Shop Item of the Week - Sunbathing in Largs greeting cards!


Shop Item of the Week is this greeting card made from the gorgeous painting by Doreen Kay titled 'Sunbathing in Largs' We loved this painting so much we wanted to share it with as many people as possible. What better way than to make it into a card for any occassion. You can find this card in our  gallery shop at Trongate 103 and our online shop for sale for £2.50. They are a limited edition print run so don't wait until summer to get yours!

Doreen Kay is one of the three woman artists in our current show, Kay, Sharif, Smyth. Come by and check it out!

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Artwork of the Week by Peter Stewart

Artwork of the Week is this beautifully painted picture on canvas of the Duke of Wellington. Situated outside the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow's city centre, this statue is fairly well known by everyone living in the city as the statue with the cone on its head. Often a student prank, it is rare to see the statue without a traffic cone on its head! The angle Stewart has painted the picture from gives a brilliant view of the building across the street, and all of the reflections in the mirrored windows have been recreated beautifully. It is a stunning painting which has been admired by staff and artists alike here at Project Ability.

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Down’s Syndrome Scotland workshops

On Sunday, our workshops with young people with Down's syndrome and their siblings continued after a short break due to the weather conditions.

The printmaking continued with an introduction to mono-printing along with some drawing, painting and collage.

It looks like everyone had some fun and there were some beautiful results. We look forward to seeing what happens next week!

For more photos, check out our Facebook Page. 

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Walking Group - Week 5: Tramway

On Wednesday 7th March the weather had improved enough for the walking group to go out again, and we made our way over to Tramway to see two exhibitions that were very different.

Firstly we saw LOVE by Steven Campbell, an exhibition of twelve large scale multi-media collages made between 1988 and 1991 and comprising dyed string being glued on to form pictures, ranging from people to a rabbit/duck illusion that saw the former enjoying a swimming pool with some rats.

There were also two carvings and three figures made from painted socks. I personally enjoyed this section the best, there was a lot to see and every picture had so much detail and other smaller details within that I could have stayed a lot longer looking for all the tiny details.

The second exhibition we saw was Circle a video installation by Margaret Salmon. We were unable to see all her work as on a loop the videos lasted several hours.

The ones we did see involved motocross bikers, a black and white snake curling around it self, a sunset, a cat going for a walk, people enjoying Hyde Park in the 90's and monkey's in Gibraltar. I think it took around 40 minutes to watch. The snake was especially interesting to watch and as someone who isn't keen on snakes it was lovely to just watch the beauty of the patterns it made.
-Morag McGilchrist

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Call for Volunteers - Esther Ferrer performance

Project Ability is looking for amateur performers to take part in the group performance piece I’m Going To Tell You About My Life, which will premier in April 22nd in Glasgow as part of the Glasgow International festival.

The piece has been conceived by 80-year old Spanish artist Esther Ferrer and involves 10 performers who are fluent in British Sign Language and 10 verbal performers speaking in different languages.

If you are a BSL user or speak a language other than English, and you want to tell others about your life, please get in touch! No previous experience is required.


Rehearsal dates: Friday 20th April (pm) and Saturday 21st April (all day)
Performance: Sunday 22nd April, 1-3pm

The rehearsals will be led by Esther Ferrer, assisted by a BSL interpreter.
Project Ability will cover transport costs for all volunteers up to £10 per day

Please note that the performance will be:
- Filmed, and an edited version of the film will be on display at Project Ability’s Project Space for the duration of the festival.
- Professionally photographed, and the images taken may be used for press coverage, promotion of the event on the websites of the project organisers and funders, documentation and evaluation. 

By participating in the event you agree to be filmed or photographed for these purposes.


To apply for this opportunity, or find out more, please contact:

Mónica Laiseca at and
Celine Mcilmunn at

Deadline for applications: Monday 26 March. Shortlisted volunteers will be notified by email on Wed 28 March.



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Sarah Kudirka Residency

Sarah Kudirka was in residency with us in February.  Read on to hear about her experience:

'The creative world I encountered at Project Ability is welcoming and industrious. I was made to feel very welcome and quickly found myself becoming industrious too. Each day that the studios are open lots of artists come in and get on with what they want to do, in a wide variety of media. I saw everyone absorbed in what they are making and it was wonderfully infectious. They are absorbed in making things but everyone is also happy to share and talk about what they are doing.

'I had wondered before starting the residency how I would feel about working without a door to close on my workspace, as I have always worked in isolation. Turns out I liked it a lot. The buzz of voices and other noises that come from a well-used physical production space (as opposed to an office full of people on screens) was kind of wonderful. I liked it when people were passing by and keen for me to go and see what they were making or had questions about what I was up to. It sounds a bit of a daft realisation but it is very different from (and so much better than) sharing my work on social media to have real people 'liking' and giving feedback live on what you are doing. I'll miss that!

I am new to Glasgow having moved here to live and work just last summer, so this residency came at an important time for me. I have made new friends at Project Ability, set off a strong series of work based on exploring my new home city and started to settle in as a professional artist in Scotland.

'To give some kind of structure to my residency I had set a target of 100 paintings on polaroids (painted and drawn over polaroid snaps of city skylines have been my project for the past 6 years) and also wanted to start some three larger canvases of similar proportions to polaroids too. I hit my 100 pictures target, which gave me a sense of satisfaction but I also took time to have lots of chats with the artists around me, think, walk to bits of the city I'd never seen before, and watch clouds out of the window - it's all research.

'Mental health and well-being for creative people are strongly tied to having the space and resources to create, explore and make stuff. We all have what's in our heads and stuff to deal with in our lives and I'm no stranger to anxiety. My hearing disability has never stopped me from asking questions and striving to understand to what others are saying. Inclusive arts facilities are so important.

I'm really glad to know the brilliant people I've met at Project Ability and intend to stay in touch.

I loved going in to the studios every day, got loads done and found it a totally positive experience.'

Thanks, Sarah!

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘Mother and child’ by Scott Smith

This week we bring you ‘Mother and Child’ by Scott Smith as our shop item of the week. Scott’s beautiful drypoint print has been made into this delightful gift card – perfect for Mother’s day! These are sure to be popular, so get down to our gallery shop and get yours for just £2.50!

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We are pleased to announce our involvement in Processions, where many women from around the country will come together in creating a mass participation artwork celebrating one hundred years of votes for women.

We will be one of 100 organisations taking part, and are delighted to be involved in such an exciting and important project. Please visit the Processions website at for more info, and to find out about getting involved. We will be running our workshop with Aspire tutor Sandi Kiehlmann who will be working with women from our workshops.

More information to follow.

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Artwork of the Week - by Stephanie Thomson

This week, in celebration of International Woman's Day, we bring you this very topical artwork by Stephanie Thomson. 'I've always wanted to stab someone with a ..' is part of our Gallery II show titled, 'The Queen Mothers'. This exhibition, initiated by workshops led by Mandy McIntosh, uses an existing feminist aesthetic vocabulary of textile and collage. In Thomson's work we can see a real passion for her political stand point. Without supporting any kind of violence, I think we can safely say we're on board with the sentiment behind this piece!

The Queen Mother's is on show in our Gallery II until 29 March. Running concurrently is our three woman show titled, Kay, Sharif, Smyth. Come by and celebrate!

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Walking Group - week 4: Perth

There were definite signs of spring last week when our walking group arrived in Perth. The sky was blue and South Inch park was awash with crocuses. 

The walk to the museum and art gallery was very pleasant and full of interesting things to see and the light was ideal for making photographs. A short diversion through Greyfriars burial ground revealed many beautifully carved historic gravestones.

On arriving at the museum the very pleasant staff told us that we were welcome to use their lecture hall for eating lunch in before directing us to the exhibitions. All three currently on were excellent with two exhibitions featuring artworks on paper and the third a display of wet-plate collodion photographs.

After lunch, a short walk through the town brought us to the Fergusson Gallery and another exhibition of photography, this time some contemporary work by Janeanne Gilchrist. Finally a look at the work by J D Fergusson in the upstairs gallery before walking back to the station and catching the train back to Glasgow.

A grand day out!

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