2017 Project Ability Quiz Night!

The Project Ability Quiz Night was a great success yet again, with much fun had by all.  We’d like to thank everyone for attending, and helping raise a fantastic sum of £590! Can't wait until the next one!

The winners on the night!

The now famous Quiz Night trophy is collected! See you all next year!

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Collaborative partnership: Cameron Morgan & Charlie Hammond

Cameron Morgan has started his new residency this week: a collaborative partnership with Glasgow-based artist Charlie Hammond, spanning twelve weeks.

Both artists will meet once a week in Hammond's studio and will discuss, experiment and create new work together. Their practices include a wide range of medium, in particular painting, printing and ceramics, and it will be very interesting to see what they produce during this partnership. We will post photos regularly during the residency, and you can also see their progress on Charlie's Instagram

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Shop Item of the Week - Various Ceramics by SooJa Massey

Shop Item of the Week time again, and this week we bring you some more superbly crafted ceramics by SooJa Massey.  SooJa’s ceramics are incredibly popular in our shop, so thankfully she is rather prolific at expertly hand crafting these delightful little pieces! These won’t last long, so be sure to pop into our gallery shop and have a look.

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Meet the Volunteers - Cathy Dowling

Most of the fantastic people who volunteer at Project Ability are artists, graduates and undergraduates who help our tutors during our arts workshops. Most, but not all, as this week's volunteer Cathy Dowling shows. Cathy has had a long career in external relations at Scottish universities, at Stirling Management Centre, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow University and latterly at Glasgow School of Art.

She hopes to add her experience of building partnerships with companies and drawing down funding to Project Ability’s fundraising strategy. She had been lending her skills to our charity one afternoon a week for the last year, and is a great addition to the team!

"I know there are bighearted organisations and individuals in Glasgow and beyond who’d be entranced by the talent, creativity and wonderful work that happens here. I hope I can help with outreach. Times are tough in fundraising and we need to tell compelling stories to bring those key donors on board".

Thank you Cathy!

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Walking Group - Week 18: Panopticon & Holmwood House

Last week the walking group went to two venues that couldn't be more different. Firstly we went just two doors down and around the corner to the Britannia Panopticon, the oldest surviving music hall in the world.

Inside is a small museum of the history of the venue, featuring posters, programmes, costumes and props. The music hall, in its day, hosted a variety of shows, from comedy to drama and musicals, with many famous acts passing through, notably Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

Currently they screen films and host variety shows and music nights as well as being open in the afternoon for free viewings of the displays. The venue features a bar and has merchandise for sale. It is an amazing place simply oozing history, some less savory than wholesome but all interesting and worth a second visit. Find out more at http://www.britanniapanopticon.org/

We then took a bus through the south side of the city to visit Holmwood House. Built in the late 1850's by Alexander 'Greek' Thompson for James Couper and his wife, the house is now owned by the National Trust but has been many families homes before becoming a nunnery.

The Couper family made their money in paper and founded the Couper Institute. The detail in the house is exquisite and no section was build and decorated with less than the main house, meaning the servants quarters, kitchen and coach house are all as fabulous as the main home.

There is a stunning garden and vegetable area. I personally found the serving area in the dining room to be the most stunning feature and was interested to hear that the nuns had used it as their altar during their time at Holmwood. More about the property can be found at http://www.nts.org.uk/Visit/Holmwood-House
-Morag McGilchrist

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Team Jacobs: Just under £300 to go to reach £2500

The Jacobs Finance team is getting ready for the Great Scottish Run in a couple of weeks, and including gift aid they have almost reached an amazing £2250 in donations for Project Ability! They have been a fantastic support in the last few months, and their effort is having a very positive impact on the team members' fitness as well!

"I have never been into fitness as such, although I’m quite an active person and never sit still for more than 10 minutes, I just have never been one to go to the gym or participate in any sport. I basically didn’t participate in anything that included breaking a sweat. In March this year, I decided to be a team player and take part in the 10k organised by Jacobs Finance team in order to raise funds for such a great charity. Having just returned to work from maternity leave, I also thought it was a great way to get back into some sort of shape and socialise with colleagues.

Having never ran in my life, I decided that I would aim to at least be able to run the whole way without stopping, which seemed a really hard task at that time. ESPECIALLY following my first run at the beginning of April where I only managed to run 2k and I had to stop 3 times!!!! Needless to say, at that time, I really thought I would never achieve my goal and started having second thoughts about wat I had signed myself up for! But, being the competitive person that I am, and knowing that I had publicly signed up to this race, I thought I best stick at it and see how I got on… I started to run 2-3 times a week, building up the distance I could run, and 4 weeks later I managed to run my first full straight 10k with no stops and within the hour (58minutes and 45seconds to be exact!!). As you can imagine, I had well and truly caught the ‘bug’ by this time. I have been running 3-4 times a week ever since.

On the day of the race, I would love to achieve a time of 48 minutes. My personal best is currently 47 minutes and 36 seconds, but I’ve only managed this once!! For me though, regardless of how well (or not) I do on the day, the decision to sign up to support this great charity has been life changing. I’m fitter now than I have ever been, I feel great, I have more energy, and I have found a hobby that I love and can de-stress with after a hard day."
-Karen Hamilton

Thank you all! You can support Team Jacobs by donating via our secure Local Giving Page. 

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Shop Item of the Week - Hand Painted Canvas Bag by Doreen Kay

Another delightful creation by Aspire artist Doreen Kay has been chosen as our Shop Item of the Week. Doreen has made a number of bags which have found their way in to the Project Ability shop, and they do not last long! Get yours now for just for just £20. 

Availible here

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Bruce Forsyth’ by John Cocozza

This week we bring you John Cocozza’s excellent portrait of the late Bruce Forsyth as our Artwork of the Week.  John loves making portraits, and we think this joyful representation of the much loved all-round entertainer does his vibrant character justice.  Didn’t he do well?

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A mural and a live portrait session - Project Ability at GSA

This week, the Glasgow School of Arts welcomes its new students, and Project Ability was there to mark the occasion! Thanks to volunteer and art student Jonathan Kirkwood, three of our artists were involved in the event: on Monday, Jonathan McKinstry took over a wall of the famous Vic cafe, where he painted a mural of his 2015 artwork 'Not the Last Supper'. The result is absolutely fantastic, and the feedback from the students has been great.

On Tuesday, John Cocozza and Steven Reilly spent the day doing live portraits of students and visitors, something that always proves very popular. Models were encourage to give a little donation in exchange of their portrait, and the crew came back with a fantastic £110!

Jonathan Kirkwood said: "I am so happy to have been given the opportunity to take Jonathan, Steven and John up to the art school and given them the chance to show how fun, energetic and exciting their work is. It's been an overall really positive experience and one that I hope leads to more opportunities being created for collaborations between the two organisations. Everyone who I spoke to over the course of the two days was really enthusiastic and simply overwhelmed with the work that the guys generated, and all seemed really interested in what goes on at Project Ability! As always it was a massive pleasure working alongside the three gents and I want to thank them all for coming along and making all this possible."

Thank you all, and well done!

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Meet the Maker – Mhari McMullan

We had an inspiring Meet the Maker session with textile designer Mhari McMullan. Mhari studied Textile Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. She moved to Glasgow in 2007 and in 2009 opened Welcome Home, a creative retail space representing craft, design and illustration now based in Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts. Mhari also works as a freelance designer, educator and consultant for other projects in art, design and retail.

Mhari joined us for the afternoon at Project Ability where she ran an excellent workshop introducing the group to a heat transfer textile printing process. Using collage and cut out processes participants built up images and designs in a range coloured papers. These designs were then placed inside the heat press for 45 seconds, and when they came out they had miraculously printed and fixed onto the fabric generating some fantastic results.

Everyone taking part in the workshop took to the process instantly, bringing their individual styles and ways of working to this technique and in the space of a short afternoon’s workshop produced a range of vibrant new works.

This fast and fun process really had the group hooked, so don’t be surprised if you see us producing some more works this way soon!

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Target reached for Team Jacobs!

The wonderful running group at Jacobs has reached its £2000 fundraising target for the Great Scottish Run! There are almost three weeks left before the event, will they make it to £2500?

The team's support has been fantastic, and it seems that it has been very positive for the team members too:

"I thought that this was a great cause and a good way for us to work as a team and in the process get fitter and bond more with work colleagues. We all support each other and make it fun as well as challenging - while raising money for such a good charity.

I have only recently started keeping fit. To begin with I could only manage short bursts of energy. But training for this run has made me fitter and got me out of the office at lunch time. It’s so nice to see everyone in the office helping us reach our target. The Fundraising day was amazing and the support from everyone was fantastic. The people do make Glasgow and the staff do make Jacobs.

I hope to keep up the running after the 10k and hope to try and get as near the 1 hour as possible. I've gone from running like an elephant to running like a greyhound - well almost. Team Jacobs!!!!!!!!!!!!"
-Margaret Newman

If you would like to support Team Jacobs and Project Ability, you can donate securely on our Local Giving Page. 

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘Cleopatra’ by Ronald McCulloch

Shop Item of the Week is 'Cleopatra' by Ronald McCulloch. This is an amazing painting with so much going on. The composition is inspired from a photo shoot of Marilyn Monroe posing as actress Theda Bara from the silent film Cleopatra, taken by photographer Richard Avedon.

We love this painting and after being out and about as part of a few exhibitions in the last year, it has now arrived in our gallery shop! Measuring 90 x 120 cm, this acrylic canvas is stretched and ready to hang. You can find it in our online shop for £120. Below is an image of the photograph McCulloch used as a reference to make this wild painting!!





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Artwork of the week - ‘70’s Afro Hair Lady’ by Leslie Thompson

This week we are featuring this beautiful textile piece by Leslie Thompson, the Superstar Artist Drawer! '70's Afro Hair Lady' is one of two gorgeous hand stitched pieces that Thompson has in his current exhibtion with us. Don't miss the show, it's up until September 23rd.

Tonight, we are very pleased to welcome back our late night Thursdays. Please join us for a glass of wine or some juice from 6-8pm, plenty of time to check out both of our current exhibitions, and have a look around our gift shop too. All welcome!

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£2000 target within reach for Team Jacobs!

About a year ago a group of Jacobs team members in the finance department started running once a week during lunch time. Soon after they decided to set a target to participate in the 2017 Great Scottish Run. Some of them had done the race before, some were experienced runners and some had literally never thought about running 10k before. They now have a few different groups from beginners to experienced runners getting together each week during lunch or after working hours.

"In combination with the running we have also held a weight loss competition in the office promoting healthy eating and regular exercise, this has made everyone aware of the importance of getting away from the desk, even if it’s just for a short walk round the block. For the finance department as a whole, participating in the Great Scottish Run in support of the great work done by Project Ability is truly a win-win!"

We will bring you some of the team's success stories in the coming week, but in the meantime, we would like to say a huge thank you to all of them for their support. They have already raised £1793 out of their £2000 target! If you would like to support them, please visit our Local Giving Page, where you can donate securely.

Thank you Team Jacobs!

(Photo: Mark Anderson via Daily Record)

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The Friday Group goes to Dunoon

Last week, the Aspire Friday Group took a trip to Dunoon with tutor Valerie O'Regan. They enjoyed a beautiful sunny day in the town, sketching in the harbour and taking in the views.

The group also spent some time in the Burgh Hall, where they were greated by Jenny Hunter, the Programmes Coordinator, who showed them around their Artist Rooms Andy Warhol exhibition. A great occasion for more sketching!

The group had a fantastic time and will be looking forward to coming back to Dunoon in the future.

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Walking Group - Week 17: GMRC

On Wednesday 30th August the walking group went by train to Nitshill to visit the Glasgow Museums Resource Center. The center houses artworks and artifacts that are currently not on display in museums within the city.

It was opened in the early 2000's and expanded when the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum was being refitted to accommodate more pieces, it currently homes over one million paintings and artifacts and it is simply not possible to see everything in one go.

On this visit we got to see items of social history including home appliances and ceramics. Fascinating were the early TV's, washing machines and even a circular dishwasher. We saw a scale model of Glasgow made post world war two that was to help plan and design the reconstruction of the city after the blitz.

Upstairs we saw ceramics and glassware both functional and decorative from a variety of time periods and places throughout Europe. Personally I enjoyed seeing some of the Glasgow factory tea sets that were familiar to me. More can be found out about the center at http://www.glasgowlife.org.uk/museums/GMRC/Pages/default.aspx Visits can be arranged and also they do tours at set times, but you are not able to just drop in like the cities other museums.
-Morag McGilchrist

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Quiz Night

Our annual fundraising event is back! Join us on Thursday 28 September for the always fun Project Ability Quiz Night, 7pm-9pm.

Are you pop culture savvy? Want to test your general kowledge? Look no further, our Quiz Night is the place to be!

Only £5 per entry, including a free drink and a free raffle ticket, with a chance to win one of our great prizes. You can come as a team, or join one on the night. Tickets are available to purchase on the third floor of Trongate 103. 

Who will be bringing the Project Ability trophy home?

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Shop Item of the week - Ceramic tiles by Sian Mathers

For our Shop Item of the Week we are featuring two lovely ceramic tiles by Sian Mathers. Both of these measure 10 x 10 cm. At £8 each they would make a sweet gift for a friend...... or yourself. You can find these being sold separately on our site. Soak and Peace are both fresh out of the kiln and on display in our gallery shop as well as for sale in our online shop. We don't expect them to be around for long! If you haven't been to our shop in awhile it's well worth a look. We're open Tuesday - Saturday, 10 - 5pm.






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