Spooky Movie Night

Our Spooky Movie Night is back, and this year we will be screening an absolute classic: Beetlejuice!

Join us on Thursday 08 November at 7pm, come dressed up (or not), and get ready to be spooked! Each entry costs £10 and includes pizza, nibbles, a free drink and a raffle ticket. The best costume will win a prize!

Book your tickets now, you can purchase them from our 3rd floor reception.

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Exciting new project with GSA

Today a group of Glasgow School of Art students, from the Sculpture and Environmental Art department, joined us at Trongate 103 for a tour and introduction to Project Ability in preparation of an exciting new project. 

Final year students from SAE have been invited to propose a project as part of their degree course work, to work with us collaboratively in our 3rd floor studios.  Today we met the potential candidates for this exciting project and very much look forward to receiving the student’s proposals.

Watch this space for further developments in the new and exciting project.

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Heritage Lottery Fund awards a research grant to a group of Project Ability artists

The Heritage Lottery has awarded our artists a grant to research, reflect and interpret historical and contemporary art collections of work created by untrained artists, people in hospital and long stay institutions and others who have been and are, compelled to create for their own purpose. 

Starting with Joyce Laing’s Art Extraordinary collection which is held by Glasgow Museums the artists will go on to access collections in public ownership to consider issues of ownership and artistic intent.  At the end of the project they will share their individual responses in an exhibition of images and text.

Thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund, and well done to our artists! 

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Artist in residence - Yeonjoo Cho

Our new residency programme started last month, with talented painter and recent graduate Yeonjoo Cho spending a month in our studios. She tells us more about her practice and her experience at Project Ability.

"I am a contemporary painter who explores gender, identity and culture through landscape paintings. I got a Master’s degree last September at the Glasgow School of Art and am currently thinking about a new art project which is more focused on the form of painting and feminist issues.

Since I have experienced being marginalised as a woman, or as an Asian or as both, I have been interested in many social issues related to equality. In addition, in Scotland, I was often considered as a stranger, struggling with communication in English and I roughly could understand and empathise with the aim of Project Ability: creating opportunities for people with disabilities through art.

Also, because most of the people I hung out with in Glasgow were people who studied art or who were in the art scene, I wanted to expose myself to a new environment which would allow me to meet people who have different backgrounds. Thus, when I read the notice of this residency programme, I thought there would be something I can share and learn from other artists at Project Ability.

And, as I expected, I met many artists who were very open minded toward a new artist who just became a member of the shared studio. Whenever they had a workshop, they stopped by my place to ask questions about my work and to share their experiences, which enabled me to blend in more easily. Since the atmosphere was very warm and everyone looked so passionate, I could be relaxed and push myself to think about my new art project. For me, it was like a perfect bridge which connects the art school or small isolated studio to the broader world. What I try to pursue through my art practice is not art for art’s sake but art which tells stories about me, other people and our society. And this one month was a nice opportunity to feel it in real life. 

As an emerging artist who just graduated from art school, it was also a nice experience to have a studio and an access to other artists’ studios and workshops. Project Ability offered me lots of professional tools and materials to focus on my practice. Therefore, in practical aspects, it also helped me a lot to continue my practice and to do more experiments.

Overall, I got positive energy and inspiration from lots of supportive artists and staff members at Project Ability. I am hoping that there was something I contributed for the other artists as well."
-Yeonjoo Cho

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Shop Item of the Week - GOMA by Martin Sloss

Our Shop Item of the Week is this playful mixed media painting of the Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art. Painted by Martin Sloss, this painting packs a punch with its colour and form. Recently on display at the Glad Cafe on the South Side, it is back at Project Ability now and available to purchase from our online shop. Measuring 50x70cm, and available for purchase for £70, this original painting would make a lovely gift for someone special who loves Glasgow and art!

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Nick Drake’ by Peter Christie

Artwork of the Week is this small portrait of Nick Drake painted by Create artist Peter Christie. The minimal lines and blurred edges create a soft unfinished look to the musician and song writer. Like his real life persona, this portrait leaves a lot of mystery and subtle charm to be discovered. Nick Drake the artist was known to avoid interviews and apparently the video camera as there are nothing but still images of him from his adult life and career.

'Nick Drake' is just one of many brilliant artworks on show in our 2018 Young Talent exhibition, which represents almost all of the young artists that work at Project Ability! With one week to go, there's still time to check it out.

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Shop Item of the Week - 2019 Calendar!!!

It's coming to that time of year again when we start thinking ahead! Our Shop Item of the Week is hot off the press... These lovely calendars showcase images from our exhibition titled 'Scotland, the land beneath our feet', and they are filled with images of Scotland! They have just arrived with us and you can find them for purchase for £10, both in our gallery shop at Trongate 103 and our online shop just here.

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Malcesine on Lake Garda’ by Andrew Crosbie

This week we are celebrating Artwork of the Week with this colurful sea and city scape by Andrew Crosbie titled 'Malcesine on Lake Garda'. This canvas is currently in our gallery here at Trongate 103 as part of our Young Talent 2018 exhibtion, which is running until Saturday the 13th of October. Malcesine is a small town on the eastern shore of Lake Garda in northern Italy, and has been beautifully captured in this depiction by Crosbie. We are delighted to say this painting was purchased today from the Young Talent show, congratulations to the artist! There are still several amazing artworks still available from this exhibition, and it is well worth a look. We are open late today for 1st Thursday, serving wine and soft drinks. All welcome!

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Project Ability seeks a Vice-Chair and new Board Members

Project Ability currently has a Board of 7 directors and is looking to strengthen the Board with the addition of at least 2 new directors in the following roles.

Vice-Chair Role

Project Ability is seeking a Vice-Chair to work alongside the Chairperson and the Board.  The ideal candidate will already have extensive Board experience, ideally in an arts charity, and will be someone who is seeking an opportunity to build on this.  In addition to the Board member role, the Vice-Chair would be expected to work closely with and support the Chair, deputising when required.  Our intention is that the Vice-Chair will succeed the current Chairperson at the end of 2019.

Board Member Role

At Project Ability, we aim to have a spread of skills within our Board.  As a Board Member you will be able to offer the organisation experience and expertise in one or more of the following areas of work:

• Visual arts practice
• Learning disability
• Mental health and wellbeing
• Education and learning
• Health and social care
• Management, strategic and business planning
• Financial management
• Fund raising
• Human Resources


Our Board meets six times a year.  Board meetings are all held in the Project Ability centre at Trongate 103 and meetings start at 5.30pm.  In addition, the Board has a sub-committee of Board Members for finance and fundraising.  These sub-committees meet between board meetings to address specific matters identified by the Board.  All Board members are encouraged to join one of the sub-committees.

In new Board Members, we are keen to find people who are willing to give the necessary time and effort, to take part in events, and who are open to excellence in learning, development and training – both for themselves and others.

Board Members’ Responsibilities
Project Ability is a Company Limited by Guarantee, and has Scottish Charity status SC005226.  As a Board Member you will be a Director of the Company and a charity trustee, with a legal responsibility for overseeing its direction and policy, and for ensuring that it operates within the law and continues to fulfil its charitable purposes. 

At Project Ability we make a clear distinction between “Governance” which is the overseeing responsibility of the Board, and “Management” of the organisation, which is the day to day, month by month, operational work, which is the responsibility of the staff.

The role of Board Members is to:
• ensure Project Ability operates within the limits of its Memorandum and Articles of Association
• ensure Project Ability functions within the legal and financial requirements of a company and charitable institution and complies with all relevant legislation or regulations
• agree the annual budget and decide on major resource issues
• approve the annual accounts
• appoint and review senior staff
• ensure that the work of the organisation is done effectively and efficiently, and that the people who do the work are properly managed and supported.
• monitor performance against agreed objectives and targets
• represent and promote Project Ability externally

These responsibilities fall collectively on all the Members of the Board.  In addition to these duties, each board member should use any specific, knowledge or experience they have to help the Board reach sound decisions, plan, identify key issues and provide guidance on new initiatives.

Please download an application pack and send it to Elisabeth Gibson at director@project-ability.co.uk by Friday 02 November. 

Click here for the full recruitment advert.

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Our Christmas Cards and Calendars have arrived!

Is it too early to mention Christmas yet? Because we have just received our Christmas cards from the printers, and they look fantastic! This year, you will have a choice between Ashley Campbell's 'Snowman', James Pert's print 'Hygge' and Pauline Jackson's 'Rudolph'. Each pack of 10 cards is for sale for £5

Our brand new 2019 calendar is also now available to purchase in our shop, for only £10. Featuring paintings of Scottish landmarks and landscapes from last year's Christmas show 'Scotland, The Land Beneath our Feet', it is a thing of beauty! 

Pop by our gallery shop and get yours now! A great way to get something different from the high street and to support our inspiring artists! 

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