Walking Group - Week 12: Pollok Park

'Another beautiful day for our walking group when they took a trip to Pollok Park.

The plan was to visit the Burrell museum but it was much too nice a day to be indoors so instead they had a walk in the park making a visit to the Pollok beech tree, the wildlife garden and a stroll along the banks if the river Cart.'

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Platform Residency - Week 2

Project Ability artist Edward Henry is now in his second week as artist in residence at Platform, Easterhouse. Throughout the six-week period, Edward is assisted by artist Scott Lang, who, below, updates us on the residency so far.  

"Edward was still having a bit of pain in his leg so we sat with The Art Factory group again. He agreed that next week we should move to different areas of the building and do some sketching.

Edward had done some sketches at home of some of Glasgow Kelvin College’s vehicles and the wind turbine outside. He has made a painting of the Glasgow Kelvin College building beside Platform because he attends classes there."

Thank you, Edward and Scott. We look forward to seeing and hearing more about the residency next week!

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘Untitled (Dancers)’ by Ralph Douglas

This week we bring you 'Untitled (Dancers)' by Aspire artist Ralph Douglas as our Shop Item of the Week. Ralph's paintings are always very popular, and this one in particular displays Ralph's highly expressive style, making a very pleasing image indeed.  This stunning piece, along with a number of Ralph's other works, are now on show in our gallery as part of his joint exhibition with fellow Aspire artist Martin Sloss which will run until July 9th in our main gallery. 

The work has been made by Ralph in acrylic on stretched cavass, and can be yours for just £65. Available to purchace here

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Artwork of the week by Robert McCamley

Artwork of the week celebrates one of our much loved artists who passed away at the end of 2015. Robert McCamley was a charismatic character in the Project Ability studios as well as a very talented and inspiring artist. He worked with us for many years, and made many friends here. Today we held a reception, buffet style, in honour of Robert the artist and friend. 'The sun, the moon and the stars' is up in our Gallery II until July 9. This piece, of the leaning tower of Pisa, is a large drawing on paper, and a striking example of Robert's artistic talent.

Thank you to everyone who came along to the reception today, it was a beautiful way to remember Robert and his love of art. Project Ability would especially like to thank his family for their support and enthusiasm in the run up to the exhibition. He was clearly a man with much love and kindness in his life and we hope the exhibition reflects this.

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ReSearch Residency May 2016 - Florence Dwyer

Florence Dwyer spent the month of May based within Project Ability's workshop, as artist in residence. Here, she tells us about her experience:

"I had a great time on residency at the amazing Project ability studios. From the off, I was welcomed to the space by so many interesting and friendly artists and tutors, each enthusiastic and passionate about what they were doing. It felt like the perfect environment to be in, one full of positive energy and creativity.

Throughout the month, I found myself trying out lots of fabric painting - something I'd never really done before and didn't plan on doing. I think the diversity of the work being made in my surroundings, definitely pushed me in new directions and got me excited about materials I'd never even thought about before. Whilst I was painting, and talking with people, I thought a lot about my 'residency' and  position within the studios and how for that month, it felt like my 'second home'. I liked the idea of making objects and furniture for the home within an artists studio, and started to design and envisage some of the textile pieces I was working on, being scaled-up and transformed in to functional things. Since ending the residency, I've managed to work on some of these ideas, so I'm really grateful for that time of experimentation.

The project ability studio was never a lonely place. People were always keen to talk about what they were working on and sharing their knowledge on processes... something that's vital to the ethos of the whole studio. It was nice to have so many friendly faces coming up to where I was working, often asking questions and providing encouragement... something that I'll definitely miss.

I really got a sense of how valuable this space is to so many people and I feel lucky to be able to have experienced this. I wish it could have gone on a lot longer!
Thankyou Project Ability... really hope to be back soon!"

Thank you, Florence!

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Platform Residency - Week 1

Project Ability artist Edward Henry is currently undertaking a residency at Platform in Easterhouse. Over a six week period, Edward will be assisted by artist Scott Lang, and will work from a studio set up in ‘The Bridge’ one day a week. He will create work which will form part of our annual painting exhibition at Platform, which is currently on display and continues until 31 July.

Scott Lang tells us a bit about Edward’s first week at Platform;

“Edward’s leg was a bit sore so we sat with The Art Factory group in the den at Platform. He had been thinking about the residency at home and had decided that he wanted to draw some of the people he has seen using the facilities.

He drew some of the beauty therapy students, in their tunics, from Glasgow Kelvin College, beside Platform. He has also seen a lot of schoolkids using the building so he painted a couple of them in their uniforms, all from memory.”

We are looking forward to seeing more from Edward’s residency over the coming weeks!

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Meet the Volunteers - Jonathan Kirkwood

In this week's 'Meet the Volunteers', we are delighted to introduce Jonathan Kirkwood. Jonathan has been volunteering with Project Ability's Friday Aspire group, where he has been a brilliant addition to the group. 


"Having previous experience volunteering with social groups and currently studying at GSA, applying to volunteer at Project Ability seemed like an obvious decision to make.  When I understood that the opportunity to come and not only volunteer with Project Ability but also meet all the amazing and colourful characters involved along the way, I jumped at the chance. I haven't looked back since and find myself leaving the Aspire group at 3pm on a Friday looking forward to the following week.

Throughout my time studying I have been interested in the processes of the brain. Having an older brother with autism and a dad who is colour blind, I have always had a keen interest in how individuals process and perceive the world that surrounds them. Creating a platform for dialogues and discussions that revolve around personal and collective experience is central to the work that I produce, no matter what the subject matter. I have always enjoyed working with people with additional support needs, I know just how important social groups and organisations such as Project Ability are, not only to those who attend but also their families and in the case of Project Ability, the art community within Glasgow. Without Project Ability so many brilliant works of art and friendships may never have been given the opportunity to come to fruition.

The energy and buzz around the studio really gives you a lift, with so many ideas being generated all at once within Project Ability's space that it sometimes seems impossible to keep up with everyone. I've found this enthusiasm and love for producing works of art has really pushed me to challenge my own practice and motivation. Not only have I seen an improvement in the way I approach work but it has also reinforced my commitment in pursuing a career in art therapy. I sometimes feel like I could simply sit back and listen to all the beautiful little snippets of conversation that occur whilst being at Project ability on a Friday. I've found myself smiling and laughing the majority of the time, simply getting to know everyone has been a massive privilege and to be there and experience first hand so many fantastic artists at work has been invaluable.

From the get go I have been welcomed and felt at home within the Aspire group. With many of the skills and materials being used to create being completely new to myself, I found the first block of workshops as being a huge learning curve, quickly picking up new techniques and ways of making marks. The patience and time that has been given to me to learn and process these new skills as been amazing, and that’s not only been from the tutors! Already in the new block of classes I have learnt so much. This has really helped to improve my knowledge and understanding of not only my own practice but others too. The overall experience has been refreshing and an absolute pleasure, and one I will always be grateful for being given."

Thank you very much, Jonathan!

Project Ability currently have new volunteer opportunities, beginning August 2016, for practicing visual artists at any stage of their career. The deadline for applications is 22 July 2016. Find out more here.

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New volunteering opportunities at Project Ability

Are you a practicing visual artist at any stage of your career looking for an exciting and new experience?  If so, Project Ability needs YOU.

We are delighted to be able to offer exciting opportunities, across all of our workshop programmes, for both graduate and undergraduate artists to get involved with our visual artists. Our increasingly popular volunteering opportunities won’t only give you invaluable experience, teaching in the specialist area of art and disability, but will also challenge your own practices and introduce you to fresh new approaches to art making.

We are now open to accept applications to our volunteering programme, details of our available roles and how to apply can be found here

Deadline for applications is Friday 22 July 2016.  All enquiries to volunteer@project-ability.co.uk

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Artwork of the week - by Paul Dowden


Artwork of the week features this painting on panel by Paul Dowden, currently on exhibition as part of 'The Rainbow Collection', in our Gallery II. This painting is a beautiful example of Paul's work, showing many of the techniques he uses. Scratching, sanding, masking and polishing are just some of these processes. Finished with a supremely high polish-  this particular painting is reminiscent of 1950's design. The shade of red adds to this effect and the mark making appears to pay homage to Kandinsky and possibly Miro in a subtle way. It is a gorgeous painting and can be viewed as part of this exhibition until this Saturday.

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Walking Group - Week 11: Rouken Glen

It was one of those beautiful sunny days last week when our walking group travelled south to explore Rouken Glen Park.

It was perfect weather for ice cream and an ideal day for spending time in the more shady, wooded areas of the park.

The walled garden was a joy to explore as well but the sunshine was too much for some, so after some time admiring the plants the group headed back into the glen to cool down.

You can find out more about the park and how to get there on their website.

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Meet the Volunteers - Kate Timney

This week, we are pleased to introduce Kate Timney, another of our brilliant volunteers. Kate has been volunteering with Project Ability's Thursday Night Social workshops since February, and has been a really fantastic member of the team.

"I have been working as a freelance illustrator and artist since graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 2014. Driven by my interest in art education, I began volunteering in the new Thursday Night Social group. I have been there for around four months and am really enjoying my time there spent supporting the artists.

The studios at Project Ability are absolutely incredible - there are facilities for printmaking, ceramics, glass, textiles, painting, model-making, drawing… The standard of equipment, materials and the work produced is extremely high. I had used the Glasgow Print Studio workshop on the floor below on many occasions and was so excited to discover this fantastic hive of activity above it!

Working with the artists has been such an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, during which I have gained insight into many diverse approaches to creative practice. It has been inspiring to see the variety of working styles in the studio - some bold and urgent, others delicate and meticulous - and the broad range of exciting work that is being produced.

The artists have been invariably welcoming and open in sharing their practices with me, and the opportunity to work with them has had a real motivating impact on my own work. The enthusiasm for making art in the Project Ability studio has re-invigorated my approach to creative work.

Through Project Ability I have broadened my understanding of education in the arts and it has also been loads of fun!"

Thank you very much, Kate!

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ReSearch Residency May 2016 - Scott Lang

Scott Lang spent the month of May as artist in residence at Project Ability. Based within the Project Ability workshop, Lang spent the month developing his practice, and new work. Here, he tells us about his experience:

"Having the use of a studio space for a month was great as it allowed me to focus on producing work. I also had the time and space to consider the direction my work will take in the near future.

It was fantastic just being back at Project Ability as this is where my journey back into making art started in 2009, but the best aspect of the residency is the people who use the studios every day. It’s inspiring being around so many creative people. People who aren’t scared to offer an opinion and encouragement.

Quite a few of the artists had stories about how Glasgow’s gang culture (the focus of my work) had affected them and their families which will feed into my own research. Hopefully my relationship with Project Ability will continue well into the future."

Thank you very much Scott! 

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Platform Residency - Edward Henry

Project Ability is pleased to announce Edward Henry as the 2016 Artist in Residence at Platform in Easterhouse from 14 June to 19 July. Following on from Jonathan McKinstry’s residency last year, Henry will be working at Platform once a week for six weeks.

Project Ability and Platform have explored collaborations in many forms since ‘The Bridge’ opened ten years ago. Our annual exhibition of large paintings by artists in our Aspire group is one of the highlights of our exhibition calendar. Edward Henry is a local resident to Platform, and a highly talented, long-standing artist working at Project Ability in the Aspire programme.

Over these six week Edward will set up studio in ‘The Bridge’ and create work which will form part of our annual painting exhibition at Platform which runs from 9 June to 31 July. He will be supported throughout the residency by artist Scott Lang. Edward’s paintings most often depict real life scenes and still life in his distinctly recognisable style. A small selection of his paintings can be viewed on his Project Ability artists’ page, http://www.project-ability.co.uk/artists/edward-henry.

We are delighted to be working with Platform and to award Edward with this residency. We will post updates throughout the residency of the work Edward creates. Watch this space!

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Artwork of the Week by James Smith

James Smith's exhibition 'Steampunk Chassis' is currently on display in our gallery until the 18th of June, and we have chosen a work from this as our Artwork of the Week.  James works in a variety of mediums, always creating eye catching pieces.  In his current exhibition, James has created a number of highly imaginative model tanks, using the popular Steampunk aesthetic.  These machines, taken from a creative re-imagination of history, are expertly crafted; each model has its own character and its own intricacies, leading to a very engaging body of work indeed.

Come along to see the work in person in our gallery, which is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10am until 5pm. 

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Volunteers Week 2016

1-12 June 2016 is Volunteers Week

Now in it's 5th year, the volunteering programme at Project Ability has gone from strength to strength. Over the years, the programme has attracted a variety of artists at all stages of their careers; undergraduate students, post graduate students and established practicing artists, looking for a new experience and to learn from the artists, young and older, that we support. Our opportunities to volunteer have spanned across all three of our programmes giving artists the chance to experience collaborating with people with learning disability, people with lived experience of mental ill health and children with disabilities.

With this variety has come a wealth of talented artists, each contributing to our programme in their own unique and immensely valuable way, learning and sharing approaches to working with both our participants and workshop tutors.

The volunteers input has no doubt enhanced the service we already provide, introducing a new and different energy to the workshops and making for a truly inclusive working studio environment. One where artists from many different life experiences share and find common ground, developing their practices together to make richer and more meaningful art.

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers, both past and present!

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Walking Group - Week 10: Fairfield Heritage Centre

Our walking group took a trip to Govan last week to visit the Fairfield Heritage Centre. Set in the recently restored Fairfield Shipbuilding Offices, the museum holds a collection of interesting pieces that pay tribute to the history of shipbuilding on the Clyde.

The group, who were given a guided tour by a very helpful woman called Flora, were also lucky to catch the display of proposed designs for a sculpture of Mary Barbour. Barbour, a political activist, was a resident of Govan and the main organiser of the women of Govan who took part in the rent strikes of 1915.

After the tour, the group walked back towards the city centre, some taking the bus part of the way and the others walking all the way along the Clydeside in the splendid sunshine.

Fairfield Heritage Centre is open Monday to Friday, between 1pm and 4pm.

For more information visit http://www.fairfieldgovan.co.uk/heritage/



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Meet the Volunteers - Lara Edgar

With this week's 'Meet the Volunteers', we are delighted to introduce Lara Edgar, who has been volunteering with the Create programme. Lara has been a fantastic addition to our Saturday workshops team.

"After noticing on opportunities.creativescotland.com that Project Ability were looking for volunteers I decided to apply. I have always expressed interests in working with children, young people and/or adults who have additional support needs and I had heard of Project Ability in the past. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to gain some first-hand experience working with people.

It has been a pleasure so far to volunteer with Project Ability. I work with young people in the ‘Create’ programme on a Saturday and find it great to see how enthusiastic they are about making work. The staff are fantastic to work alongside who offer advice and help when needed. Overall I find the organisation very relevant and necessary after seeing for myself what the young people get out of it. It is such a rewarding experience and I hope I have had the same positive impact on the young people at Project Ability as they have had on me!"

Thank you very much Lara!

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Create Summer Workshops

Summer Studios

Project Ability will be holding six supervised studio days for Create participants over 18 years.  Studio days will take place on Friday’s at Project Ability’s workshops:

Time:                    10am-3pm
Dates:                  1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th July and 5th August
Venue:                  Project Ability Studios
Cost:                     £5 per day

Studio days will offer participants who are able to work with a degree of independence, on self-directed projects, the opportunity access studio space, equipment and materials.  The workshops will be supported from 10-11:30am.  Places are limited.  To  secure your place please contact us on 0141 552 2822.

Workshops will be supported by staff from 10-11:30am only, after which time you will be expected to work independently.

Summer on Screen

Aged 12-18 and interested in enhancing your live action film making skills?  Try your hand at some acting and improvisation during our week long summer film School – Summer on Screen.  Work with performance artist Clare Hume and two of Project Ability’s professional film makers to enhance your on screen skills and record your progress over the week, creating a series of fun short films.

Places are limited.  To  secure your place please contact us on 0141 552 2822.

Time:                     10am-2pm
Dates:                   11-15 July or 25-29 July
Venue:                   Project Ability
Cost:                      £15 per week

Please bring a packed lunch.

Merchant City Festival

Shaky Pictures: Saturday 30th July 10-11:30am

Balloon powered classic cars: Saturday 6th August 10-11:30am

PAMIS at Project Ability

2 groups from PAMIS will be supported to create work for exhibition in our studios at T103 and at Glasgow Print Studios.

Time:                     11am-12 noon and 2-3pm
Dates:                   7,14,21,28 July
Venue:                  Project Ability and Glasgow Print Studios
Cost:                     free

Ashcraig Former Pupils Club Workshops

Project Ability will be delivering two visual arts workshops with Ashcraig Former Pupils Club as part of their Summer Programme.

29th and 30th June, 10.15am-12.15pm

Arts Awards

Working with Whizz Kidz and Linn Park Adventure Playground Project Ability will be hosting a series of Arts Award workshops this summer, supporting young people aged 12-25 to achieve their Discover or Explore level Arts Award.

Whizz Kidz Tuesday 5th July – 9th August, 6-8pm
Linn Park Thursdays 7th July – 11th August, 6-8pm
Linn Park Friday 8th July – 12th August, 6-8pm

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