A creative response to our Volunteers programme

Almost a decade ago, artist Janetka Platun spent 18 months in residency at Project Ability, recording and exploring the wide ranging, multi-faceted and multi-layered way in which young people with Autism approached and engaged in the process of making art. This resulted in an exhibition and a book entitled 'Spectrum, A Landscape of Autism, Asperger's and Children's Art'.

This year, Jan has been invited to evaluate our Volunteers Programme, and to creatively respond to it.

"I have been invited by Project Ability to creatively respond to their ongoing volunteer programme.

Within the organisation volunteers are seen as wide-ranging and adaptable. Volunteers include recent art graduates wishing to gain experience, tutors who used to be volunteers, long standing Project Ability artists who offer their time, and tutors who wish to develop their practice through collaborations with Project Ability artists.

Over the next year I will explore the fluid nature of the programme and hope to shed a creative spotlight on the importance of these artistically centred relationships."

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