Cameron’s Way: Coast to Coast

Cameron’s Way - Coast to Coast

Jason Pyper Davis has been working with Aspire artist Cameron Morgan for the last few weeks, assisting him with his research and preparation for his Generation festival project: a giant mural titled Cameron’s Way: Coast to Coast.

“I was given the opportunity to work with Cameron, to assist him in producing a mural that will fill every wall in the gallery. Cameron had already come up with the idea that the mural should be a journey through Scotland. As the theme of the project was ‘Generations’ I thought it might be nice to go through a brief history of Scotland rather than just a journey. Cameron and I then broke each wall down into areas and times in Scotland.

Wall 1. Rural Scotland
Wall 2. Castles and highlands
Wall 3.Victorian/Edwardian Scotland
Wall 4.Industrial Scotland
Wall 5.Present day

On my first day working with Cameron, we roughly blocked out the ideas and did small sketches of each wall, working out the composition and what would go in each wall. The second day we went out into Glasgow to take photos of building to use on a few of the walls. Since then we have been working on 5 large (scale) drawings of each wall, getting the composition working.

Cameron has a great sense of colour and a very fast and bold drawing style, so after a little discussion each day he then got stuck in and produced wonderful drawings with great colour choices. I very much look forward to seeing what he does on the walls.
-Jason Pyper Davis

Cameron Morgan will start his mural in June 2014.

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