Artwork of the Week by Sam Perks

This abstract painting on paper is our chosen Artwork of the Week. As yet untitled, this is one of a selection of paintings that will be exhibited for the first time in our Gallery II later this month. Sam Perks works in our Create groups for young artists, and he has a very well developed and distinct painting style. Though his colour palette changes, the movement and brush strokes of his compositions can be recognised in each of Sam's paintings. Using bold brushwork and lots of dripping paint, these abstract paintings have an expressionistic feel to them.

Perks’ use and variation of colours are strong and confident, he has a talent for choosing a sophisticated colour scheme and making the most out of the complimentary and contrasting hues and shades. Sam often uses masking tape along the edge to create a clean white border around the image.  This further adds to the power and clarity of the expressive brushstrokes. Keep an eye on our exhibitions page for Sam Perk's first solo show in our Gallery II, opening on 16 August!


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Platform Residency - Week 6

This week was Project Ability artist Edward Henry's last week as Artist in Residence at Platform, Easterhouse. Over the past six weeks, Edward has been working from a studio set up at Platform one day a week, developing a body of new work with the support of artist Scott Lang. Each week, Scott has been updating us on Edward's progress.

"This week Edward made several sketches of the rooms we have been using during our time at Platform. He also made some sketches of the exterior of the building.

Edward then finished off his painting of one of the entrances by painting in figures. He used a previous sketch of some beauty therapy students as the basis for two of the figures. He added another couple of figures which are based on lecturers that he knows from the Glasgow Kelvin College campus next to Platform.

Once the painting was finished, Edward dried it with a hairdryer before applying two coats of varnish to give it a nice finish."

Thank you very much Edward and Scott! 

Click here to find out more about Platform, Easterhouse.  #madeineasterhouse

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘Untitled (Glass Cat)’ by Jan Thomson

Shop Item of the Week time again, and this week we bring you something rather unique - an exquisite handmade glass cat, crafted by ReConnect artist Jan Thomson.  This is a very pretty object indeed, and it won't be long before it finds a new home.  The little creature also proudly wears a fully functioning bell, so no need to worry about it catching any birds!  This little gem can be yours for just £37 from our online shop, so be ready to pounce! 

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Artwork of the week- ‘Untitled’ by Effie Powers

This original drawing on red paper is a wonderful example of Effie Power's drawing style. Very expressive and dense mark making creates a kind of calm frenzy of line and colour. It is easy to imagine the marks in motion; being created by the artist and given a life of their own, to carry on with a subtle notion of movement long after Powers has completed the work. This is just one of several drawings by Effie, created in our Aspire workshops, in 2016. Effie has a style of drawing all her own, and you can feel the energy that goes into each piece. They are both very strong and delicate at the same time.

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Platform Residency - Week 5

Project Ability artist Edward Henry is nearing the end of his residency period at Platform, Easterhouse. He has been working from a studio based in 'The Bridge' one day a week, for the past five weeks, supported by artist Scott Lang. Each week, Scott has been updating us on Edward's process, and the development of his new work. 

"This week, Edward continued to work on his painting of one of the entrances to Platform.

After painting in the windows and doors, Edward added people using oil pastels. He used his earlier sketches of the beauty therapy students for this.

We then sat in the café area to do some sketching."

Thank you, Edward and Scott. Next week will be Edward's final week as Artist in Residence.

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Summer on Screen: Week 1

Last week saw the first of two weeks of ‘Summer on Screen’ workshops! A group of young Project Ability artists and filmmakers attended the week long film school to try their hands at some acting and improvisation.

The group worked with two of Project Ability’s professional filmmakers as well as performance artist Clare Hume throughout the week to make a series of fun, short live action films.

To end the week, there was a screening of short films made by the group. By all accounts, everyone had a fantastic week!

A second week of ‘Summer on Screen’ workshops will take place next week, 25-29 July. If you are aged 12-18 and interested in enhancing your live action film making skills, why not come along. We have a couple of spaces left! Call 0141 552 2822 to book or click here for more details.

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ReSearch Residency June 2016 - Shireen Taylor

Shireen Taylor spent the month of June as Artist in Residence at Project Ability. Based within the Project Ability workshop, Shireen spent the month developing her practice, and new work. Here, she tells us about her experience:

"The artists’ studios at Project Ability are a wonderful place to work, with a welcoming atmosphere and a huge variety of activity. I came to the research residency with the intention of developing new sculptural directions in my practice, as well as using the opportunity to really get to see how the organisation worked for so many different artists.

It’s such a refreshing change to be in a flexible, open plan space, where any number of artists will take an interest in your work, and an even greater interest in showing you their own!  I spent much of the time making new drawings, and developing some of these into sculptural experiments.  My lack of expertise in some processes and the need to reinvent the work as I went on was treated with some amusement by some of the artists, but they were very intrigued by what I was trying to do.  

One of the tutors, Celine, took a small group of us on a walking trip to Pollock Country Park, which was a great chance to meet some of the artists not usually in on the days I was there. We visited the Giant Beech near the house, which formed the basis of a new drawing, and I took the opportunity to examine some of the ironwork and architectural details of the stables and gardens for the sculptural work I had planned.

Working in plastercine, wood and clay, I built some models for casting via silicon into wax, which will later be cast into metals such as aluminium, bronze and/or iron. I am really hoping that I might be able to invite some of the Project Ability artists to see this being done, as it can sometimes be quite a spectacle.  The finished works are intended to be included in an exhibition in the Project Room in Trongate 103 next year.

Working in the unique environment of the Project Ability studios has been an inspiring experience, and I really hope to get the chance to return and work with the artists I have met there. Thank you to everyone who I met during the residency for your friendliness, humour, and creativity. See you all again soon."

Thank you very much, Shireen! You can see Shireen's photo diary on our ReSearch Residency Instagram: @PA_Research_Residency

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Cameron Morgan speaks to SCLD

Project Ability artist Cameron Morgan was recently appointed Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce). He has been speaking to the Scottish Commission for Learning Disability about himself and his work; 

"I have been coming to Project Ability since 1991. I work in ceramics, painting and drawing – all types of mediums. I like learning new skills and at the moment I am learning how to slipcast. I am working on a series of telephones through the ages and Allan is showing me the way to make moulds.

I did artwork when I was a lad and have always done art of some sort – you get better as the years go on if you are prepared to work hard. I hope my work makes people smile. I want them to like it. If it makes them happy, I’m happy."

Click here to read Cameron's full blog on the SCLD website.

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Artwork of the week - ‘Near Govan’ by John McNaught

'Near Govan' is a small painting on panel by Aspire artist John McNaught. On a day like today it quite clearly catches the mood down by the docks with a greyness to the city scape but a bit of blue behind in the sky.  The painting is reminiscent of the photographs of Glasgow back in the day, but could just as easily be a still shot from present day. It is a very Glasgow painting, and is a very fine example of John's artistic skill and love of Glasgow. John has gifted this painting to one of Project Ability's volunteers, as a show of thanks and artistic generosity. We have no doubt it will be very much loved and admired.



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Walking Group - Week 13: Victoria Park

In Scotland, there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing’. So said Billy Connelly, but as the forecast was quite good last week our walking group ended up with lots of rain, the wrong clothing and no umbrellas! Victoria Park in Whiteinch was the destination of the day and while the group were dashing between sheltered areas, the many ducks and swans on the pond were happily splashing about.

Unfortunately the building that shelters the remains of an ancient fossilised forest is currently closed until further notice, but the area around it, the fossil grove, is a treat to explore in any weather.

Click here for some interesting information about the park on Wikipedia.

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Platform Residency - Week 4

Project Ability artist Edward Henry has now spent his fourth week as Artist in Residence at Platform, Easterhouse. During his six week rsidency, Edward has been working at Platform one day a week developing new work, with the support of artist, Scott Lang. Scott tells us about a new painting that Edward has been working on this week.  

"After wandering around Platform, Edward decided that he wanted to make a painting of one of the entrances to the building as he liked the shapes and angles. I took some photos of the entrance for him to use.

Edward started by painting the sky onto the canvas. He then drew the building on with oil pastels before blocking in the colours with acrylic paint."

Thanks Edward and Scott. We look forward to seeing more new work over the next couple of weeks.

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Battenberg’ by Robert McCamley

Our memorial exhibition for Robert McCamley, 'The stars, the sun and the moon', closes at the end of the weekend, and we wanted to take this opportunity to feature his artwork one last time. Battenberg is a mixed media drawing and was one of the last pieces Robert made at the Project Ability studios. It was first exhibited in our Food To Go Christmas exhibition in 2015,  just before Robert passed.

It is a great example of his way of working, and his choice of subject matter - he liked to draw and paint things that he loved. If you haven't visited the exhibition yet it will be up until the end of the day on Saturday. We will be sad to see the show come down, but Robert's memory will remain a part of Project Ability and the friends he made here will always remember Robert's love of art and the kindness he shared with everyone he met.

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Platform Residency - Week 3

Project Ability artist Edward Henry is the current Artist in Residence at Platform, Easterhouse. Throughout the residency, Edward is working from a studio set up in ‘The Bridge’, and is being supported by artist Scott Lang. Below, Scott tells us what Edward has been working on in Week 3. 

"Edward had done some drawings at home in his sketchbook. He drew an area of the swimming pool and a tree outside the building.

Edward sat with the Art Factory group for the first 15 minutes to finish his painting of the Glasgow Kelvin College building from last week. When he had finished we walked about Platform to find some areas of interest to him. We found a small corner of the building, viewed from the library, that Edward liked. He depicted this using soft pastels.

Whilst drawing this Edward noticed the light fittings and columns in the library, and really liked the patterns they were making. He moved onto drawing this after completing his other drawing."

Thanks Edward and Scott!

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Artwork of the week by Martin Sloss

Artwork of the week is 'untitled cottage' by Martin Sloss. Martin works at Project Ability as part of our Aspire programme, and currently has an exhibition here with fellow Aspire artist Ralph Douglas.  'Untitled cottage' is a beautiful painting that perfectly captures the feel of a country cottage; complete with fields, trees, rock paths and fences. The neutral tones of the colour palette, along with the different shades of purples and greens give this work a warm fresh feeling. The unusual layout and composition brings an abstract feel to the landscape, and allows the eye time and freedom to wander around the canvas, navigating and recognising all of Martin's subtle artistic gestures.

'Untitled cottage' is on exhibition as part of our current show at Project Ability, 'Ralph Douglas and Martin Sloss'. It is a gorgeous exhibition and well worth a visit if you enjoy painting. Martin has a unique approach to painting; he has had the opportunity to nurture his skill and talent at Project Ability, and we are very pleased he continues to share his creativity with us in the studios. This painting is for sale in our gallery and online as are most of the paintings in this exhibition. At £75.00 it would make a lovely addition to any home or office. You can see this painting in our gallery until July 9.


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