Artwork of the week - ‘Conor by Craig’


Artwork of the week features one of the many superb portraits being created in our gallery. Acclaimed portrait artist Tanya Raabe-Webber has been giving master classes in portraiture to young people every day this week, with tomorrow being the final day. 'Conor by Craig' was painted today and definitely has the school feeling. In a white shirt and tie, Conor is stood in front of his own canvas, painting Craig. All of the portraits created this week under the skillful expertise and teaching of Tanya will be on exhibit in our main gallery at Project Ability from March 10 - 24. Whilst these master classes are going on, the gallery is still open as usual! Come by to see our current exhibition, #SummitPortrayed, and check out the young artists at work. More news on this to follow! 

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