An update on the ReConnect Website Project

An update on the ReConnect Website Project

Tutor Joanna Peace has been working with our ReConnect artists for the last few months on a brand new website. With the launch fast approaching, we asked Joanna to let us know more about the project.

“The new ReConnect website launches on 23rd April, and since first meeting the group in December 2014 time has flown as we have developed the site together. In those early meetings we thought hard about what the website could be – it could show their work to a wider audience of course, but could it also become an archive, a platform for discussion and reflection, a means to developing new work?

Over the past three months the website project has enabled all of those things, thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of the ReConnect artists. Artists have been writing about their experiences at workshops and other events on the blog, as well as posting up the artist videos shown at our new regular lunchtime film sessions. The project has been an impetus to re-discover old work, and so artists have been opening dusty boxes and dragging in folders from home stuffed with paintings, drawings and sculptures that are now documented properly and have a place on the website.

It’s easy to forget all the work you’ve done in the past, and looking back, it seems, can re-invigorate your art practice in the present, as some artists have re-imagined older pieces in new ways for the camera. On the technology side, artists have tackled the DSLR camera and tripod in our makeshift photography studio to document their work, and had a go at using Photoshop and WordPress.

This project follows hot on the heels of the first ever ReConnect publication, a beautiful book featuring work and words by the group. I hope this site can become both a live version of that publication and a space for sharing creative discoveries, and by doing so showcase the fantastic work and activities by individuals and the group as a whole. Keep your eyes peeled on 23rd April!”

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