Artwork of the week - Cleopatra by Ronnie McCulloch

Artwork of the week features 'Cleopatra', (initially mistaken for Mata Hari), painted by Aspire artist Ronnie McCulloch over the past few months.  The mark making and texture in this work fills the surface of the painting with bold blocks of colour and an array of different shapes and designs. Below is an image of the poster the artist worked from:

The original photograph depicts Marilyn Monroe being Cleopatra in a 1957 photo shoot recreatment of the Theda Bara's version of Cleopatra. A "Life" magazine spread photographed by Richard Avedon. Measuring 90x120cm, Ronnie's recreation of this exotic image makes for a striking and unique painting. 

'Cleopatra' will be on exhibit this year at Platform in Glasgow as part of our Annual Aspire Exhibition. If you are interested in finding out more about the painting, or the artist, please contact the gallery.

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