Artwork of the week - ‘Brick 1980’ by Cameron Morgan


Artwork of the week features this slip-cast ceramic  'Brick' mobile phone made by Cameron Morgan. Part of our current Gallery II exhibition, 'Put your sweet lips closer to the phone', this 1980's style cell phone is an edition of six, and sized a bit larger than the real thing. There are four different types of phones in this show, each one an iconic piece of history and design.

In 1876, 29-year-old Scottish born Alexander Graham Bell received a patent for his revolutionary new invention–the telephone. This marked the beginning of an evolution of wired and wireless communication that has proven to be one of civilisation's greatest and most important achievements. 'Put your sweet lips closer to the phone' highlights this evolution through Morgan's usual vibrant and bold style. Priced at £180 each phone is a limited and signed edition of either six or seven. 

The exhibition is up until February 21st, along with 'The Artists of the West Midlands: A New World', at our first floor gallery at Trongate 103. Stop by for a look at the exhibitions and a browse of our gallery shop, which features a wide variety of hand made crafts and fine art - all made by our artists in our third floor studios!

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Walking Group - Week 1: Edinburgh

"Our walking group got off to a fine start to the year with a trip to Edinburgh to see some exhibitions.

First stop was the National Portrait Gallery to see the BP Portrait Awards. This annual exhibition is made up of a selection of submissions from across the world and is always good for at least one ‘my goodness is that really a painting?’ moment. There was also a lovely show of landscape photography.

Next was The Fruitmarket Gallery for a show of paintings, objects and video work by South African artists William Kentridge and Vivienne Koorland.

Finally a visit to Dovecot where the staff had kindly organised a space for the group to have their packed lunches before a visit to the gallery to see ‘Colour & Light’, an exhibition of textile works. Dovecot Rug Tufter Kristi Vana was on hand to treat the group to a demonstration of colour mixing with wool which was both fun and enlightening."

We look forward to seeing much more from the walking group throughout 2017! 

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Artwork of the week - ‘Severn Valley Railroad’ by Mark Lloyd


Artwork of the week features a  piece from our new show, 'The Artists of the West Midlands: A New World'. Titled 'Severn Valley Railroad' by Mark Lloyd, this painting has been created with watercolour on paper. Mark works out of  ArtStudio01 in Shrewsbury, a new emerging inclusive studio collective setup by Tanya Raabe Webber and Alison Picknell. Mark, along with the other five artists in this exhibition, have all been part of a mentoring programme devised and lead by acclaimed artist Tanya Raabe-Webber. Tanya has co-curated this exhibition and will be returning to Project Ability at the end of February with all six of the artists.  This two day cultural exchange trip to Glasgow will see the artists, along with Tanya, take part in workshops here in the Project Ability studios as well as visiting some of Glasgow's favourite galleries and museums. 'Severn Valley Railroad' can be viewed in our gallery until the exhibition closes on February 21st.


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Artwork of the week - Ocellaris Clown Fish

Our artwork of the week features this Ocellaris Clown Fish by Aspire artist Andrew Boyle. This painting has been months in the making and the final finish has been achieved beautifully. Using different transparencies of paint layered on top of each other, the artist has created an underwater look to the compliment the subject matter. The Clown Fish appears to be smiling and one is subtly reminded of the most famous Clown Fish of them all, Nemo. It is a gorgeous painting and we are proud to have it on display in our studios at the moment. We hope to exhibit it this year at our annual Aspire exhibition at Platform in Easterhouse. If you are interested in this painting, or learning more about the artist, please be in touch!

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