Artwork of the week by Daniel Donnelly

Artwork of the week is this oil painting on canvas titled, 'Man with Cigarette (Robert Leroy Johnson)', by Daniel Donnelly. Daniel is an artist working in our ReConnect programme and in the autumn of 2016 we will be exhibiting a solo show of his work in the Project Ability Gallery 2.  Donnelly's oil paintings range from portraiture - such as this striking work- to large geometric abstract canvases. The two styles have a connection and although very different to look at, many similar thought processes over lap between the two.

This particular portrait is in Daniel's usual style, using a red underpainting to give the whole subject and composition a feeling of strength, confidence and depth. Robert Leroy Johnson was an American blues singer-song writer and musician. Johnson's shadowy and poorly documented life and death at age 27 have given rise to much legend, including the Faustian myth that he sold his soul to the devil at a crossroads to achieve success. It is a fascinating story which gives further power to his music and life's story-  Daniel captures this in his portrait of the great African American star, staring intensely out at the camera with guitar and cigarette.


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