Artwork of the week – ‘Bicycle’ by Scott Smith

Bicycle' by Scott Smith

Artwork of the week is this drawing on card by Aspire artist Scott Smith. It is definitely a bicycle we’re looking at but there appears to be something special about its design. It looks like some kind of hybrid – something between a bicycle and moped, in a classic lowrider style. Scott has been drawing a lot of different bikes lately, each one slightly different than the previous. Despite the simplicity in the lines each bike is full of defining features. This ‘hybrid’ is perhaps the most unusual style, and is the most complex design. Measuring 21 x 71cm it is the perfect size for any bike lover’s wall!

Scott often works on a subject matter over and over for a short period of time. We recently exhibited a series of Birds by Scott Smith. Each of his birds was drawn with the same delicacy and attention to line as his bikes are. It is always fascinating watching Scott make his work. He is very decisive about his subject matter and can stay fixated on a particular object or thing for a few weeks before moving on to the next body of work. His artist’s page shows just a small selection of some of his paintings and drawings. If you would like to see more of these beautiful bikes, or other works by Scott, please contact the gallery.

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