Artwork of the Week - ‘The Bedroom’ by Sian Mather

Our Artwork of the Week is this absolutely beautiful ceramic tile by Sian Mather. 'The Bedroom', is a very recognisable picture, one any art student or art lover will know very well. One of the most striking elements of this picture is the fact that the perspective is incorrect. Most artists know this was a deliberate choice by Van Gogh. This excerpt of text explains it a bit more...The rules of perspective seem not to have been accurately applied throughout the painting, but this was a deliberate choice. Vincent told Theo in a letter that he had deliberately ‘flattened’ the interior and left out the shadows so that his picture would resemble a Japanese print. Van Gogh was very pleased with the painting: ‘When I saw my canvases again after my illness, what seemed to me the best was the bedroom.’

We love the way Mather has included every last detail, delicately and extremely skillfully with the glazes. Mather is a master of ceramic, and glazing, as her solo show at the Project Ability gallery clearly highlights. There are several gorgeous pieces in this show. If you're looking to start Christmas shopping early Mather's exhibition is a brilliant place to start. This tile, measuring 21 x 20cm is priced at just £75. There are many other small tiles that pay homage to some of our favourite artists, prices starting at £45. It is a unique and beautifully executed body of work on display in Sian Mather's first solo exhibition. Sian Mather, a solo showcase, is in the Project Ability gallery until 17 November.

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