Open Studio - Week 4

The mural is finished! After four intense weeks of work, Cameron Morgan proudly unveiled his mural Cameron's Way: Coast to Coast to the public on Friday 27th June, as part of the Glasgow launch of GENERATION.

The last week went by very quickly, and between painting and answering questions for BBC Radio Scotland or our own filmed interview, Cameron had his work cut out! 

You can see a short time lapse film of mural being made here. Four weeks in four minutes! 

Thank you to everybody who came to the opening. The show runs until Saturday 23rd August, some see it!

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Art for Autism votes are now open

Create! Art for Autism 2014 is an art competition open to all young people aged 11-25 years who are formally diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) including Asperger's Syndrome. The competition aims to dispel the myth that people with autism cannot be creative and to show that art can significantly improve their quality of life, facilitating experiential-based learning and instilling life-long skills.

Two young Project Ability artists have been selected as finalists of the competition, and they need your votes!

You can vote for Dominic Hemphill-Whyte's Puffin by clicking here, and for Ian Bruin's film How do you get the poor penny off the road by clicking here

Thank you!

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Friends and Family Fun Workshop - Flowers of the Commonwealth

Our latest Friends and Family Fun Workshop was all about flowers! 

To help celebrate the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, we will be creating a large ‘patchwork’ banner, inspired by the national flowers of the Commonwealth Countries and Territories.  On Saturday, participants, their families and friends created their own fabric patch, which will be sewn into our final banner and displayed with all the others in the Trongate 103 Foyer in September 2014. A lot of fun was had exploring the different textures and material, and the finished flowers look amazing!

It is not too late to submit your own flower patch to add to the banner: just click here to see how you can participate. 

The next Friends and Family Fun Workshop will be on Saturday 26th July.

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The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 14

After a week off last week, I feel as though I’ve never been away! I mean that in the best possible way, of course- as usual there’s been so much activity going on here at Project Ability that I’ve shaken off holiday mode and got right back into work again.

The biggest change I saw upon my return was Cameron Morgan’s epic Cameron’s Way: Coast to Coast mural. The finishing touches were added this morning, just in time for the grand unveiling tonight. The grand unveiling will be in our gallery from 6-8pm, and will be launching as part of the GENERATION Festival. The festival is celebrating 25 years of contemporary art in Scotland, and Cameron’s bold, patriotic mural definitely represents the theme!

The weirdest thing is looking at photo graphs from week one of Cameron’s open studio. As this is my second last week- I KNOW, RIGHT?- I’ve been trying to organise the multitude of photos and videos I’ve taken over the last four months. I found some of the first couple of days of the studio, when Cameron was just working on the outline, and it looks so… bare. Now that the room is filled with such wonderful colours and shapes, it just feels like they’ve always been there.

I’m glad the walls will be lovely and colourful to see me through my last week here- that’s going to be weird enough as it is. I always find it takes a good couple of months to get settled in any job, which doesn’t really help matters when you’re only in one for four! However I’ve been made to feel part of the team from the moment I started here.

Everyone’s been so welcoming and I’ve loved meeting everyone, seeing all of the work produced, getting to be a part of some pretty important exhibitions and remembering what it is I liked about film making again. I’m feeling quite cheery today, but I don’t know how different it’ll be this time next week!

On a less melancholy note, the studio is busy again AND we have visitors! The Aspire summer workshops are back for another two-week block, and their work so far has taken on a distinctly Scottish theme! From pipers to Highland cows it seems like there’s a healthy dose of patriotism everywhere.

We’ve also had a couple of visitors, and fellow snappers no less! Photographer Alicia Bruce and her assistant Ian have set up a studio in our ReSearch room, taking photos of all of the Aspire artists posing with their works! Everyone seems to have loved it so far- they certainly all seem to be naturals in front of the camera.

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished pieces, and it’s also good to have someone else with a camera there- sometimes I feel like I’m getting in the way but if there are two of us then I can only share the blame!


After finally finishing my short film about our Flowers of the Commonwealth project- which should hopefully be online soon- I’m looking forward to another Friends and Family Fun Workshop. This one will involve creating a flower patch to be sewn into our Flowers of the Commonwealth banner.

The banner will be unveiled in September, when it’ll be hung in the foyer of Trongate 103- if the results of the recent schools’ workshops are anything to go by, it’s going to be amazing! If you’d like to submit a patch, or know someone who would, you’ve got until August 4th- all of the information and application forms can be found on our website!

Well, that’s about all I’ve got time for this week- it’s all hands on deck in preparation for the launch of Cameron’s Way. Hopefully there’ll be a good crowd for the unveiling, but don’t worry if you can’t make it- it’ll be open right up until August 23rd. Happy weekend!

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David Bradley in ‘Dizziness of freedom’

Project Ability artist David Bradley has been selected by Outside in to exhibit in the group show Dizziness of Freedom as part of the Anxiety Festival 2014.

"Dizziness of freedom is a group exhibition exploring the notion of choice in a contemporary society defined by consumerism, an excess of information and endless possibilities. Bringing philosopher Søren Kierkegaard’s Concept of anxiety to present times, the artists approach choice as an act of freedom as well as an ever-present strain.

Through installation, sculpture, film, performance, painting and photography, the works hint at moments of decision-making – both in artistic processes and daily life – often infused with feelings of aspiration, self-consciousness and playfulness."

Bradley will see his work ‘Frustration’, ‘Drunk’, ‘Suit’,  and ‘Fear’ exhibited in the show.

‘Frustration’ (top)
You can go about all day feeling frustrated and nobody would ever know. I used a brush and a cloth when I painted this. I often feel frustrated but I never own up to it.

‘Drunk’ (second from top)
When I paint, I don’t have a given idea. The painting develops probably through mixed feelings. I pushed and I rubbed until I got what I was looking for. I could relate this painting in different ways which helps when you are putting it together.

People who wear suits often make important decisions in our lives. I painted the eyes and mouth going in different directions. Often we have no control over what people do to us.

Whenever I leave my flat I feel fearful of other people. I use primary colours as they make sense to me. Fear, like lots of people, has played a big part in my life.

Dizziness of Freedom Thu 26 June - Sun 13 July, Bermondsey Project
Preview: Thurs 26 June, 6 - 9pm

Curated by Anxiety 2014 with Mette Kjærgaard Præst.
Developed in conjunction with Crisis
In collaboration with Action Space, Bethlem Gallery, Creative Future, Outside In, Royal College of Art London, Goldsmiths University of London

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Meet the Volunteers - Nadine Khatib

Since the beginning of our volunteering programme, we have been lucky enough to work with really motivated, enthusiastic and skilled people. Meet the Volunteers is our way to let you know a bit more about the talented individuals who have given their time and energy to Project Ability and our participants. We are very grateful for every single one of our volunteers! This week, please meet Nadine Khatib, who has been a great addition to our Create team.

"Since graduating with a Master in Communication Design at the Glasgow School of Art, my work has been focused on design, illustration, and the grey area in between, especially in relation to interaction and creating personal experiences of design and visual communication. This emphasis on the practical experience of creating and interpreting is what led me to want to work with others in a workshop learning environment.

I got involved with Project Ability because I wanted to help foster artists’ talent who may have difficulty communicating in the ‘traditional’ ways, and enable them to develop creatively from a young age. It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences I've had, and I feel privileged to have had the chance to get to know the kids in the Create workshops. The group is always full of ideas and ready to make new work! Their creativity and spontaneity has in turn inspired me, and I suspect the experience will continue to have an impact on my work for years to come."

If you would like to volunteer with us, please click here for more info. We also have opportunities for our ReSearch Room collaborative project, please click here to know more. 

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Lea Cummings and Sarah Glass premiere their debut feature film

As well as being an accomplished visual artist and musician, Lea Cummings is also a filmmaker. His debut feature film 'Night of the Bloody Antler', in partnership with Sarah Glass, will premiere at the Art School on Saturday 28 June, 6pm-8pm.


If you are a fan of horror movies, you know where to go! The event will also feature the Glasgow premiere of Sockzilla! an award winning short film from the makers of Zombie Asockalypse.

The Art School
20 Scott Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom
£4 entrance fee.

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Friends and Family Fun Workshops - Flowers of the Commonwealth

The next Friends and Family Fun workshops will be Flowers of the Commonwealth on Saturday 28th June.

To help celebrate the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, Project Ability will be creating a large ‘patchwork’ banner, inspired by the national flowers of the Commonwealth Countries and Territories.  Come along to our Friends and Family Fun day this Saturday and create your very own fabric patch, which will be sewn into our final banner and displayed with all the others in the Trongate 103 Foyer in September 2014.  Explore different textures, colours and textiles in this fun filled workshop and take the opportunity to be part of this exciting project.

These classes provide the opportunity for children and young people with disabilities and their friends and families to participate in an exciting programme of visual arts activities. What's more you can take away a goody bag of ideas and materials to help you continue structured arts activities at home.
All young people must be accompanied by an adult.

Places are limited and allocated on a first come first served basis, we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

Date- Saturday 28th June 2014
Time- 11:00-12:30
Cost- £5 per group
Please contact us on 0141 552 2822 to secure your place.

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Open Studio - Week 3

The third week of Cameron Morgan's Open Studio went in a flash! It's hard to imagine there is only a few days left before the opening on Friday!

Cameron Morgan has been working countless hours on his mural Cameron's Way: Coast to Coast and the difference one week makes is astonishing. He still managed to find the time to sit down to be interviewed for a short film that will accompany the exhibition. 

The fauna is now done, puffins, seals, salmons and red deer all have their final colours on, and so does the Wellington statue, adorned by its famous cone!

The artist started adding his signature contour around rocks and houses, and is now working on the last part of the mural: modern days.

Make sure you come by this Friday 6pm-8pm for the opening.

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Create Consultation Day

We will be holding a Create Consultation Day on Saturday 5th July, to speak to all Create participants, over the age of 16, about what they would like the programme to offer them in the coming years.

The day will be facilitated by David Douglas of Heartfelt consultancy and we can promise our participants a fun and informative afternoon. We would like to hear about the young people's hopes, aspirations and plans through an informal, idea sharing session and then to any parents or carers who would like to contribute ideas and thoughts.  All this hard work will help us plan future projects. And there will be pizza!

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Meet the Volunteers - Amy Hinson

The last block of workshops might be over, but there are still a few of our amazing volunteers we would like to thank! This week, meet Amy Hinson, who was a great addition to our Create team!

"Project Ability is a wonderful organization, I have loved volunteering at the Saturday Create Visual Arts Classes! Working with the artists each week, I have learnt so much about my practice and have seen first hand the importance of art. It is such an optimistic environment, full of creative energy and always a lot of fun. The classes are often an adventure; we are always exploring different mediums together making it a truly collaborative process. The young makers are so open and decisive in their approach; it is so rewarding to see the enjoyment they get from their work. It has inspired me so much, each week gaining the trust of the artists, hearing their stories, and sharing in their work. I come away each week with a renewed enthusiasm for my own making, for art and life!

I graduated from the Glasgow School of Art Fine Art Photography department last summer and have continued explore to ideas I established in my final year of study. I am interested in the intimate interactions that are made between individuals, with society and place. I often look to make a memorial to these acts. Project Ability has reinforced my interest in human interactions the way we as artists have come together and the impact of this collaboration on our lives."

Many thanks Amy! We are now recruiting new volunteers for the next block of workshops. Please click here for more information. 

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Paint Canvas Biscuit Boom - the new art in the gart exhibition opens today

art in the gart is a collective of arts organisations committed to delivering quality arts activity in partnership with patients, family members, staff and the general public at Gartnavel Royal Hospital. Curated by Project Ability the gallery showcases artwork which has a connection to mental health and health care environments. 

Paint Canvas Biscuit Boom is a group exhibition created by a range of forensic mental health service users from across medium, low and community services in NHS GGC. A year-long collaborative project between Project Ability and Forensic Occupational Therapy, the sessions have provided the group with the opportunity to explore and develop their creativity within an art studio environment supported by expert art tutors.

The work was installed yesterday, and is now on display until 20th October. 

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Walking group - Week 12

The Walking Group had their last walk for a while last Wednesday and took a stroll to Glasgow Green. This was where the group went for the very first walk back in September 2013 when it was a bit drizzly and grey, but this time the sun was shining and it was very warm.

We walked along to the People's Palace to have a general look around and to see the exhibition of paintings by Fred A Farrell. As well as having a look at this temporary display the group enjoyed revisiting some old favourites such as Billy Connolly's banana feet boots and the costumes from the television series Rab C Nesbitt.

The Walking Group is now taking a break until 6th August. More photos on our Facebook profile. 

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Light Space closes

All good things must come to an end: Simon McAuley's solo exhibition Light Space in Celf O Gwmpa's new gallery is closing today. If you are near Llandrindod (Wales), you have until 4pm to see this fantastic show! 

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Open Studio - Week 2

Week 2 of Cameron Morgan's Open Studio is now completed. And what a difference a week makes!

The artist started painting the walls, blocking in colours for the sky and other green spaces. He then moved on to more detailed areas, adding splashes of colour to the houses, rocks, etc.

There are only two weeks left before the opening of Cameron's Way: Coast to Coast, make sure you come see the artist at work before then!

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New volunteer opportunities

As our current workshops wind down for the summer, Project Ability would like to offer new opportunities for volunteering across our programmes, starting in August 2014.

For the first time since our volunteering programme began, we would like to make these opportunities available for both graduate and undergraduate artists, looking to gain experience within the specialist field of arts and disability. 

We are looking for artists with experience in ceramics or printmaking to support our ‘Aspire’ participants (people with learning disabilities). Volunteers should be able to commit to at least one 2 hour workshop per week for a series of 8 weeks. Workshops take place twice a day Monday to Friday.

We are also looking to recruit six artists for our ‘Create’ Saturday workshop programme (children and young people with disabilities). There are two opportunities from 10 am to 12:30pm to volunteer with our youngest artists aged 5 – 12 years. A further two opportunities from 1pm to 4pm to support young people aged 12 - 21 years and also opportunities to support our 21 – 28 year old artists, in our studio provision, ‘Art Matters’ from 4pm – 6pm. 

These volunteer positions will commence Saturday 23rd August, running for a block of 8 workshops, with the possibility of an extension of a further block of 8 workshops.

‘The ReSearch Room’

At the start of this year we launched an exciting new opportunity for artists to be involved with our organisation. ‘The ReSearch Room’ provides space and support to artists who have an interest in developing their practice through research and delivery in partnership with the artists at Project Ability. The ‘ReSearch’ programme will give artists of all experiences and abilities, the opportunity to work and learn from each other in a series of creative conversations. 

We have had several successful partnerships since our launch in January. We are looking for artists who would like to take part in ‘ReSearch’ to submit their ideas of how they would approach developing a shared practice, working in a reciprocal partnership with an artist with different life experiences to themselves. 

If you have any queries regarding these positions, please feel free to contact Volunteers Co-ordinator, Tracy Gorman. If you are interested in volunteering in one of these roles please complete the application form and return it to Tracy Gorman at
All of these volunteering positions are based at our workshop on the 3rd floor of Trongate 103. 

Closing date for applications is Friday 1st August 2014.

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The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 13

I feel like these posts are rolling around in no time at all! Where has June gone? It’s been a bit of a damp squib start to the summer, but here at Project Ability we’ve been enjoying the sun when we can.

Wednesday was utterly glorious, which is always welcome in the middle of the week. I headed out with the walking group through Glasgow Green to the People’s Palace. We tried our hand at the ‘labyrinth’ of bricks at the entrance to the park, but not one of us picked the right route! After that we took a stroll up to the Nelson Monument before wandering around the back of the Winter Gardens.

I used to live at the top end of Glasgow Green and walked past the People’s Palace every day, but I haven’t actually been inside it for at least ten years- shameful, I know! Stepping into the foyer, I felt like I’d been there yesterday. It’s nice to see somewhere that represents the east end of Glasgow to be a friendly and vibrant place, where families and communities lived and worked and integrated. It’s so easy to dismiss certain parts of cities as being downtrodden or violent, when really that’s a small part of it that’s true of any city, anywhere! I always love seeing the replica single end, the old-fashioned dairy and, of course, Billy Connolly's big banana feet. Hopefully it won't be that long before my next visit.

The workshops have been quiet this week, but thankfully there’s been a buzz of activity in the form of Cameron Morgan. His open studio is coming along at a rapid pace, and is now onto the painting stage. Considering it was all just sketched onto the wall last week, that’s pretty impressive! It’s been really exciting seeing it all coming together, especially now that there’s some colour injected into the gallery.

There’s been some exciting developments this week about potential upcoming projects, and as usual we’ve got lots of other things planned too. There’ll be no post from me next week, as I’m off on holiday! I’m not actually going anywhere, I’m just using my holiday time before I finish up my internship, and we’ve got some rare quiet time before all of the workshops are back! In the meantime, here's another video of the last week in the current block of Aspire workshops- just a wee behind the scenes peek at the creative energy that flows throughout here every day!

No doubt I’ll pop my head in to see how Cameron’s Way is coming along- otherwise I’ll come back after a week and have missed it all!

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Robert Burns’ by Fiona Donald

This week we are very pleased to bring you this great portrait of Scotland's treasured poet and lyricist, Robert Burns by Aspire artist Fiona Donald. We love his rosy cheeks and cloud-like 'thought bubbles' floating overhead - we think Fiona has managed to capture the toil of writing poetry!

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Unlimited: What Lea Cummings did in May

The first month of my project has been very enjoyable and productive. It's really great to have my own little space where I can leave everything set up and get into the zone.

The main components of my project are video, performance and visual/audio art. So far I've mostly been working on the visual art elements, especially a number of A3 sized transcendental noise drawings which will be framed as panels to make up a big piece and also a sculptural kinetic sound piece using sub-bass frequencies and animal bones.

I've also been planning the video segments, some of which I will film when I've finalized the aesthetic I want and also the performance aspect. I hope to show these "work in progress elements" as an installation soon...

In May I mostly...
Listened to  - Judas Priest, Happy Mondays, Hijokaidan, John Coltrane, Kim Wilde, Noma, Now That's What I Call Music Volume 1
Read - Alan Moore, David Icke.
Ate -  Cheese and Onion pasties, Broccoli, Chelsea Buns, Mango Yoghurt.

Supported by Unlimited; celebrating the work of disabled artists


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Flowers of the Commonwealth

The Flowers of the Commonwealth school workshops are going great, and the pupils have created some beautiful artwork to add to our giant banner: thistles, maple leaves and other colourful flowers will all be sewn together to create a unique piece of work.

We are also looking for young people to participate in our project by sending us their own creations. You can read more about the project and download some guidelines by clicking here

Please get in touch if you require more information: 0141 552 2822 or

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Open Studio - Week 1

It has now been a week since Cameron Morgan started working on his epic mural entitled Cameron's Way: Coast to Coast and featuring Scotland's landscapes and social history.

The artist has now finished drawing the outlines of the work on every wall, using many blue chalks and plenty of elbow grease in the process! The gallery is now adorned with puffins, the Hydro, the Weaverly and other famous Scottish staples.

Next step: painting! Come see how the mural progresses and engage with the artist during our Open Studio, Tuesday - Friday, 10am - 5pm until Friday 27th June. 

More photos on our Facebook Profile. 

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We are now taking bookings for the next block of ReConnect workshops

The last block of ReConnect visual arts workshops ended on Friday 6th June, and we are now taking bookings for the next block, commencing on Tuesday 1st July.

ReConnect artists will have assistance from our tutors three mornings a week for 12 weeks on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and will also have time for 'self study' in the afternoon.

You will have access to our painting studio, printmaking, ceramics and glass studios. All materials are provided. Cost £60.

If you would like to book a place or require more information, please call us on 0141 552 2822.

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The Intern Diaries- Adrianne’s Blog Week 12

Another scorching end to what’s been a hit and miss week, weather wise… not too shabby! Thankfully the weather held out for the Friends and Family Fun workshop on Saturday, as this time we were outside!

This month's medium was sand art. I instantly thought of being a kid, and being given those kits where you'd pour colourful sand into a bottle. Usually a gift from relatives who didn't know what to get me, but knew that I was into arts and crafts! Thankfully as it was such a glorious day, there was a slight change to the proceedings. The sand art would be more along the lines of tribal paintings and markings, and in order to do so we'd be outside in the elements!

The group made its way to Glasgow Green, armed with neon and glitter coloured sand and a host of spices too. They had lots of ideas to choose from, including Aboriginal, Celtic and Native American art, as well as some sealife motifs.

They got stuck in right away, decorating the ground with lots of big, bold, colourful designs. The weather was perfect and we even had members of the public having a go. I tried making a hopscotch pattern, but by this point there wasn’t much sand left- resulting in the smallest squares ever. Not much of a challenge then, but a pretty fun way to spend a sunny Saturday morning!

I was off with a summer cold this week, and missed an opportunity to help out on another Flowers of the Commonwealth schools workshop. I was really disappointed, as the last one had been such a lovely experience. However, I would’ve felt worse passing my cold onto a class of primary school kids- especially since the weather’s turned out so lovely. Weighing out the negatives and all that! I suppose it'll just mean that the grand unveiling of our banner will be an even bigger surprise.

I resolved to throw myself back into work to make up for it. This week was the last in the current block of Aspire and ReConnect workshops, as well as the opening of Cameron Morgan’s Coast to Coast Open Studio project. Luckily for me, this meant I had my work cut out.

The workshops have been buzzing with energy as artists in both workshops finished off their works. A lot of the works produced in this block have been on quite a big scale, or involved beautiful, intricate detailing, and it's been a real privilege seeing them all come together. Moreover, I've loved hearing the stories behind each piece. Whether it's working to a brief or replicating a photo, there's a unique reason for every piece of work produced and it's been great to see them all coming to life. It’ll be a much quieter workshop in the next few weeks!

After several weeks, our Cloud exhibition drew to a close on 24th May. The gallery was closed, which was a really weird experience- I’m not used to it being so quiet! The space is currently being transformed thanks to Aspire artist Cameron Morgan. He’s painting a mural around the walls of the gallery, as part of the GENERATION Festival, and I’ve been trying to capture images and footage of the work since its inception.

Cameron works at quite a fast pace and almost all of the wall space has some kind of location sketched on it. I can’t wait to see how it’s going to look once he starts painting! The mural will encompass aspects of the Scottish landscape, which is no small task. I’ll try and capture as much as I can through videos and photography, but I imagine it’ll be enough of a job trying to keep up!

The exhibition is also an open studio, meaning that it’s open to members of the public to drop in. This unique experience means that you’ll get to witness the mural unfolding as its being painted. It’ll be running until the end of June, so get in while you can!

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Wallace Monument’ by Martin Sloss

This week we've chosen Aspire artist Martin Sloss' 'Wallace Monument' as our Artwork of the Week.  A mighty painting indeed!


Martin's painting of the famous structure is full of luscious colour, which really brings a joyous vibrancy to the scene. The structure blends in with the surrounding landscape seamlessly, showing the strong connection between the Scottish lands and what the monument itself represents. 

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Where two Lines Meet

Last February, we invited artist Janetka Platun to evaluate our volunteer programme and to creatively respond to it. She came back last week with a creative workshop for a group of staff, participants and volunteers.

Saturday's workshop entitled 'Where two lines meet' was born out of a number of conversations with artists who have a unique perspective of the volunteering programme. The workshop explored themes of interchangeable roles, aligned with co-operative structures. Line markers were used to visualise a peer to peer network, that suggests a distributed way of working, learning and collaborating.

The group was incredibly receptive to exploring these ideas:

"For me it was about the emotion. Meeting new people. The lines between people, interconnected. The lines are there to be played with."

"Well what a wonderful workshop it was! I enjoyed every aspect and element and would have happily stayed for another two hours to do it all again. It was a lovely group of people to spend time with and the activities were well planned, thoughtful, surprising, and great fun."

"I'm interested in how the lines are dissecting and moving forward. To dissect our lives we all need people to help us move forward.'"


"We are all individuals, we became connected through this idea of the journey.'"

"I think the idea of doing different parts of the workshop in different spaces was good, it kept things moving and fluid. The workshop was great fun and I really enjoyed the 30 second drawing, I had to be open to the other person. The line marking on the floor was fun, I had to be aware of the others in the group. All the activities seemed to be about the awareness we have of ourselves and others in a group. I hope the lines we made remain on the studio floor for a while."

More photos can be seen on our Facebook Page. 

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2 x 2 Forum Outsider Art

Last October, Project Ability was one of the twenty European galleries exhibiting at the international 2 x 2 Forum for Outsider Art in Munster, alongside galleries from Hungary, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Poland.

A small delegation of staff and artists went over for the event, and the hours of footage they took has now been edited for everyone to see! 

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Batik workshop

A small group of ReConnect artists took part in a batik workshop with tutor Consuelo this week, creating colourful geometric patterns on to the fabric.

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Generation workshops for young people with disabilities

Project Ability is delivering a summer programme of multi–sensory workshops exploring contemporary visual art and art spaces as part of GENERATION. The workshops are for young people with additional support needs aged 12 +.

We are offering the workshops to holiday clubs and groups providing activity to young people with disabilities. The workshops are free of charge and will take place on weekdays between the 30th June and 23rd July. Each group is offered the opportunity to take part in two workshops. Dates and times will be arranged for the convenience of your group.

In our gallery, in Trongate 103, we are showing a new mural painting by artist Cameron Morgan and we have teamed up with GOMA to deliver the second part of this special workshop duo. Both sessions are created and led by Drama Artist, Clare Hume. They are interactive and accessible experiences, using movement, storytelling and sensory stimuli to excite the eyes, ears, nose and fingertips!

Workshop one is located in Project Ability’s Gallery in Trongate 103 where Clare will take you on a journey inspired by Cameron Morgan’s epic painting: Cameron’s Way coast to coast.

Workshop two  takes place in GOMA where you will explore the building and its nooks and crannies.
(1hr 15mins)

Please contact Create Programme Manager Lisa Clark on 0141 552 2822 or email

GENERATION is a landmark series of exhibitions tracing the remarkable development of contemporary art in Scotland over the last 25 years. It is an ambitious and extensive programme of works of art by over 100 artists in over 60 galleries, exhibition spaces and venues the length and breadth of Scotland.

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Walking Group - Week 11

We were all a little excited about the walk last week. As walks go there wasn't really a lot of walking involved in getting there as we travelled most of the way by bus to and from the location, but there was a fair amount of walking when we got there as the Glasgow Museums Resource Centre is vast.

With around 1.4 million objects in the storage pods, we were obviously only going to get a small taste of what is stored there. We started off in the Art and Paintings 'pod' and then went on to see some of the items in Arms and Armoury, Natural History, Transport and Technology and World Cultures.

The tour only lasted for an hour so we moved quite quickly through each section and the tour guides managed to show us a good selection of things, share some interesting facts and answer our questions.

We opted for the 'highlights tour' but you can also chose to have a specialist tour which focuses on a particular area of interest. The tours are free but must be booked in advance. Visit their website for more information. 

More photos on our Facebook Page. 

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Friends and Families Fun Workshop: Sand Art

Last Saturday, our Friends and Family Fun Workshop was all about sand art!

The weather was glorious, so the group decided to relocate in Glasgow Green, where they designed beautiful shapes in coloured sand.

They also used some spices like tumeric and paprika,making the whole enterprise not only a visual experience, but an olfactory one too!

The next Friends and Family Fun Workshop will take place on Saturday 28 June.

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