Artwork of the week ‘Edit Edit’

Artwork of the week ‘Edit Edit’

Artwork of the week encompasses a large body of work by six artists: Rainoir Clark, Lea Cummings, Alexander Storey Gordon, Simon McAuley, Celine Mcilmunn and George Williamson. This installation shot of the videos from ‘Edit Edit’ shows six different screens, each with their own manipulated Super 8 mm footage. The footage has been digitised and plays continuously in a loop in the gallery, allowing all six videos to intermingle and sit side by side each other in random order and synchronicity. Curated by Alexander Storey Gordon, this exhibition is the culmination of a series of workshops organised by Alexander, who is affiliated with Broken Grey Wires.

The different videos were all captured on Super 8mm film by the artists whilst out around Glasgow, then developed and taken into the ReConnect studio here at Project Ability to be abstracted through all types of experimental processes. The result is a smash up of literal moving imagery of Glasgow and the effeccts of exposure to physical manipulation by the artists.

The result is intriguing, thoughtful and nostalgic. It looks at Glasgow through the eyes of the artists, and abstraction through the eyes of manipulation. The Super 8 film gives the footage of Glasgow a dated look, despite it being shot in 2016. It looks at the idea of time in our environment, and the way we read and process information.  We are pleased to present ‘Edit Edit’ as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival of 2016, along with ‘A Moment Just Past’. Both of the exhibitions are up until 29 October.

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