Shop Item of the Week - ‘The Red Sea’ by Paul Dowden

This week we bring you 'The Red Sea' by Paul Dowden as our Shop Item of the Week.  Using ink and varnish on box panel as his materials, Paul meticulously creates his works, putting hours and hours into the various stages it takes to make such striking artworks. We love the results, and this piece can be yours for £170.  

Available online or from our gallery shop. 

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Artwork of the week - ‘Untitled quark flavour 10.3’ by Simon McAuley


'Untitled quark flavour 10.3' is our chosen art work of the week.  This is a small oil painting on paper by Simon McAuley. Currently on exhibition in our Gallery 2, this painting is one of a series of small square paintings on paper whose subjects seem concerned with an ambiguous shape made of one continual stroke of the paint brush. These paintings are some of Simon's newest, and show a slightly different side of research to his practice. To read more about Simon and his work have a look at Strange quarks, on exhibition until the 21st of May here at Project Ability, located within Trongate 103.

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Walk a mile in my shoes

A small number of our walking group went along to Glasgow Green last Wednesday (20/04) to join with the 'walk a mile in my shoes' mental health awareness raising walk. They were also joined by David Roeder, our current artist in residence, but he managed to avoid the photograph!

There was a great turnout and it was a beautiful evening.

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Artwork of the week- Untitled, (Friendly Wave) by Lesley Nimmo


Artwork of the week is this painting on paper by Lesley Nimmo. Lesley is part of our Aspire programme, and this painting shows her unique bold style. Large blocks of colours applied with a large brush is Lesley's signature, and she paints a variely of subjects including people, landscapes, animals and everday objects. This blue subject is looking almost like a welcome sign, or a sign of a happy farewell. Her work is always bold, colourful and direct. She is a prolific painter and whenever she is in the Project Ability studio you will find her with brush in hand! Many more of her paintings can be found on her artists' page.

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Walking Group - Week 6: Glasgow International

Glasgow International. Where does one begin? With an enormous number of exhibitions to chose from, it's hard to know where to start so our walking group decided to break the ice close to home with a look at our very own Simon McAuley's paintings in 'Strange quarks' and a short talk from the artist himself.

After that it was full steam ahead to meet with artist Kate V Robertson for an introduction to her installation 'Semper Solum' in Oxford House, the site of an old courtroom. While there the group also looked in on the Carol Rhodes exhibition before moving on to two other locations in the area to see Toby Christian and Duncan Marquiss's 'Renderuin' and a show of paintings by Louis Michel Eilshemius.

From there it was a short hike north to GOMA to see all four exhibitions that are currently there. All in all it was an art-filled day with some very differing opinions about what was on show.

You can find the full listings for Glasgow International on their website

The festival runs until 25 April.

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Help Emily raise funds for Project Ability

The amazing Emily Gorman, 11, is raising funds for our workshops by taking part in the Colour Me Rad 5K race!

"My name is Emily Gorman, I am going to run a special race to raise money for the project my mum has worked for, for nearly 16 years. Project Ability help people with disabilities make art. I have visited the art workshops she works in on Saturdays and seen all of the children making their art, it has inspired me to keep making my art too.

I want to help raise funds so that Project Ability can keep buying the paint they need for their workshops and want to do this by getting covered in paint myself and so the 'color me rad' 5K seemed the perfect race!

Please sponsor me and my mum to do this race, all of the money raised will go to Project Ability and will help to keep adding colour to everyone's lives, who visit their workshops!"

If you'd like to help her reach her £300 target, please click here. No amount is too small!


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Shop item of the week - ‘Dog #27’ by John McCormack

Project Ability's shop item of the week is this brilliant blue dog by John McCormack. Measuring 38 x 28 centimeters, it is the perfect size for just about any wall at home or the office. 'Dog #27' is cute and very friendly looking, with a big black nose and smile. He is fun and silly, and can be purchased from our shop for only £25.00! We do offer framing services for work purchased in the Project Ability gallery and shop, just ask for details if you're interested. We have several items in our online shop as well!

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Artwork of the Week - ‘2000 - Peppa Pig’ by Cameron Morgan

This week's Artwork of the Week is Cameron Morgan's '2000 - Peppa Pig'. This piece is taken from his new exhibition, TV Classics Part 1, which is now on show in our new Project Space as part of the Glasgow International festival. Cameron's work always excites, and this particular piece is certainly gaining a few fans! This canvas represents Cameron's memories of the 2000s, and if you want to see the other eras depicted in the exhibition, then head up to the 3rd floor of Trongate 103 to experience the full show. The show will run until the 25th of April, and in the meantime please visit where you can learn all about how Cameron creates his work. 

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‘Why Cameron Morgan Loves Classic TV’ - interview on DAO

Cameron Morgan is currently exhibiting a series of paintings representing his favourite TV shows of the last nine decades in 'TV Classics Part 1', an Unlimited funded project that is part of the Glasgow International Festival 2016.

Journalist Paul F. Cockburn interviewed the artist for Disability Arts Online about his love of TV classics and his project.

"Morgan’s love of classic TV programmes and classic television sets, are obvious in the series of nine paintings now exhibited under the title TV Classics Part 1. Each painting combines an image from an iconic TV show or film representing a particular decade – from the 1930s to the 2010s – along with a representative TV set of the period. So how did Morgan select the subjects for each painting and decade?"

“I was just interested in coming up with a good image; with the likes of The Voice, you think of the chairs and the microphone. With The A-Team, it’s Mr T, a nice strong image for each decade.”

Read more on the Disability Arts Online website.

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘Cat hasn’t got your tongue’ by Cameron Morgan

This week we being you the wonderful 'Cat hasn’t got your tongue' by the ever popular Cameron Morgan.  Cameron's ceramics - like his paintings - are becoming more and more desirable, and at just £50 for this new piece someone will be very lucky indeed to own it. Cameron's bold style is immediately recognisable, and you can see his brand new exhibition TV Classics Part 1 now in our Project Space as part of the GI 2016 festival.  Come along from 5-7 this evening (the 8th of April) and have a peek. 

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Artwork of the week - ‘Self Examination’ by Derrick Alexis Coard

'Self Examination' by Derrick Alexis Coard is our chosen artwork of the week. With the Glasgow International festival opening tomorrow night at Project Ability we've had a busy week! It has been an absolute pleasure to welcome White Columns Director and Chief Curator Matthew Higgs to Project Ability.  Matthew brought the show to us and has been here installing this exhibition as part of the festival, and Glasgow's own Jim Lambie has been in to help with the curation by generously donating his time and a few different artworks to be exhibited alongside Coard's wall pieces. 'Self Examination' is one of 17 mixed media drawings and paintings by Derrick on display in our Project Ability gallery. 

Working out of the Healing Arts Initiative in New York, Derrick's work shows a search for self as well as the plight of African American men in America. These 'imagined portraits' of African American men are the subject matter for all the chosen works on exhibition, and their strength and beauty portray not only the obvious skill and talent the artist holds for drawing and painting but also his ability and desire to investigate issues of identity and ethnicity.  

We are honoured to be showcasing Derrick's first solo show in the U.K. Despite these works all revolving around the African American man (quite often with beard), each one strikes a different chord and shows the many different ways one person can examine, relate to and identify with themselves, regardless of ethnicity and environment.

We welcome the public to join us in the preview of this exhibition, Derrick Alexis Coard, tomorrow, April 8th, from 5 - 7pm. 


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On the Road: Parklea

Our On the Road workshops are proving more popular than ever! Recently tutor Susan Bryson and artist Steven Reilly went to Parklea for a concertina book workshop.

"The bookmaking workshop at Parklea branching out in Port Glasgow was a successful and productive outing in an inspirational venue.  A garden centre tucked away from the main stretch of road and situated at the river was a welcoming setting for the workshop.

The bookmaking took place in the designated art room, which was a small well-equipped room in which groups explore different visual art activities. There were four participants that took part in the workshop along with the
Co-ordinator. The theme of the books was garden plants and birds.

The concertina handmade artist books were transformed through applying paper and fabric collage along with drawing. Images of plants and birds were cut and pasted alongside intricate pen and pastel drawings. The end results were a selection of personal responses to the theme.

After the workshop the group gave us a tour of the venue and a background of what they do.  This was a great way to end the sunny afternoon at Parklea."

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