Beautiful mural in Arden by Daniel Donnelly

ReConnect artist Daniel Donnelly has been working on a beautiful mural in the hallway of a residential home in Arden.

The artist, who was commissionned by the Richmond Fellowship, envisioned scenes of nature with flowers, wells and fountains. He consulted with the residents too, adding some of their suggestions to the mural.

Once the design was final, Donnelly started making a grid in pencil and drew the scene on the wall. He then painted the outlines in red acrylic and blocked in the other colours.

The mural is still a work in progress, as Daniel is working on his own and can only go once a week, but we'll make sure to post a photo of the finished work!

You can see some of Daniel's work on his Outside In profile. He also had a solo exhibition in our Gallery II this year: Gravitational Geometry; The Method of Movement and Attraction.

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