blank white patches of canvas disappear" says Celine. "It's been interesting working on a collaborative project like this and negotiating how we constructed the paintings together."

The idea behind the collaboration is that each artist paint the background for the other's self-portrait.

When asked how she was enjoying the project Doreen said 'I am enjoying working beside a different tutor, just the two of us. We get on fine and it is a pleasure working with someone like Celine. It was nice to be asked to do something like this'.

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Walking Group - Week 9

It was a rainy Wednesday last week and not an ideal day for walking around Pollok Country Park.

Luckily the park is home to the Burrell Collection, a museum which houses the eclectic collections of William Burrell so the group were happy to spend the afternoon there.

We opted to join with one of the guided tours and so spent the best part of two hours in the company of a very informative woman called Wilma.

She took us around the museum, picking out a selection of pieces along the way, sharing some of her knowledge and answering our questions.

It was a shame we didn't get to explore some of the great outdoors of Pollok Park but we can add it to our list of places to visit on another day.

More photos on our Facebook Profile. 

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The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 7

I ended last week with a Saturday morning shift, taking pictures and videos of the Friends and Family Tie Dye workshop. At first I wasn’t sure how much interesting footage and pictures I would get: it seemed like quite an intricate process and the kids were really absorbed in it. I wasn’t sure how many were going to be there and it was quieter than expected. However, after seeing the bucket of dye and how easily it splashed on even the most careful participant, I was quite glad!

The lack of pandemonium meant I got a lot of lovely shots of bags and scarves being knotted, pleated, tied and dyed. The whole process seemed a lot easier than I would’ve thought: it’s amazing how detailed and intricate patterns could be achieved with a few simple twists. After taking some shots of the group at work, I was offered the chance to make my own, which I of course accepted!

I used marbles, which I tied to the inside of the bag with elastic bands, pleated the handles and knotted it. At first I just used the blue dye, but I’d twisted my bag up so many times there were a lot of white bits, so I popped it in the red dye for a little longer. Considering that I haven’t done any tie-dye since college, I was quite pleased with my results!

The week got off to a lovely, sunny start and I got the chance to interview one of our Reconnect artists for a short video. David Bradley is also represented by inclusive arts agency by Outside In, and was one of only two artists chosen to exhibit in London’s Bethlem Gallery as part of the Anxiety Festival in June. I filmed a short interview with David talking about his inspirations, working practices and artistic aspirations.

Outside In had originally sent some questions with the intention of getting written answers. After some discussion we felt that the best way to talk about art was by doing exactly that: talking about it! It also meant we could show some examples of David’s work that we have here in Project Ability. The video will be sent to Outside In ahead of the Festival launch.

I also got to go out with the walking group again, who this week were off to the Burrell Collection. Originally the plan was to walk around the grounds of Pollok Park, but the rainy weather soon saw to that. Still, it didn’t put a dampener on our trip around the museum: we were given a guided tour, which was really informative. I’ve been to the Burrell as few times, but it makes such a difference to the experience hearing about it from someone who knows about the history behind it.

It’s just a shame today’s good weather couldn’t have started a few days earlier: the grounds of Pollok Park are really lovely, I like that there’s a secluded, natural place like that in the middle of the south side. At one point I couldn’t even hear the traffic from the main road!

Anyway, that’s about all from me this week- if I couldn’t get the sunshine for my walk I hope it at least keeps up for the holiday weekend. Have a good one, folks!

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Untitled’ by Matthew Gaffney

This week we are very pleased to bring you this energetic painting by Matthew Gaffney - an Aspire artist who is new to Artwork of the Week!

The painting is crowded with overlapping layers of painted swathes and lines. Shapes emerge that are resemble carefully selected magazine cuttings, like a painterly collage, and his rather beautiful palette lifts the painting from abstract obscurity.

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