Artwork of the week – ‘Brexit’ by Alan Straiton


Artwork of the week features this abstract painting by Alan Straiton titled ‘Brexit’. ‘Brexit’ is one of several new paintings on exhibition in Project Ability’s Gallery II. The title of this solo exhibition is a modest one, ‘Some Pictures’.

Straiton’s painting style is varied but often abstract and always thoughtful and filled with intention. Brexit is a hot topic at the moment, with the entire country wondering, will it happen? Who knows…. the artist clearly has it on his mind and with the title of this painting he is looking to open a conversation about the subject. It is an entagled web of facts and fiction, bewilldering politicians and world leaders, leaving the rest of us confused and unsure of the future. This painting portrays mass social confusion and a misplaced sense of British identity.

Straiton’s exhibition is definitely worth a look, and at the same time you can check out Lumen Essence, a group show of lumen photgraphic prints. Both shows are up until 11 November, all welcome!

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