Artwork of the Week – ‘Grosser Schritt (Big Step)’ by Claudia Gorsch

Grosser Schritt (Big Step)’ by Claudia Gorsch

Our Artwork of the Week is ‘Grosser Schritt (Big Step)’ by Claudia Gorsch. Along with the rest of the artwork in our current show, ‘Neu Begegnung‘, this painting has traveled from Berlin to Glasgow to be part of the Festival 2018. We love this optimistic and energetic depiction of a woman taking a very big leap! The freedom and happiness on show here is enough to brighten anyone’s day. The exhibition ‘Neu Begegnung’ is all work made by artists who attend an art studio at St. Hedwig Krakenhaus in Berlin. We’ve teamed up with St Hedwig as part of Festival 2018 and had the pleasure of not just hosting their artwork in our current exhibition, but we’ve also had the pleasure of hosting four of the German artists and two staff from St Hedwig. It’s been a brilliant experience for everyone. The exhibtion is up until 1 September!

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