Shop Item of the Week - ‘Cafetiere’ by Robert Cornish

'Cafetiere' by Robert Cornish is our shop item of the week! Measuring 30 x 24 cm this original drypoint print is priced at £25. It would make a lovely addition to any coffee lover's kitchen! You can purchase 'Cafetiere' from our online shop. If you are interested in having the piece framed, please contact the gallery,

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Artwork of the week - ‘Cleaning Up’ by Jim Feeney

Artwork of the week features a painting from one of our two exhibitions which open tomorrow. 'Cleaning Up' by Jim Feeney is painted in oil on stretched canvas. It takes us back a few decades in Glasgow's history;  evident through the dresses worn by the two young girls. Jim Feeney paints mainly Glasgow scenes, often from long ago, and usually in areas of squalor. The graffiti on the walls allows us a look into the mind of the artist and gives you an idea of the things that play on Feeney's mind.

Feeney has a selection of new paintings on display in our Gallery II from tomorrow. Titled 'squalor', this selection of work is a very fine example of Feeney's skills in painting with oil. He has a distinct and easily recognisable style, often using rich blues and reds which stand out against the grays and rust colours so familiar to anyone who's lived in or around Glasgow's tenements.

You can read about this exhibition here, and everyone is welcome along to see the show, tomorrow for the preview from 1 -3pm, or anytime after that until 23 September. At the same time we are also showing a large selection of work by Venture Arts, Manchester based artist Leslie Thompson.

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On the Road: Dundee - Douglas Community Centre

"At the end of July Cameron Morgan and I ventured out on another intrepid 'On the Road' trip. Although no strangers to Dundee, we were visiting the Douglas Community Centre for the very first time, which seemed like a busy hub for the surrounding local area. It was there that we met a group of artists who made some really impressive and highly individual designs for our canvas tote bag project.

A nice surprise for Cameron was the chance to hook up with his pal Ross Inglis. Cameron and Ross met when they were both recipients of the RSA Lifetime Fellowship Awards in 2016 and Cameron also attended this year's ceremony while Ross played the bagpipes.

We 're hoping to build closer links with the group at the Douglas Community Centre, Dundee and collaborate on some more art in the near future."
-Meredith Crone, Project Ability tutor

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‘All About Hamish’ - A collaborative project by Jan Thomson and Sarah Bowers

'All About Hamish' is a collaborative project by ReConnect artist Jan Thomson and volunteer Sarah Bowers, focused on creatively exploring ideas around the concepts of self and self-esteem through the character of Hamish. The project has been a chance for Sarah and Jan to develop a creative partnership and to generate a final window installation using stain glass and vinyl in the ReConnect studio space.

Using the Project Ability logo -christened Hamish by the ReConnect group- to create a focal character for the conversation, they collectively discussed their individual responses to a broad palette of colours, reflecting the complex range of emotions present within us at certain points.

The final design works with the existing curve of the studio windows to express this spectrum of different states of being, with the figure of Hamish moving through this arch of emotions.

The project was a chance for Jan and Sarah to learn together and teach one another while building confidence in the mediums of stain glass and vinyl. And we must say, it looks fantastic in the ReConnect studios!

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘Bike Race’ by Steven Reilly


Shop Item of the week... 'Bike Race' by Steven Reilly. This playful painting has all the usual charm of a Steven Reilly. Smiling faces and a strong composition and colour palette. This painting is in acrylic on stretched canvas and is 90 x 90 cm. Priced at £75 it would be a brilliant gift for an avid cyclist. You can find this painting in our online shop here. It's an original, so once it's gone, it's gone!

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Artwork of the week - ‘Me watching Peter Pan on the proper video’ by Leslie Thompson

Artwork of the week features this colourful masterpiece portraying the artist in his home watching Peter Pan while his mother is baking up a storm in the kitchen.This is a sneak preview of our next exhibition! Project Ability is delighted to welcome Leslie Thompson into our studos and gallery for his first solo show... 'Leslie Thompson the Superstar Artist Drawer'. Thompson will be exhibiting a brilliant selection of his drawings, textiles and small furniture pieces in our gallery from 19 August - 23 September. 

Leslie works in the studios of Venture Arts, based in Manchester, and is traveling up for the exhibition opening next Friday. We are planning a 'cartoon afternoon' in the gallery as part of the reception, which will include Leslie's favourite, 'Peter Pan'. This event, on 18 August from 1 - 3pm,  is open to the public so if you are interested  please drop by. It will be an opportunity to meet the artist who will be joined by some of Project Ability's Aspire artists and tutors. All welcome!  

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The Great Scottish Run: Jacobs are fundraising for Project Ability

The Great Scottish Run 2017 is under two months away, and the Jacobs Glasgow team has been training hard for the event. The team, composed of people with different abilities, from experienced runners to beginners, are using this as motivation to start exercising regularly, and have chosen to fundraise for Project Ability while doing so! 

"At Jacobs, our people across the globe showcase a spirit of volunteerism and community action. This October, a group of 25 people from our Glasgow UK office have committed to taking part in the Great Scottish Run 2017. Project Ability was chosen from a group of local charities based on Jacobs vision to help make a difference in the local community. We recognise the valuable work done by Project Ability and are very happy to give some support for this work to continue."

You can support the team by donating securely to their Local Giving page, no amount is too small! They have already raised just under £700, and hope to reach their target of £2000 by the time of the event.

Many thanks to all the Jacobs runners for choosing us, and good luck for the run!

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Walking Group -  Week 14: Edinburgh Art Festival

Running alongside the Edinburgh International and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals is the Edinburgh Art Festival, an exciting programme of exhibitions and events across the city.

Our walking group outing last week began with a bus journey to the capital followed by an energetic walk from the bus station to Inverleith House.

The house is set in the grounds of the Botanic Gardens and is currently showing Plant Scenery of the World, a varied exhibition of contemporary and historical works looking at the history of botanical collections and display.

A hike back into the city led to Fruitmarket Gallery to see an exhibition by Brazilian artist Jac Leirner, a wonderful display of works made from everyday materials collected by the artist.

You can see the full Art Festival programme at
Inverleith House exhibition info at
and Jac Leirner exhibition at

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘Cottage on a Hill’ by John McNaught

Shop Item of the Week features this beautiful painting titled 'Cottage on a Hill' by John McNaught. John works in our Aspire studios and has been a regular here for several years. He is a highly skilled painter and can create a gorgeous piece both in regards to compostion and colour. 'Cottage on a Hill' is no exception. This painting is in acrylic on stretched canvas and measures 80 x 80cm. Priced at just £80 it is a perfect addition to any home. If you are interested in the painting you can contact us for additional photos if you like, or come by to see it in person. You can find it in our online shop if you would like to take a closer look just now!

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Artwork of the week - ‘View from the Big Plane’ by Rachel Hook


This week's Artwork of the Week is this candy coloured work on paper by one of our young artists, Rachel Hook. 'View from the Big Plane' is inspired by Rachel's holidays, as many of her drawings are. It is a bright composition of blocks of colour and continuous line. You can imagine the landscape below marked by fields and rivers, houses and mountains.This piece is on exhibition in our Gallery II just now, until the 12th of August. Rachel has worked in our Create programme for young people and has made a vast amount of work this year. She is a very talented and dedicated artist, and Project Ability was very pleased to offer her the solo show in our Gallery II during the Young Talent exhibition. Both shows are up for another week! 

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