Shop Item of the Week - Stained Glass Sailboat by Jan Thomson

Our Shop Item of the Week is this lovely little stained glass boat by Jan Thomson. Measuring 16x11cm, this sailboat would be a perfect gift for anyone that loves the sea. Jan Thomson has made a small selection of stained glass sailboats for our gallery shop, all in different sizes and colors. You can see a few more pictured below. If you would like to purchase the yellow and green sailboat you can find it available for £15 from our online shop and also our gallery shop at Trongate 103

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Frau im Hemd’ by Robert Latka

Our Artwork of the Week features another brilliant painting from our current exhibition, 'Neu Begegnung'. 'Frau im Hemd (Woman in Shirt)' by Robert Latka is a large painting on paper, standing 100cm tall.  It is a striking picture, much larger than life and its use of the black charcoal against the gorgeous blue paint, to delicately draw the facial features, gives a powerful yet minimal feel to the work.

This piece is on display as part of Festival 2018, which has now ended after a fantastic couple of weeks of exciting events in the city. Our exhibition will stay up until September 1. We have 32 artists from Berlin exhibited in 'Neu Begegnung', all working in a support studio at St Hedwig Krakenhaus in Berlin

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Dundee outing: Maggie’s Penguin Parade

On Monday the 13th of August, a group of 12 Project Ability artists traveled to Dundee to see some of the Maggie's Penguin Parade trail.

In our midst was Ruth Mutch who had painted one the penguins for the event. We meet outside around 10am and traveled by minibus, the drive there was about an hour and a half and the same back, so not a short journey.

Once we arrived we headed to where Ruth's penguin named Penguin PJ's (or PJ for short) is located and took photos with him. We then went on a walk around Dundee city centre spotting as many penguins as we could along the way.

We also saw Desperate Dan and Minnie The Minx too! After around an hour of walking in the rain we were all a little tired and wet, so no one was too sad to return to Glasgow. On the drive back we spotted some more penguins and stopped to get photos.

We arrived home around 3:20pm to find Glasgow dry. All in all a great day was had by all and some excellent penguins spotted.
-Morag Macgilchrist

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On the Road: Kirkintilloch

“I liked mixing the colours of paint. I liked making the bird clock and the silk paint, I hope there will be more classes.
"Art class is good fun. Everyone is friendly."

These are some of the responses we've had from people who attended our recent workshops in the Barony Chambers in Kirkintilloch. With different activities each week, participants had a go at glass painting, silk painting, making clay animals, painting canvas bags and making working clocks.

Our tutors Jason and Celine seem to have enjoyed the workshops as much as the participants and are looking forward to a return visit in October.

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Residency: Cameron Morgan and Tracy Gorman

"I’ve know Cameron for many years, almost 18 to the day in fact, when I first started working at Project Ability. Whilst I’ve worked alongside him in many workshop situations, I’ve never had the opportunity to work directly with him to produce a body of work in partnership. To say I was delighted to have this opportunity would be an understatement.

We were allocated five intensive days in my studio in Quarriers village, where I introduced Cameron to my work space and some of the collection of objects that inspire me. I, like Cameron, am a bit of a collector of things. Most hold a feeling of nostalgia, inducing memories from my childhood. There’s a lot of chintz, china, and silverware, much of which remind me of things that could be found in my granny’s house. However, all of the objects I remember from the past, have long since been lost or given away and didn’t hold the same value as I have attached to them, to others in my family. Most of the things I have, I sourced through charity shop raids in a bid to recreate the memories of the ones that are now long gone.  Many of these objects, feature in my own paintings, along with garden birds, another fascination of mine, and in a way another fragile and fleeting object.

We started on day one, with a flying visit to my home. Most of my collection of things are on display there and Cameron seemed to have an affinity with many of them too, happily snapping them with his camera and referencing his own memories attached to them. He was particularly drawn to some photographs of my daughter taken many years ago, of her playing in the cherry blossom of a beautiful tree we had in our back garden. This became our initial starting point in a theme of work that aims to celebrate home, the living room, and the mantle-piece, with a large helping of nostalgia thrown in.

“It’s a great studio Tracy has, out in the countryside, a smashing old building! We did a joint collaboration with the cherry blossoms, I did them and the branches and leaves, Tracy did the little birdies. It was different to work on Linen, it has a different texture.  I’m very pleased with them! They work very well indeed! We worked like sausages!”
Cameron Morgan

Our time together has been a beautiful whirlwind of creativity, we hit the ground running and did not waste a single minute in the studio, or as Cameron put so well, “we worked like sausages!” Over the past 5 days, my studio has been filled with music (and singing from us both) from artists of the past, such as Dean Martin, Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash and the Corries, to name but a few. I have learned that I share far more in common with Cameron than I ever knew, that we like a lot of the same things and I have immensely enjoyed his company.

“I’ve enjoyed working with you, it’s been good fun”
Cameron Morgan

I couldn’t agree more with Cameron, we have produced more work than I could have anticipated too, with further works to be developed. Now that our 5 days are over, it kind of feels like only the beginning of something, not the end."

-Tracy Gorman

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Grosser Schritt (Big Step)’ by Claudia Gorsch

Our Artwork of the Week is 'Grosser Schritt (Big Step)' by Claudia Gorsch. Along with the rest of the artwork in our current show, 'Neu Begegnung', this painting has traveled from Berlin to Glasgow to be part of the Festival 2018. We love this optimistic and energetic depiction of a woman taking a very big leap! The freedom and happiness on show here is enough to brighten anyone's day. The exhibition 'Neu Begegnung' is all work made by artists who attend an art studio at St. Hedwig Krakenhaus in Berlin. We've teamed up with St Hedwig as part of Festival 2018 and had the pleasure of not just hosting their artwork in our current exhibition, but we've also had the pleasure of hosting four of the German artists and two staff from St Hedwig. It's been a brilliant experience for everyone. The exhibtion is up until 1 September!

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Seminar and ReConnect Book Launch in the gallery!

This past Friday Project Ability hosted a seminar and book launch as part of the Festival 2018 cultural programme. It was a pleasure to welcome everyone into the gallery, where our current show, ‘Neu Begegnung’, by artists working at the St Hedwig Krakenhaus in Berlin, is on display.



Festival 2018 supported Project Ability in inviting four of the Berlin artists and two staff from St Hedwig to visit the city for four days. The seminar was aimed to introduce Project Ability to our guests, and share with the public a bit about our ReConnect studios. The tutor from St Hedwig, Ms Paula Schmidt-Dudek spoke about their studio environment and the artists that work there. It was interesting to learn some of the differences and similarities between our two studios. A few artists working in Project Ability’s ReConnect studios spoke as well and a copy of the new ReConnect publication was given to each of the artists.

We ended the afternoon with tours around our workshops on the third floor, sharing with the artists from Berlin our studio and giving them an opportunity to find out more about us, and we had lots of questions for them too. We were sad to see our new friends leave, but we are very happy to have had the chance to meet them and bring their work over from Berlin. We are also delighted at the invitation to exhibit in Berlin with them next year!

A big big thank you to Festival 2018 and St. Hedwig Krakenhaus in Berlin!


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Artwork of the Week - ‘Wasserball’ by Norbert Dichantz

Artwork of the Week celebrates the beginning of the European Championships in Glasgow, which all kicks off today! 'Wasserball' by Norbert Dichantz is in our new show which opens today titled 'Neu Begegnung'. As part of Festival 2018, we have teamed up with artists at St. Hedwig Krakenhaus in Berlin, Germany. Dichantz is one of four artists working at St. Hedwig that will be traveling to Glasgow for four days to part of the celebrations here in the city. There are 32 artists represented in 'Neu Begegnung', all based in Berlin and working at St. Hedwig. We are very pleased to be hosting this exhibition and very excited for the arrival of our six guests, who will be flying over later today from Berlin!

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