Artwork of the week – the studio by Jonathan McKinstry

the studio by Jonathan McKinstry

Artwork of the week is this portrait of the Project Ability studios, painted by Jonathan McKinstry! If you’ve seen Jonathan’s work before you will have immediately recognised this masterpiece as his handy work. Jonathan has a loud energetic and exciting painting style. He loves comics and rich bright colours. This painting, measuring an impressive 90 x 200cm, is on stretched canvas and has been made over the last month in our Aspire studios. From left to right we have, Tommy, Sonia, Kate, Stephen, Cameron and John M.  It depicts the artists working on flags for Glasgow’s upcoming Glasgow Open House 2017. Sonia and Kate were in working with the Aspire artists to make the flags which will act as markers for each of this year’s venues.

Jonathan has done a fantastic job capturing the dynamic atmosphere that makes up our Friday group of artists in Aspire. This painting ties in very well with our newest exhibition, which opens tomorrow afternoon with a reception from 4-6pm. Lucy Payne has created a collection of Project Ability studio portraits which will be on display along with a newspaper publication containing the illustrations and written text. To read more about this show check out ‘Drawing People Drawing’.

As always, if you’d like more information about this painting, please contact the gallery at

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