Shop Item of the Week - ‘Bear Cub’ by John Cocozza

This week we bring you John Cocozza's 'Bear Cub' as our Shop Item of the Week! This one-off drypoint print can be purchased in our online shop or our gallery shop at Trongate 103. It is an adorably vicious looking cub and one of a small series of bear prints Cocozza has produced recently. You can see more of Cocozza's work hereOutside In have been featuring Cocozza's work all throug out the month of April as their 'Artist of the Month'!

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“I am going to tell you about my performance experience”

On Sunday 22 April, a group of volunteer performers took part in Spanish artist Esther Ferrer's performance 'I Am Going To Tell You About My Life'. The piece showcases a group of people talking about their life in different languages and BSL. The performance was organised by Monica Laiseca at the Glasgow School of Art and by Project Ability. ReConnect artist Simon McAuley was one of the performers, here is what he said about the event.

"This was the first time I have performed as an artist and so I was a little nervous. Everyone involved was really supportive and there was a sense of being part of something important. Some of the participants were experienced performers and for others it was a first. The process was really interesting and everyone's confidence grew as we rehearsed. We could really feel the project taking shape. To learn about performance art through the piece and from Esther felt like such a privilege. I am so glad I participated and met such inspiring people. I could see why performance artists were so passionate about their medium. I am looking forward to seeing the film of the piece in Project Ability's gallery."

The video of the performance will be on display in our exhibition 'House Party' featuring works by Esther Ferrer, Louise Ahl and Fritz Welch, Jessica Higgins, Sandra Johnston and Pester & Rossi. Project Room, 3rd floor, Trongate 103, until 07 May.

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Shop Item of the Week -  Porcelain Fox Plate, Scott Smith design

Shop Item of the Week is this feldspar porcelain plate with a Scott Smith fox drawing fired onto it. We've taken a small selection of Smith's beasties and made a limited edition set of dishes. In addition to this lovely  fox we have birds and elephants, with more to come. We have a small selection of these in our gallery shop so pop in for a look! We have our Glasgow International show on just now so there's lots to see. You can also purchase the plate on our online shop. They are dishwasher safe and this dish is 20cm diameter and available for purchase for just  £12.

These are a limited edition so they won't be around forever!

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Artwork of the Week - by Nnena Kalu

Artwork of the Week features a beautiful abstract drawing by our Glasgow International artist Nnena Kalu

For Glasgow International 2018 Project Ability invited installation artist Nnena Kalu to work in the gallery. As Artist in Residence for the first week of the festival, visitors are invited to watch Kalu as she creates a large scale sculptural installation.

Kalu is an artist working with ActionSpace, a London based visual arts organisation that supports artists with learning disabilities. To create her installations, she binds and layers materials to create large, colourful structures that wrap themselves around the gallery, reacting to the size, shape and environment of each new setting.

In addition to Kalu's installations she also often works on large drawings in her studio at ActionSpace. Usually working on two drawings at a time, arranged in a corner, the artist works fast and steadily. Come by the Project Ability gallery at Trongate 103 to see the installation and some of the her drawings. 


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Artwork of the Week - by Rehan Yousuf

Artwork of the Week is this watercolour and ink painting by Rehan Yousuf. Rehan has a vibrant colour palette and fluidity of penwork. He is one of eight artists from Project Ability who have been selected to be part of the Spring of Contemporary Art at the Galerie Polysémie in Marseille. The show opens on May 9th and exhibiting together with Rehan Yousuf will also be Project Ability artsists, Angela McLauchlin, Esme McLeod, John Cocozza, Lewis Scott, Michael McMullen, Robert Reddick, Tommy Kemp, and Tommy Mason. We're very excited to be involved in this city wide exposition of fine art! If you happen to be in Marseille this May stop in for a look.

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘A Musical Guide to Scotland’ Tea Towel


Shop Item of the Week! We've got this lovely new tea towel, hot off the press. The printed image is a line drawing by Project Ability artist Michael Earll. You can see over the outline of Scotland he's skillfully hand drawn and written the names of many of Scotland's most loved musicians and bands. Have you got a favourite Scottish band? Chances are you'll find it on this tea towel. For only £8 this is a brilliant piece of Scottish merchandise! You can find them in our gallery shop at Trongate 103 or just here on our website

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Thank you for your donations towards Nnena Kalu’s installation

Many thanks to everyone who generously donated materials towards ActionSpace artist Nnena Kalu's large installation.

We have received some amazing fabric and wallpaper off-cuts from Timorous Beasties, tartan fabric from Gaelic Themes, plenty of vinyl off-cuts from BD Print and a big donation from Re:Craft as well. Many individuals have also donated old VHS, fabric samples, ribbons, shoe laces, wool, plastic, etc. We are still looking for some old newspapers, plastic and old card, so if you have anything, please get in touch as soon as possible: 0141 552 2822.

Thanks to BD Print, Re:Craft, Timorous Beasties, Gaelic Themes, Kirstin Leighton-Boyce & family, Suzanne Field, Mhairi and Mary-anne Macdonald, Morag McGilchrist, Margaret Booth, Vicky Dale, Julie McCabe, Tracy Gorman & family, Bevis Evans-Teush, Roheen Cairney, Claire Forsythe, Elle Elart, Alicia Maciness. Apologies if we have forgotten anyone. 

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Walking Group - St Mungo Museum and Cathedral

Our walking group had its last outing for a while with a ramble up the High Street to visit St Mungo's Museum.

This being a very historic part of the city, there was lots to see and talk about on the way, and lots of photos to be captured.

The museum houses an eclectic mix of works, most of which have a religious connection but it seems that for some items this link is quite a tenuous one. A photograph of 'Charlie's Angels' in an exhibition about angels seemed a little bizarre but was certainly entertaining!

The next stop was St Mungo's Cathedral. Some of the group hadn't been there before but even those that had enjoyed an exploration of this magnificent building and its surroundings.

The walking group are taking a break for a while to look for more funding so will hopefully be planning some more outings soon. More photos can be found on our Facebook Page. 

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Artist Talk - ‘Danglers of Today’

Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming Charlie Hammond and Cameron Morgan to the gallery to talk about the work they have in their flash exhibition Danglers of Today. This work has been developed together as part of a residency / collaborative project that took place over the last few months.

Cameron and Charlie explained some of their points of inspiration, and how they had worked to together to develop the screenprints and ceramics in the show.
The collaboration developed and was driven by ongoing conversations between the two artists. These began around three scrap books filled with old match box covers that Charlie had found in a charity shop a number of years ago. The pair worked together to transform some of the retro graphics on the match boxes into a new series of screenprints, playing with shape, colour and scale.

Following match boxes, the conversation led onto what else you might find in your pocket, which in turn led to the development of the series of prints of loose change, or “danglers” as Cameron refers to them.

These two artists, very comfortable in each other’s company, have developed a mutual way of working together, each inspired by the other’s working practice. Cameron, who is a very prolific artist, spoke of how he had tried to teach Charlie to work more quickly, seizing an idea and running with it. Whereas Charlie had attempted to teach Cameron to procrastinate. Whilst we can only speculate on which artist was successful in these aims, what is for sure, is that Charlie and Cameron found a common and fruitful group upon which to make a dynamic body of work.

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Not Everything Matches’

Artwork of the Week is this three part print by Cameron Morgan and Charlie Hammond. You can find this print hanging in the gallery until April 7th. The exhibition, 'Danglers of Today' is the culmination of a twelve week residency collaboration between the two artists. Not Everything Matches is just one of several prints inspired by an old collection of match boxes. It's a flash exhibtion so it won't be around for long! You can read more about the exhibition below or visit the exhibition webpage:

This exhibition is a result of a collaboration between Charlie Hammond and Cameron Morgan. It takes inspiration from a collection of match boxes.

“Like many good collaborations we started with no clear direction but found our way through action, the work itself the result of these ongoing and very natural conversations.” – Charlie Hammond

Whilst working in Charlie’s studio, Cameron came across three books Charlie had previously found in a second hand shop. The books contain a vast collection of old cardboard match boxes. Many of the limited edition prints are inspired by these match box cases and much of the scaled-up imagery is borrowed from their retro designs and colour palettes. Further works in the exhibition have evolved as the artists began to think about what other items are found in one’s pockets. Loose change, also known as ‘danglers’ are portrayed in the same oversized manner.

In addition to the prints made by Cameron and Charlie, Cameron has made a small series of over-sized ceramic match sticks to accompany the prints.Our Gallery II showcases a selection of Cameron’s slip-cast ceramic telephones, originally made for exhibition at the Tramway in 2016, via an Unlimited commission.

Artist talk: Friday 06 April, 12pm-1pm. All welcome.

This project is supported by  a development grant Cameron received from Creative Scotland.

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