Walking Group - Week 3: Tramway

Spring is in the air, and an ideal place to witness its approach is the Hidden Gardens at Tramway. Snowdrops and crocuses are beginning to bloom in these tranquil surroundings, and our walking group spent some time exploring the nooks and crannies and discovering some of the half-hidden gems that are to be found there.

The starting point for the outing was the Richard Slee exhibition which can currently be found in gallery 5 at the front of the building; a beautifully presented show of colourful and amusing sculptures.

Then it was an exploration of some of the rest of the building before a visit to the gardens at the rear.

Across the road from Tramway, on the site of some demolished buildings, a group called Playhouse have begun to create a series of buildings and walkways with a view to creating areas for social and artistic activity.

The group had a chat with the people working there before having a look around the site and then walking back into the city centre.

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Effect’ by Scott Lang

Scott Lang's work 'Effect' is our Artwork of the Week.  Scott's recent work focuses on Glasgow's 'traditional' gang culture, and draws from his own experiences with such to create vibrant and captivating mixed media artworks. Scott's exhibition 'Schementality' has been on show in our Gallery 2 space for the past month and will only be running until the 29th of August, so now is the time to have a look!

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An outing to Summerlee

The Friday Aspire artists, volunteer Ailsa and tutor Valerie travelled to Summerlee Museum of industrial life to sketch the industrial mining machines of yesteryear.

Valerie tells us more about the outing: "The artists travelled from Argyle street lower level station to Coatbridge Central and we walked the fives minutes to the museum. We started with a tour of some of the indoor exhibits before heading out to see the archaeological site. It was a wonderful sunny day so we took advantage of the weather to sketch outside, including the giant locomotive and coal mining and furnace machine parts positioned on site.

The  artists used pen,charcoal and pastels on paper to capture the detail of the aged metal and super structures. There is so much to see and experience that we have decided to take a second trip very soon."

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Help us raise money with JustTextGiving

Last week saw the launch of our 30th Birthday fundraising campaign. We are setting the bar very high this year, as we are hoping to reach an amazing £10,000!

We need your help to achieve this, so please get in touch if you are taking part in a sports event or if you have any fundraising idea you would like to share with us.

You can also help us with just a few clicks on your phone: text ANNI30 £5 (or £10) to 70070, and donate securely to our campaign via JustTextGiving. 

Thank you!

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Singing with Julia

Some of our Reconnect artists are getting creative with music and singing with tutor Julia Scott.



"We began by sharing some of our favourite music with one another. We talked about why we liked it and the place that music holds in each of our lives. We all found common ground in the magical quality of Alice Coltrane’s Journey Into Satchinadana that whisked us away to somewhere else.

In the afternoon Liam, a compare in a live 9 piece Karaoke band, joined us. We dared to sing in front of one another and by half way through most tunes Alan would be playing along on the fiddle so we turned off the backing track and were accompanied by him and some percussion; it was radical karaoke!

In the second week Irene joined us for a singing workshop. We began with vocal exercises, reawakening the tail at the end of our spine, sticking out our tongue and saying the vowels. We did some games to explore the potential of our voices, improvising and mimicry. We sang several songs in the round, one being a song for peace in several languages that had 6 parts so we all had to hold our own and it worked!



This week we are learning West African Rhythms with Laurie. We are playing traditional Ghanaian rhythms on djembe and kpanlogo drums, shekere shaker and bells and Gerry is playing guitar.



 The people in the band have a lot of talent; I’m really excited for next week when that can really come to fore as we come together with what we have learned so far, what we already knew and some other stuff we don’t know yet to play our own creations in a practice room. We’re going to need a name…"

-Julia Scott

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Open Gallery - George Stevenson Solo Showcase



Drama artist Claire Hume led another lively session in Project Ability's workshop and gallery space on Tuesday 14th May.  The captive audience from Crookston Speech and Language Unit were led on an exciting, tactile, multi sensory adventure inspired by the ceramic sculptures of George Stevenson. 



Tales of monsters, mud, mountains and seas left everyone in awe and inspired our young art critics to touch, talk about and recreate some of the fascinating pieces on display.



The Open Gallery workshops are funded by the Bank of Scotland Foundation and provide children and adults with learning disabilities, sensory impairments and autistic spectrum disorders, their teachers and carers, with opportunities to explore and engage with contemporary visual art.

More photos can be viewed on our Facebook Page.

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Lennox Castle Stories


The Lennox Castle Stories website launch appeared in The Kikintilloch Herald this week, with news on the event at Glasgow City Chambers.

To read the article online click here and to go direct to the Lennox Castle Stories website go to www.Lennoxcastlestories.co.uk.


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Create Friends and Family Fun Workshops this Saturday

Our next Friends and Family Fun Workshops will take place this Saturday, 23rd February.

Explore Mobile Making with our artists using a variety of materials including wire, wood, card, paper, fabric and found objects.  Decide if you want to make an indoor mobile or even a windchime for outside.  Explore texture, sound and colour by trying out different materials and objects and take away a goodie bag so you can continue to be creative at home.

For more information on our Friends and Family Fun Programme, including how to book, please click here.

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Young Talent on Screen




On Saturday 9th February Project Ability’s young film makers, friends, parents, grandparents, next door neighbours and more piled into the GFT to watch their latest cinematic creations.  One hundred people turned up to show their support.  There were Aliens, Superheros and Villains, Jenny and Penny, Rudolph, Rabbits and much more.  We laughed, cried, gasped in delight.  The films were clever, original and often very, very funny.

Last years’ fundraising campaign to purchase new equipment ensured the work was technically strong but the real strength of the work lay in the originality of the scripts and the young people’s imagination, hard work and sense of fun.  Well done!

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Oska Bright Visit




Friday evening's Young Talent on Screen group were treated to an exciting and informative talk by Matthew Hellett from Oska Bright.  Matthew spoke of his experience as an Oska Bright Committee Member, organising the Oska Bright Film Festivals, as well as his time with Oska Bright on the Road, delivering workshops and seminars.

As well as lots of useful tips and information for our young festival organisers Matthew also treated the group to a screening of some of Oska Bright's award winning films.





We would all like to say a big thank you to Matthew and Lizzie for travelling all the way to Glasgow to work with our young people and staff.  If you would like to see Matthew's video diary of his journey please visit the Oska Bright Blog. 

If you would like more information on how to enter your own film to the 2013 Oska Bright Festival please click here.

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Young Talent on Screen Film Festival 2013




Join Project Ability on Saturday 9th February, 12noon at the GFT as we showcase the talents of our young film makers as part of the Glasgow Youth Film Festival 2013.  See exciting new work from our Arts Award Film Programme for young people aged 14 to 25.  There will be live action, animation, comedies and sci-fi alongside some Project Ability classics.  Hear from the film makers themselves as they are invited on stage to introduce their work.

This event has been organised by young people aged 16-25 as part of our Young Talent on Screen Programme.

Tickets are available form the GFT Box Office on the day of the event.

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Volunteer Opportunities for 2013 are now live


Project Ability has an exciting mix of new volunteer opportunities for graduate artists, starting January 2013.

We are looking for artists with skills in ceramics or printmaking to support our Aspire Programme and for 8 artists to work with our children and young people through the Create Programme.

Further information on these opportunities can be found here along with the application form.

Closing date for applications is Wednesday 9th January 2012.

If you have any queries regarding these positions, please feel free to contact Volunteers Co-ordinator Tracy Gorman at volunteers@project-ability.co.uk

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Friends and Family Fun - Snow Globes


We have another wonderful Friends and Family Fun Workshop this Saturday at Project Ability. Come along and create a winter wonderland in your very own snow globe, and take away a goody bag of ideas and materials so you can keep creative at home over the holidays! 

These workshops are free but booking is essential.

For more information including times and how to book please click here.

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Young Film Makers Equipment Fund Receives Further Support




Project Ability's Young Film Makers Equipment Fund has received another generous donation, this time from Leeds Building Society Charitable Foundation.  This brings our new overall total up by £800 to a staggering £11158 - 148% of our original £7500 target!

A big thank you to them and everyone else who has supported the young film makers fundraising efforts.


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People’s Postcode Trust Give Film Equipment Fund Final Boost


The People's Postcode Trust have helped the Create Young Film Makers Equipment Fund reach its goal with a generous donation of £7300.  This takes the final total over the £7500 target to an incredible £10358 and means our video cameras, computers and software can all be upgraded, making the film programme for children and young people more accessible and better quality.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported the appeal through fundraising and personal donations. To find out more about The Peoples Postcode Lottery click here.

We look forward to seeing what exciting work our young film makers create with the new equipment!



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Friends and Family Fun Workshop - Saturday 27th October




Join us on Saturday 27th October for a colourful Friends and Family Fun Workshop and create your very own Silk Painting.  You can bring along your own images to work from or select from Project Ability's small image library.

For more information including how to book please visit our Friends and Family Fun page.


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An Action Packed Saturday at Project Ability



As well as our usual  Saturday Visual Arts workshops and Art Matters classes, Saturday also saw our monthly Friends and Family Fun WorkshopsProject Ability  tutors supported young people and their friends and families through 2 fun filled, messy, plaster casting workshops, where they created their own colourful plaster drawings and impressions.  Everyone had a great time and will hopefully enjoy the goody bag of ideas and materials they took away, which will help them to continue to create and learn at home!





As well as all of this long time Create participant and Nail Artist Pauline set up Project Ability's first ever Nail Bar!  Pauline treated staff and parents to a bit of pampering all in aid of the Young Film Makers Equipment Fund.





A huge thank you to Pauline and all of her customers.  Thanks to her efforts the Young Film Makers Equipment Fund has reached a fantastic 39% of its £7500 target.  Well done!

If you would like to support the Young Film Makers to raise money it couldn't be simpler.  You can:

Text: FILM12 £1 to 70070 (or £2, £3, £4, £5, £10)

Or visit our JustGiving Page to donate online


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Young Film Makers Shortlisted for Kids For Kids Film Competition




Project Ability are excited to announce that both ‘Neds on a Train’ and 'Wizzy and Friends: A Typical Summers Day’ have been shortlisted for this year's prestigious Kids for Kids Film Competition! 





The winners will be selected by two panels of judges, a Youth Jury and a Professional Jury and will be announced in November.  Congratulations to our young film makers on being shortlisted and good luck with the competition!

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Residency: Lauren Bryden, May 2012

The Print Assembly is an autonomous project promoting innovative printmaking practices and the artist behind the project is textile designer and printer, Lauren Bryden, a graduate from Glasgow School of Art textile department. Lauren was Project Ability’s resident artist for the month of May and we caught up with her towards the end of her project to find out what she had been up to. 

You have been working in Project Ability for one month, how did you prepare yourself for such a short dedicated span of working?
 “…I planned my time through a series of structured projects under the central name Night Shades with a focus on the watchman and the circle as a central motif. My starting point was a series of still life compositions as inspiration and a focus on how the work would take shape during the residency.”

Can you talk me through what you have been working on?
“Night Shades is a series of colours and spherical shapes which explore ideas of vigilance and remark upon the role of the imaginary watchman. The symbolism of the circle is the central focus of the ideas bringing to mind the clock face, time, observation, all creating a cyclic motion using colour shades spanning the spectrum from white to black.”
Lauren began by using found spherical objects such as stickers, sink drainers, masking tape rolls and other objects all tacked together to form a disordered semblance of order. This still life series was the starting point for finished pieces including a painting on an atomized pink PVC canvas and a designed outfit. These final outcomes were stimulated by the still life series which Lauren used to draw stencils and pattern from, revealing the significance of the objects’ purpose not only to shape but to inform the configuration of her designs and patterns. The small compositions appear somewhat industrial yet, with the injection of bold colour moments, Lauren has created a series of pleasing, futile monuments which offer a different viewpoint on the use of transformed detritus in the pursuit of design.

How did working in the communal Project Ability space compare to an independent studio practice?
“…working in Project Ability offered freedom to realise what I didn’t know was already there in my practice and provided me with the opportunity to spend some dedicated time crossing the boundaries between designer and artist, configuring solutions to problems  and indulging the artist side for a change. I liked coming to a space where you see the same faces every day and you all work in this space independently, together. There is a big focus on painting in the Project Ability workshops and I was really influenced by what was going on around me, I think that is what led me to make the painting.”

Lauren Bryden will be exhibiting new work in Project Ability’s residency exhibition in January 2013.  Other forthcoming projects include the development of a new line of fine-art printed clothing, pursuing textile conservation and an ongoing research project titled “Dyeing Communities: recolouring the narrative of post-industrial decay through radical geography and community-led praxis" in collaboration with an academic and archivist based in the Vale of Leven and Grangemouth.



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We’re back!



We hope you had a wonderful Christmas break, and that you are ready for 2012! It promises to be a very exciting year for us, with a great programme of exhibitions, events and workshops.

We're starting the year with a bang, with three exhibitions! Our gallery will showcase the Residency exhibition from the 21st of January, and we have two off-site exhibitions for the duration of the month, one in Mono, the other in the GFT's Cafe Cosmo.

We would also like to once again thank you all for your very generous donations! We have raised an amazing £2238 during our Xmas Pound Appeal, and are very grateful!


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On Your Radar on the 2nd December at Trongate 103 is cancelled. 


We hope to reschedule once the weather improves.

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