Artwork of the week - ‘Either side of transparency’ by Simon McAuley

Artwork of the week is this one of a kind book made by Simon McAuley. 'Either side of transparency' is small book which acts as documentation of some of the processes used in the lead up to the exhibition 'Edit Edit'. A group of Project Ability artists, including Simon McAuley, spent time this past summer filming video around Glasgow with Super 8mm cameras. They then took the processed film into the studios and spent time manipulating it through a variety of experimental techniques, with a view to abstracting through physical manipulation.
Simon used sand paper on much of his film, taking small squares and folding it around the film, scraping it gently over the surface. He found that the tiny scraps of sandpaper used made up a series of abstract artworks in themselves.
Simon, who has a background in photography and painting, decided to photograph each of these and make them into a book to exhibit in the Project Ability gallery with the Super 8mm videos.

Simon explains the process himself:
The pieces of sandpaper in this book are the leftovers from sanding a section of super 8 film on both sides. Folding the sandpaper over the edge, so that both sides were sanded simultaneously, as I gripped the paper and pulled the film through. Thus deriving two residues from a duration. I saw this process as a type of editing. Marks made from the content of a film. Creating two marks mirroring each other. By unfolding and redistributing the spatial qualities.

'Either side of transparency' can be viewed as part of the exhibition ‘Edit Edit’. This show closes at the end of the day tomorrow, October 29th, at 5pm.

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