Artwork of the week - ‘The Tardis’ by John Cocozza

Artwork of the week this week could only have ever been The Tardis by John Cocozza. This sculpture has been hand crafted with the utmost patience and care taken by the artist, and can be seen on exhibition at KEY in Glasgow. It is one of the highlights of the exhibition, titled 'Flying Through Time', which features both Cocozza's work and some select pieces by artist Kevin Cantwell

John's work often centres around his love of science fiction, and The Tardis is one of his most beloved flying machines. This piece is strong and sturdy, measuring about 80 cm high, and the attention to detail means the artist has included everything right down to a miniature poster printed out just as it is on the real Tardis. Inside the light at the top of the piece the artist has inserted an LED flashlight so once the light gets dim the Tardis glows.

Using recycled bottles, cardboard and other various arts and craft materials, this sculpture truly is a magnificent example of upcycled sculpture and an incredible accomplishment for the artist. John worked with Kevin Cantwell as part of our  Research Rooms exhibition, during which time he was mentored by Kevin in the art of this type of sculpture. The Tardis is the first piece he has designed and created solely on his own, in the Aspire studios here at Project Ability. Visit Cocozza's artist page to see more of his work, and check out the exhibtion page to read more about his current show,  'Flying Through Time'.

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