Artwork of the week – ‘The Rural Life’ by Carole Lee

The Rural Life’ by Carole Lee

The Rural Life by Carole Lee is pen on paper and measures 42 x59cm. This telling ‘portrait’ of Scotland outside of the city is filled with Scottish humour and culture. As with all of Carole’s drawings, it is a document of Scottish life, and tells a story of people, places and things. The eye can not settle anywhere on this work, instead it follows the action and finds new content with every blink of the eye. This is one of four Carole Lee drawings on exhibit in our Gallery 2, located just outside of our main gallery. Carole works in her studio here at Project Ability up to four days a week through a new opportunity within our ReConnect programme. This drawing, along with the other three, will be on exhibit until March 24th.

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