Artwork of the Week – ‘Glen Coe in Snow’ by Fiona Donald

‘Glen Coe in Snow’ by Fiona Donald

‘Glen Coe in Snow’ by Fiona Donald is our Artwork of the week….. and our Landscape of the Day! This pastel drawing on paper is a truly unique and unusual depiction of the world famous mountain. Named after the River Coe, which runs through it, Glen Coe is the remains of an ancient supervolcano. It is a very popular tourist destination in the Scottish Highlands. We love the way Fiona has created a monocharomatic landscape with a repetitive design covering the whole of the mountain side. This drawing is for sale for 65 pounds and can be seen in our gallery until the 22 December. Come by to check out all the amazing Scottish landscapes in our Christmas show, ‘Scotland: The Land Beneath Our Feet’.

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