Artwork of the Week - ‘So,.......Fo?’ by Gaynor Rees

This week we are very pleased to bring you 'So,.......Fo?' by Welsh based video and performance artist, Gaynor Rees as our Artwork of the Week.
This work investigates disparity and some of the issues faced by people with both seen and unseen differences as well as exploring the history of the relationship between humans and owls.

The owl is one of the oldest species of vertebrate animal in existence, with found fossils dating back 60 million years, showing this elusive bird to have changed very little throughout history. Throughout mankind, the owl has featured significantly in mythology and folklore from harbingers of sickness and death, earthly incarnations of ancient gods, to protective spirits, to the well-known ‘wise old owl'. Gaynor's 'So,.......Fo?' captures some of the reverence and qualm felt about this magnificent creature.

Don't miss this and the other great works in our Celf o Gympas showcase in the foyer space of Trongate 103, Full Circle, continues until 3 November.

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