Artwork of the Week - Untitled by Alan Lesslie

This week we are very pleased to bring you a portrait by Alan Lesslie, part of a series currently on show in Project Ability Gallery for the exhibition Outside In: Scotland

Alan makes portraits of people he comes across in magazines; an exercise is motivated by a sheer personal passion to paint faces. These resulting snapshots are more real and revealing than the slick magazine portraits they originate from and in their own way are just as surreal as a retouched headshot.

Lesslie’s work distances us from any halo of glamour and with his devotion to the painting process, feels instead like glancing through a scrapbook filled with photos of the artists’ friends.

Alan Lesslie is an artist based in ArtAngel, Dundee. The exhibition Outside In: Scotland continues until 9 November, open Tuesday-Saturday 10-5pm, Project Ability Gallery. 


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