LDAW17 - Judith Abubakar

Our last feature for Learning Disability Awareness Week 2017 is about a delightful young artist who has been coming to our Create classes for years: the fantastic Judith Abubakar. Text by tutor Celine Mcilmunn.

"Judith is a joy to work with. She arrives in the studio full of energy and enthusiasm and is always keen to try new things. Her sense of humour and infectious laughter often has us tutors in stitches and her tales of what she’s been up to socially makes us feel like we lead very dull lives indeed!

Judith loves to use bright colours in her art making and her choice of subject matter is wide and varied. She especially enjoys working with textiles and making objects that have a practical use as well as being interesting and beautiful to look at.

Judith leads a busy life and along with enjoying her workshops at Project Ability she also takes part in a drama group and sings in a choir so she is always busy being creative in one way or another."
-Celine Mcilmunn

Top image: portrait by Alicia Bruce.

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LDAW17 - Steven Reilly

Day 5 of Learning Disability Awareness Week 2017, time to learn more about the amazing Steven Reilly via Aspire tutor Sharon Quigley.

"I’ve worked alongside Steven Reilly now for almost 20 years and I never cease to be blown away by his generosity of spirit and enthusiasm for sharing his art and ideas with his fellow artists and the public.

Project Ability provides a unique, exciting and dynamic studio environment for the artists who participate and create on a daily basis and Steven’s attitude towards making art embodies that experience. His work is colourful and bold and suffused with playfulness and fun, which he transmits to everyone he comes into contact with. He is the life and soul of the workshop!

His subjects are wide ranging and can reference anything from transport, history, film and TV; from Wonder Woman to Robert Burns, as well as mythical, extinct and rare creature’s, such as King Kong, the sabre toothed tiger and the giant squid.

Always open to exploring new materials, processes and mediums, Steven is constantly and fearlessly challenging himself to take on projects that he can really get his teeth sunk into. He can easily turn his hand to ceramics, animation, silk painting, printmaking and painting and will regularly arrive at the beginning of each block announcing “Let’s really push the boat out this time dear!”
-Sharon Quigley

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Artwork of the Week -  Ceramic head by Adnan Mohammed

This week we bring you one of Adnan Mohammed's superb ceramic heads as our Artwork of the Week.  Adi's ceramic work is tremendous, and this piece exemplifies the sense of fun and the love of colour Adi brings to his art. 

See a recent, in-depth, feature about the artist here.

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LDAW17 - Jacqui Smyth

Today's Learning Disability Awareness Week featured artist is quite the woman! The amazing Jacqui Smyth, by Aspire tutor Alison Mitchell.

"Jacqui Smyth has been working recently on a series of drawings inspired by the music, sleeve art and photographs of some of her favourite musicians.

Working mostly to quite a small scale, her drawings relate the vitality, abandon and glamour of her chosen subjects. She's a big music fan and loves to pinpoint a particular time and place where she remembers listening to any given piece of music.

As a dj on Sunny Govan radio her tagline is 'Glasgow's answer to Edith Bowman'.

She has been a regular artist in our Aspire group for the last year and has made consistently beautiful and vivid work exploring print, silk drawing and paint alongside masses of gorgeous drawings on paper and card."
-Alison Mitchell

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Linn Park workshops - Week 2

After the fun of our paper making workshops two weeks ago, pupils visiting Linn Park Adventure Playground were able to explore more of the area's rich heritage by looking at hand dying techniques. 

They were inspired to create these beautiful, colourful bags after learning about the dye works and bleach fields that sprung up around the White Cart River in the 18th and 19th century. Pupils explored different techniques for transferring dyes and inks to fabrics – including marbling with shaving foam!

Workshops will be ongoing until August 2017, keep an eye on our website for announcements about our summer heritage programme for children and young people at Linn Park Adventure Playground.

These workshops are made possible thanks to generous support from Heritage Lottery and the money raised by National Lottery players.

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LDAW17 - Tom Muir

Today, for our Learning Disability Awaraness Week 2017 daily feature, we would like to focus on one of our longest attending artists, the delightful Mr Tom Muir.

"On a Tuesday morning when I arrive at the Project Ability studios to prepare for the morning Aspire workshop, the first person I see is Tom, rapidly shuffling toward the workshop with a big smile and the eager enquiry, “What boat did you get today Sandi?”, (my commute involves a short ferry journey).

Tom is 85 years old and has been coming to Project Ability for 18 years and is one of our oldest and longest attending participants. He loves boats, and especially the PS Waverley, the last sea going paddle steamer on the river Clyde. He has made numerous drawings, paintings, prints and ceramic pieces of her. He never tires of making nautical images and will also happily make images of transport, landscapes, animals, royalty, and religious paintings (his minister must have quite a sizeable collection by now). Tom loves making artwork to give away to people, which he does with a huge grin.

In recent years Tom has become less mobile and his vision has deteriorated, but this hasn’t diminished his enthusiasm for making artwork. The canvases are smaller but he still continues to create wonderful work in a wide range of media, including pencil, fine line pen, felt pens, dip pen and ink, acrylic and watercolour painting and printmaking. Tom also works in ceramics, creating 3D boats, planes, cars, buses and trams that are so fantastically joyful.

His drawing isn’t as sharp as it used to be, and he now requires one to one help to identify colours or roll clay, but his artwork is still distinctively gloriously Tom Muir."

-Sandi Kiehlmann, Aspire tutor

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LDAW17 - Adnan Mohamed

"Adnan Mohamed – better known in the art workshop as Adi – has been coming along to Project Ability’s Aspire group for a couple of years now. You might say he’s a relative newcomer then, but one who already makes a very big impression! 

From the outset Adi’s interest has been in portraying personalities from a broad sweep of popular culture; Movie actors from 1960’s films, TV personalities, Star Wars characters, wrestlers and Superheroes. Occasionally Adi draws these figures freehand but more often he pens them onto acetate paper and uses an overhead projector to create big bold pastel drawings and acrylic paintings.      


Most recently Adi has been modelling clay heads. He jokes with me that he has enough to open a shop now! The clay sculptures start off in a similar fashion with Adi bringing in a picture of a famous character or celebrity, or asking Stewart at the front desk to source an image of someone special. Adi has been employing a couple of techniques to build his heads. Sometimes he makes a solid oval shape for the head and balances it on a tapered cone of clay for the neck, after he has added some features he must slice the head in half and ‘scoop the brains out’ to make it hollow, then join it back together. Other times he will construct the head around a ball of paper, then make the features. Either way it has to be hollow before he fires it in the kiln.  

Perhaps because the sculptural techniques can take a little longer than his drawings and paintings the characters can change a bit during the making and sometimes finish up being someone entirely different. Adi seems pretty open to this idea of the personality emerging out of the clay as he is working on it. What we are now starting to see are mythical types and characters from folklore rather than specific people.

Adi has just finished making a comical head that is wearing a Fez hat, this reminds him of a cheeky cartoon character he’s seen that kept blobbing its tongue out. He has also created a moustachioed man with an enormous Quiff hairstyle and an old Captain of days gone by who smokes like a chimney, not to mention a demon with horns and fire flaming down out of its’ mouth.   

I don’t think Adi has produced quite enough clay heads to open a shop yet, but there are several that would sit beautifully together as a group and I’m very much looking forward to a time when we can see these artworks in an exhibition."

-Meredith Crone, Aspire Tutor

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LDAW17 - Doreen Kay

This week marks Learning Disability Awareness Week 2017, and we thought it would be the perfect occasion to focus on some of our amazing Aspire artists. We asked Project Ability tutors to choose an artist and write something about them and their work. We will be publishing texts and photos every day this week. Let's start with an amazing woman, and great artist: Doreen Kay, by tutor Valerie O'Regan.

"Doreen Kay has a passion for making. Doreen's love of adventure inspires her work.

Doreen draws and paints the places she has been, the places she dreams of going, the people she has met and the people whom she admires.

Holidays with her sister, friends enjoying a night out, a breathtaking landscape are captured on camera and used as her guide for her drawings, watercolours, large scale paintings, prints and textiles.

These memorable experiences are what drive her creativity but also challenge her to try a new technique or a new material,to be fearless in her making.

Doreen approaches her work with great confidence, patience and sensitivity. She has an eye for detail and her approach to her subject is very honest.

Doreen loves to share her work with others and enjoys the feedback from her peers and friends.

Doreen is at her happiest as she begins to put her pencil to paper."

-Valerie O'Regan Project Ability Tutor.

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week! An annual campaign, this year's theme is 'Surviving or Thriving?' To mark the week, we visited Project Ability's ReConnect studio, and spoke to a couple of our artists about the ways in which the ReConect workshops have helped them.

"Project Ability is a life-line; a sanctuary; somewhere I can come and not be judged and am free to be myself and people understand my struggle. It gets me out into the world and stops me hiding away."

"When I started at Project Ability it gave me a reason for going out. I felt safe, calmer and not worried about what people think or say. It gave me confidence to do other things. I always get encouragement whether from other artists or staff. They also understand if you are having a 'bad day' and leave much happier with yourself."

Visit our website to find out more about Project Ability's ReConnect programme. You can also find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week and the Mental Health Foundation by clicking here.

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Artwork of the Week - ‘Tuesday Morning’ by Lucy Payne

This week’s Artwork of the Week is Tuesday Morning by Lucy Payne. This beautiful drawing is part of a new collection of studio portraits by Lucy Payne currently on display in Drawing People Drawing in Project Ability’s gallery.

In Tuesday Morning, Lucy has captured the very essence of Project Ability’s studio; the vibrancy of the workshop and of the artists who bring it to life on a daily basis. We can almost hear the chatter and the sound of pencils moving whilst the Tuesday morning Aspire group get to work.

A recent graduate from the Glasgow School of Art, Lucy previously volunteered with Project Ability’s Aspire programme and so has spent a great deal of time getting to know both the studios and the artists. What results in Drawing People Drawing is a very colourful, intimate and absorbing look at the way Project Ability’s studios and artists work. 

Drawing People Drawing continues until 27 May and is accompanied by a new publication which features Lucy Payne’s illustrations alongside text from several of Project Ability’s artists. The publication was developed through a series of workshops with Joanna Peace and Anthony Autumn, and is available to buy in our gallery shop.

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Heritage workshops at Linn Park Adventure Playground

Thanks to generous support from Heritage Lottery and the money raised by National Lottery players, the first of Project Ability’s heritage workshops in partnership with Linn Park Adventure Playground got off to a great start last week. 

Inspired by the wealth of natural and industrial heritage in the Linn Park area pupils from Mary Russell School had the chance to take part in a hands on  paper making workshop and explore the history of the Millholm Paper Mill that once stood in the park grounds.

Staff from Project Ability and Linn Park Adventure Playground were then joined by Gary Linstead – Countryside Ranger – for a presentation and guided walk of the park.

Workshops will be ongoing until August 2017, keep an eye on our website for announcements about our summer heritage programme for children and young people at Linn Park Adventure Playground.

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Paisley workshops

To celebrate Paisley’s bid for UK City of Culture 2021 Project Ability has been working with three Renfrewshire Schools on an exciting project, inspired by the shape, colours and patterns of the city’s iconic Paisley Pattern. 

Pupils from Mary Russell School, Clippens School and Kersland School have been creating their very own ‘plastic patches’, which will be joined together to create large banners for public display, showcasing the talents and achievements of almost 300 pupils aged 5-18, and adding to Paisley and Renfrewshire’s rich cultural tapestry. 

Watch this space for information on where and when you can see this vibrant exhibition of work.

Official supporter of Paisley’s bid for UK City of Culture 2021 - www.Paisley2021.co.uk

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Project Ability bags £4200 from carrier bag charge fund

We are delighted to announce that we have bagged £4200 from a Tesco funding scheme!

Tesco teamed up with Groundwork to launch its Bags of Help funding initiative, which sees grants of up to £5,000, £2,000 and £1,000 – all raised from the 5p bag levy – being awarded to thousands of  local community projects every year. greenspace scotland is working with Groundwork to provide support to communities in Scotland. Millions of shoppers voted in stores up and down the country. And it can now be revealed Project Ability has been awarded £4200 to keep our Walking Group going for another year!

“Funding from the Tesco Bags of Help scheme will help people with disabilities who take part in our visual art studio to enjoy a years’ programme of safe walks and visits to places of cultural importance in and around Glasgow.” Said Elisabeth Gibson, Executive Artistic Director.

Tony McElroy, Tesco’s Head of Communications in Scotland, said: “Bags of Help has been a fantastic success. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response from our customers. The great thing about Bags of Help is that local people are invited to decide how the money will be spent in their community. We can’t wait to see the projects come to life.”

Voting ran in stores throughout February with customers choosing which local project they would like to get the top award using a token given to them at the check-out. Since launching in 2015, Bags of Help has awarded more than £28.5 million across more than 4,000 local projects.

To find out more about Bags of Help, visit www.tesco.com/bagsofhelp

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘Glasgow Skyline with Man and Dog’ by Tommy Mason

Shop Item of the Week time, and this week we bring you another fine piece by Aspire artist Tommy Mason.  Tommy's well received exhibition has just ended, and now we can offer one of his drawings in our shop for just £30!  Tommy's work is always growing in popularity, so now is a good time to snap one up!  Available from our online shop

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Artwork of the Week - Velociraptor by Christopher Newman

This week we bring you this rather excellent rendering of a vicious velociraptor, by the highly talented Christopher Newman.  Christopher took only one session to truly capture the speed and movement of this creature, and we think the result is spectacular! We're looking forward to what Christopher can come up with next! 

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Walking Group - Week 8: Radical Craft

West Kilbride is Scotland’s first accredited craft town and The Barony Centre is the jewel in its crown.

The current exhibition, ‘Radical Craft’, was co-curated by Laura Hamilton, one of Project Ability’s board members, so the walking group took a trip by train to have a look.

You will see in the photographs that it is a wonderful and varied show with a fascinating range of materials and methods used in the making of the images and objects.

The group spent a long time looking at the exhibition with some guidance and information from Laura before cups of tea and a walk through the village.

There were several artist studios and shops along the way, most of which were unfortunately closed for the day, but a basket-making workshop was open and the group popped in there to have a look around and make a purchase.

This wonderful exhibition runs until 11th June so there is still some time to visit. You can find more information at http://www.crafttownscotland.org/forthcoming-exhibitions-2017/

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Cameron Morgan FRSA awarded Creative Scotland Open Project Fund

Creative Scotland awarded over £1.2million through the Open Project Fund in March 2017 to 55 recipients, including individual artists, musicians, dancers, writers, theatre makers, festivals and organisations working across the arts, screen and creative industries. We are delighted to announce that our very own Cameron Morgan FRSA is one of the recipients!

The funding will enable Cameron Morgan to spend 12 months in Project Ability’s inclusive studio to reflect on his past body of work and research new creative practices. The project will include a residency at the Art House in Wakefield and the commissioning of three artists to invite him into their studios, where he will work alongside them to learn new skills and to further extend his creative practice.

The Art House is currently seeking a skilled printmaker to work with Cameron during his residency (more info here).

Congratulations to all the award recipients!

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Tommy Mason exhibition closing event

Join us on Friday 28th April, 12-1pm for the closing event of Tommy Mason's exhibition in the Trongate 103 foyer. Everybody welcome!

Aspire artist Tommy Mason's unique large scale paintings have taken over the Trongate 103 foyer as a celebration to World Autism Day, and will remain there until the 29th. 

Tommy has been working with Project Ability for over 25 years, and the studio would not be the same without him. He helps to make Project Ability a creative and positive environment, and we are always happy to have the opportunity to share his art with the public. Tommy Mason’s style is one of a kind. Once you have seen his work you will forever recognise A Tommy Mason.

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Learning Disability Week - Aberdeen workshops

Project Ability and C-Change, in recognition and celebration of Learning Disability Week 2017, are delighted to invite you to join us for the launch of an exciting new social history project, based around the former Ladysbridge hospital in Aberdeenshire.

We are inviting people with learning disabilities in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, including those who were former residents of this hospital, to tell your story, your way, in words and pictures.

Do you want to share your memories? Learn about the history of the Hospital? Find out about the research that is taking place across the country on the history and culture of learning disability?

We want to hear from you!  During the day you can talk, draw, write, reminisce, sing, dance... Expert art tutors are on hand to help.

Project Launch : Tuesday 16th of May 2017 between 10am - 3pm at the Aberdeen Arts Centre & Theatre (ACT Aberdeen).

Lunch is provided at 12 noon. In the afternoon at 2.00pm there will be a presentation by Sue Dumbleton from the Open University's Social History of Learning Disability Research Group about "The social history of people with learning disabilities in Scotland : 50 years of change.” (more info on the SHLD Research Group here).

The project continues with a programme of workshops and talks on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th May, 10.00am – 3.00pm with lunch provided at 12 noon. Join us at ACT Aberdeen, for the day, or drop by for a morning or afternoon session.

To book a place please contact our C-Change Aberdeen team:
Phone: 01224 974 737
e-mail: aberdeenoffice@c-change.org.uk

The project is supported by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. 

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Artwork of the week - the studio by Jonathan McKinstry

Artwork of the week is this portrait of the Project Ability studios, painted by Jonathan McKinstry! If you've seen Jonathan's work before you will have immediately recognised this masterpiece as his handy work. Jonathan has a loud energetic and exciting painting style. He loves comics and rich bright colours. This painting, measuring an impressive 90 x 200cm, is on stretched canvas and has been made over the last month in our Aspire studios. From left to right we have, Tommy, Sonia, Kate, Stephen, Cameron and John M.  It depicts the artists working on flags for Glasgow's upcoming Glasgow Open House 2017. Sonia and Kate were in working with the Aspire artists to make the flags which will act as markers for each of this year's venues. 

Jonathan has done a fantastic job capturing the dynamic atmosphere that makes up our Friday group of artists in Aspire. This painting ties in very well with our newest exhibition, which opens tomorrow afternoon with a reception from 4-6pm. Lucy Payne has created a collection of Project Ability studio portraits which will be on display along with a newspaper publication containing the illustrations and written text. To read more about this show check out 'Drawing People Drawing'.

As always, if you'd like more information about this painting, please contact the gallery at exhibitions@project-ability.co.uk

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Walking Group -Week 7: Alexandra Park

The name Glasgow is derived from the Gaelic word 'Glaschu' which means 'green hollow' or 'dear green place'. The name is still a very appropriate one as there are more than 100 parks and green spaces scattered across the city.

One of the favourites of these is Alexandra Park to the east of the city in the easily accessible district of Dennistoun. Our walking group travelled there on a 38 bus and enjoyed a good leg-stretching walk. For most of the group it was their first visit to the park but for one person it brought back some early memories as her parents had lived next to the park and she had been their several times as a child. She remarked that it 'seemed much bigger then'.

There was a great deal of wildlife activity around the pond with squirrels, crows, pigeons, swans and many other water fowl so it was a bit of a nature lover's paradise with many photo opportunities.

After the tour of the park, many of the walkers went their separate ways but a couple of people carried on walking. The next stop was a visit to a little known statue of Buffalo Bill in the grounds of some flats on Whitehill Street. The sculpture is a bit of a mystery as several web searches have not revealed the name of the artist who made it, so if anyone knows, please tell us!

Finally, an impromtu visit to Market Galley on Duke Street to see 'The Minch' reveals a series of fascinating interactive installations by Suzanne Déry and Susannah Stark before a walk back into town.

You can find more info about Alexandra Park here  and 'The Minch' and Market Gallery here 

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We are looking for a Freelance Arts Administrator

Project Ability is looking for a Freelance Arts Administrator to manage an outstanding programme of visual art activities and exhibition for children and young people with disabilities. The programme takes place in Project Ability’s studio in Trongate 103 in the centre of Glasgow and various off-site locations.

This is a freelance contract to cover a period of maternity leave. The fee is £7,200, 80 days over a period of 12 months.

Send completed application and your C.V to the Operations Manager at operations@project-ability.co.uk or Project Ability, Trongate 103, Glasgow, G1 5HD
Closing date: 15th May.  Interviews 23rd May.

Key duties and responsibility

  • To work closely with the Artistic Director, staff team and artist tutors to plan and deliver a programme of workshops, exhibitions and events to support children and young people with disabilities to engage with contemporary visual art.
  • To sustain existing and develop new partnerships with other key agencies – schools, community organisations and special interest groups to develop, coordinate and deliver an ambitious and high quality visual arts workshop and learning programme.
  • To work with young people with disabilities to develop a programme of activities which support their creative learning and ambition.
  • To supervise art tutors responsible for project delivery.
  • To liaise with key stakeholders and funders.
  • To effectively evaluate the programme against planned outcomes and to produce written reports as required.

Experience, knowledge and understanding

  • Excellent track record of arts project administration.
  • Ability to demonstrate a minimum of three years relevant work experience.
  • Educated to degree or higher qualification in an arts related subject.
  • Understanding the needs of children and young people.
  • Understanding the special conditions required to give children and young people with additional support needs inclusive access to visual art.
  • Experience of project monitoring and evaluation.
  • Experience of report writing.

Person specification

  • Well organised with the ability to plan and deliver activities on time and within budget.
  • Confident and articulate.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a small team.

Documents to download

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Artwork of the week - Cleopatra by Ronnie McCulloch

Artwork of the week features 'Cleopatra', (initially mistaken for Mata Hari), painted by Aspire artist Ronnie McCulloch over the past few months.  The mark making and texture in this work fills the surface of the painting with bold blocks of colour and an array of different shapes and designs. Below is an image of the poster the artist worked from:

The original photograph depicts Marilyn Monroe being Cleopatra in a 1957 photo shoot recreatment of the Theda Bara's version of Cleopatra. A "Life" magazine spread photographed by Richard Avedon. Measuring 90x120cm, Ronnie's recreation of this exotic image makes for a striking and unique painting. 

'Cleopatra' will be on exhibit this year at Platform in Glasgow as part of our Annual Aspire Exhibition. If you are interested in finding out more about the painting, or the artist, please contact the gallery.

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Glasgow Open House 2017

After last year's successful collaboration, Glasgow Open House asked our Friday Aspire group to design once again the flags marking the venues taking part in this year's festival. 

Glasgow Open House Arts is a small, not-for-profit group which celebrates Glasgow’s vibrant, insightful and industrious culture. They do this by inviting its residents to present art, music, and performance in their homes.

"This year, we’re working with two fantastic organisations based in Glasgow: The Coach House Trust and Project Ability. We will be creating joyful, colourful and characterful “way-finders”, which will be used during the festival weekend to mark the venues which house an exhibition or event. We had a wonderful time working with the Aspire Group artists. They have produced fantastic pieces which we can't wait to exhibit alongside the work in our programmed exhibitions."

The festival opens on the 28th April and runs until the 1st May.

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Artwork of the week-  ‘Man and Horse with a Wee Dog’ by Tommy Mason

Artwork of the week is this rendition of Rousseau's 'Junier's Cart' by Aspire artist Tommy Mason. 'Man and Horse with a Wee Dog' is currently on exhibition in the foyer of Trongate 103, along with six other abstract paintings by Tommy. These paintings are bold, bright and beautiful. This piece is a rendition of a rather famous painting by Henri Rousseau, pictured here:


It is clear that the subjects have been borrowed from Rousseau's painting, but the style, charm and colour palette are all Mason's. Read more about Tommy and his work at his exhibition page here. The exhibtiion will be up until 29 April. In addition to the paintings on display we have many amazing  works of art by Tommy in our archive room. If you love these but don't have enough wall space, you are welcome to look through some of his smaller paintings, prints and drawings. 'Beasts and Funny Men' is just one example.

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Walking Group - Week 6: WASPS

The walking group doesn’t just give participants the opportunity to get out and about for a walk, it also opens doors to many interesting places and gives the group the chance to meet a range of talented people.

For last week’s outing, a visit to Wasps Studios in Hanson Street was organised to meet some of the artists that work in the ceramics and glass studios.

First was Glasgow Ceramics Studios to meet with Nicola Henderson who was previously an artist in residence at Project Ability. Nicola gave the group a short tour of the studios and then a look at some of the pieces she has been working on.

The group then popped in next door to Glasgow Glass Studio for another short tour and some chat with glass artists Fiona and Brian. It was a fascinating and informative afternoon.

For more information about the studios visit: www.glasgowceramicstudio.com and www.glasgowglassstudio.co.uk

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Artwork of the week - ‘Bicycle’ by Scott Smith

Artwork of the week is this drawing on card by Aspire artist Scott Smith. It is definitely a bicycle we're looking at but there appears to be something special about its design. It looks like some kind of hybrid - something between a bicycle and moped, in a classic lowrider style. Scott has been drawing a lot of different bikes lately, each one slightly different than the previous. Despite the simplicity in the lines each bike is full of defining features. This 'hybrid' is perhaps the most unusual style, and is the most complex design. Measuring 21 x 71cm it is the perfect size for any bike lover's wall!

Scott often works on a subject matter over and over for a short period of time. We recently exhibited a series of Birds by Scott Smith. Each of his birds was drawn with the same delicacy and attention to line as his bikes are. It is always fascinating watching Scott make his work. He is very decisive about his subject matter and can stay fixated on a particular object or thing for a few weeks before moving on to the next body of work. His artist's page shows just a small selection of some of his paintings and drawings. If you would like to see more of these beautiful bikes, or other works by Scott, please contact the gallery.

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The end of Thursday Night Social

It is with regret that we announce the end of the Thursday Night Social. 

Glasgow Life who provide Trongate 103 with front of house services is pulling out at the end of March and we can no longer deliver out of hours’ activity.

The situation might change, and the tenant organisations in Trongate 103 are asking Glasgow Life to work with us to find a solution, but for the foreseeable future Project Ability’s studio will close at 5pm.
We are looking into alternatives and will keep you posted.

The last Thursday Night Social will take place on Thursday 30 March.

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Shop item of the week - Black clay cats by Christina SooJa Massey

Shop item of the week features this beautiful sculpture of two cats. Shown from the back in this photo, you can see their two tails wrapped together into the shape of a love heart. Made from black clay, this small piece of sculpture is a one-off original by Project Ability artist Christina SooJa Massey. It measures 12 x 15 x 12 cm and is priced at £30. More photos can be seen in our online shop. You can purchase this piece either in our gallery shop at Trongate 103 or online. 

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Artwork of the week -  ‘Breaking Bad’ by Ruth Mutch


Artwork of the week features this adorably troublesome dynamic duo. Straight off the television and into the creative imagination of artist Ruth Mutch, these two penguins represent Walter and Jesse off the enormously popular programme Breaking Bad. We all are familiar with these two characters and seeing them in the guise of the penguin throws an interesting and somewhat ironic twist to their personas.

'Penguins on Screen' is an exhibition of new work by Ruth Mutch, and each piece depicts the characters of some of her favourite programmes and films, all through the cute and playful penguin. Ruth has had a long-standing adoration of the penguin, and many of her penguin artworks can be found on her Penguin Parade website. Ruth works both free-hand and on the computer, and with the help of her mother she has developed many penguin themed products such as mugs, pencil cases, coasters and more. A small selection of these are currently for sale in our shop. There are a few of Ruth's artworks listed on our online shop and even more in the actual gallery shop.

The show is up in our Gallery II until the 13th of April. 'Penguins on Screen' sits beside  'Cats... the 2nd instalment', which is in our main gallery space. Both shows are sure to put a smile on your face. 

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