Artwork of the week - ‘Mobile’ by Cameron Morgan

We're celebrating the closing of two exhibitions this week with another brilliant slip-cast telephone made by Project Ability's Cameron Morgan. This candy coloured phone is the last in a series of slip-cast telephones which looks back at the evolution of this marvelous invention! 'Put your sweet lips closer to the phone' has been on show in our Gallery II for the past month, and tomorrow is the final day. Each of the phones on display is an edition of five, and each one is priced at £180. Read more about Cameron on his webpage, or check out the brand new TV Classics website to see what Cameron has been up to over the past year.

Tomorrow sees the final day of this exhibition as well as The Artists of the West Midlands: A New World; a beautiful exhibition of paintings and drawings made by six very talented artists from the West Midlands who have been involved in a mentoring programme with acclaimed portrait artist Tanya Raabe-Webber

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘Four Little Birds’ by Liz Blair

This week's Shop Item of the Week is Four Little Birds by Liz Blair.

This beautifully vibrant painting is perfect for springtime and is available from our gallery shop or online for only £50! These little birds are sure to fly off the shelf soon, so be quick! 

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Artwork of the week - by JM Boyce


Artwork of the week features this beautiful painting on canvas by ReConnect artist JM Boyce. The Doberman Pinscher has a perfect sheen to his coat and it’s colouring is complimented by the deep magenta flowers and green foliage in the back ground.
JM Boyce is extremely gifted in painting and this subject matter is her specialty. She has been painting many different types of dogs for several years at the Project Ability studios, and, as is visible here, she has perfected the art. This painting measures 70 x 50 cm which makes the dog just about life size. It is picture perfect in every last detail and stroke of the brush. If you would like to see more of this artist’s work please contact the gallery.

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Shop Item of the Week - Hand Painted Canvas Bag by Tommy Mason

Shop Item of the Week time again, and this week we bring you this rather fetching canvas bag, hand painted by the ever popular artist Tommy Mason.  Amazingly, this bag is only £15 from our online shop, so you'd better be quick if you fancy purchasing something truly unique! 

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Artwork of the week - ‘Brick 1980’ by Cameron Morgan


Artwork of the week features this slip-cast ceramic  'Brick' mobile phone made by Cameron Morgan. Part of our current Gallery II exhibition, 'Put your sweet lips closer to the phone', this 1980's style cell phone is an edition of six, and sized a bit larger than the real thing. There are four different types of phones in this show, each one an iconic piece of history and design.

In 1876, 29-year-old Scottish born Alexander Graham Bell received a patent for his revolutionary new invention–the telephone. This marked the beginning of an evolution of wired and wireless communication that has proven to be one of civilisation's greatest and most important achievements. 'Put your sweet lips closer to the phone' highlights this evolution through Morgan's usual vibrant and bold style. Priced at £180 each phone is a limited and signed edition of either six or seven. 

The exhibition is up until February 21st, along with 'The Artists of the West Midlands: A New World', at our first floor gallery at Trongate 103. Stop by for a look at the exhibitions and a browse of our gallery shop, which features a wide variety of hand made crafts and fine art - all made by our artists in our third floor studios!

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Shop Item of the Week - Moorhen by Lewis Scott

Our shop item this week is this beautiful ceramic Moorhen by Lewis Scott. The surface mark making on this piece really shows off the subtle multi coloured glazing of it plumage.
A must have for ceramic and bird lovers alike!

Available to buy from our Gallery or online shop for just £25.

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Shop Item of the Week - Mighty Women by Celine Mcilmunn

This week we have available a series of three prints from Celine Mcilmunn's powerful 'Mighty Women' series, featuring Hedy, Malala and Rosa.

These beautiful digital prints have been made from the original gouache painted artworks and are avaible to buy from our online shop here or in the Gallery.

The works feature in our Superheroes exhibition which run until 23 December 2016.

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Shop Item of the Week – Beside the Sea by David Bradley

Shop Item of the Week this week is this gorgeous painting by David Bradley.

'Beside the Sea' captures beautifully the essence of a wintry walk at the Scottish Seaside.
Available to buy from our online shop or in the Gallery.

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Artwork of the week - ‘Untitled Impressions’ by John McNaught

Artwork of the week is this beautiful painting on canvas by Project Ability artist John McNaught. John works in our Aspire studio and has been a member of Project Ability for several years. 'Untitled Impressions' takes its composition from the much loved subject matter of many impressionist painters - bridges, flowers and women in hats.

This painting is bursting with colour and warmth. Measuring 110 x 110cm it is a powerful and serene presence and would be a gorgeous addition to any home. This painting will soon be for sale in our gallery shop so please contact the gallery if you are interested. 

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Shop Item of the Week - Ceramic Snowflakes!

It’s Shop Item of the Week time again, and this week we have some festive cheer to brighten up everyone’s day.  These freshly fired ceramic snowflakes would look fantastic on any tree, fireplace, or wherever you’d like to hang your decorations from!

Now available from our gallery shop, these Christmas treats are yours for just £3 each, or get 2 for £5! Be quick!

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘Gate of Life’ by Steven Reilly

Another stunning print from our Aspire workshop for Shop Item of the Week today, as we bring you ‘Gate of Life’ by Project Ability veteran Steven Reilly.  Steven’s print is a truly stunning piece, and one lucky person could own it for just £45. Steven’s work is very popular, so try not to miss out!

Available from our online shop

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Artwork of the week- ‘Duck’ by Scott Smith

Artwork of the week features this lovely 'Duck' in duck egg blue on mottled grey/brown paper. 'Duck' is one of many beautifully drawn birds on display as part of Scott Smith's exhibition titled, 'Birds'. These pen drawings on paper are flying, swimming and waddling off to new homes at a quick pace, so if this one takes your fancy please be in touch with the gallery before it too flies the coop!
Scott Smith has been working within our Aspire studios for several years, and his work generally depicts people and animals with confident lines and a sense of the beautiful and the comical. He began drawing these birds just a few months ago and we are delighted to be showing them as a whole collection. They are all new and original works of art that have already proven to be very popular.
The drawing, sized 43 x 59 cm is priced at a very affordable £20. 'The artwork is framed for our exhibition and is available for purchase in the frame, ready to hang on any wall, for £75. Come by the gallery to check out 'Birds', in our Gallery II, until November 26.

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Shop Item of the Week - Christmas Cards!

We have a rather festive Shop Item of the Week for you today, as we bring you our new 2016 Christmas cards!  The cards were designed in our studios by Angela McLauchlin (My Christmas Tree) and Michael McMullen (Madonna and Child) and are just £5 per pack.

These cards are just filled with the Christmas spirit and are sure to be very popular, so be sure to get yours while you can!

Available from our gallery, reception, or our online shop.

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘Swans’ Poster by Scott Smith

Shop Item of the week time, and this week we bring you this simple yet beautiful poster, made from one of Scott Smith's excellent paintings.  Yours for just £6 - or £40 for a framed copy - these posters are also signed by the artist.  Scott's exhibition 'Birds' is currently on show in our Gallery 2 space until the 26th of November, so be sure to come down and have a look at the originals!

The poster is available from our online shop, or from our gallery. 

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘Gun Smoke’ by Cameron Morgan

It's Shop Item of the Week time again, and this week we bring you this rather fetching print by the ever popular - and now rather famous - Cameron Morgan.  Cameron's work is highly recognisable, and this drypoint print has his signature style all over it! Cameron loves old Westerns, and he depicts a classic scene with real verve in this piece.

Yours for £45 from our online shop. Be fast on the draw! 

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Shop Item of the Week - 2017 Cat Calendar!

Shop Item of the Week this week is a 2017 calendar created with some of the favourite works which were included in our CATS exhibition earlier this year. From January through to December, this calendar offers joyful, cat themed works created by the Project Ability across all our programmes.  Yours for just £10, this feline filled treat makes a great gift for any cat lover! 

Available in our gallery shop, or online here

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Artwork of the week - Elvis Presley by Patrick Butterworth

'Elvis Presley' is our artwork of the week. Painted by Patrick Butterworth, and on exhibit in our Gallery II, this painting depicts the world famous iconic singer in all his glory. 'Americana' is the name of Patrick's solo exhibition and it is up until October 29. These paintings are exquisitely crafted and carry all the life of the musicians and actors they represent. This exhibition happens to be up at the same time as Glasgow's Americana music festival, which is happening around the city for the month of October. Project Ability has two other exhibitions up along with 'Americana', all until October 29!

Patrick's work can also be found for sale in our online shop!

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘Ganges Delta’ by Edward Henry

Shop Item of the Week time again, and this week we bring you a rather delightful little wildlife painting.  Expertly painted by the ever prolific Edward Henry of the Aspire programme, this charming piece can be yours for an absolute pinch at just £30 from our online shop.  Better swoop fast or this one will take off!

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Shop Item of the Week - Postcards by Ruth Mutch

Today we bring you a rather sporty Shop Item of the Week as a nod to the ongoing Olympic Games in Rio.  ReConnect artist Ruth Mutch created a much loved penguin themed series of postcards for the Commonwealth Games, and it seems right for them to be featured once again in this time of exciting sporting activity. We have wrestling, judo, badminton, boxing, cycling - the lot! 

Click here to see all we have available from our online shop. 

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘Batik Cat Bag’ by Doreen Kay

Shop Item of the Week is this wonderful handmade bag by Aspire artist Doreen Kay.  This rather stunning item can, amazingly, be yours for a snip at just £12, so make sure to get in quickly if you want to be the very lucky owner!

Available here

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘Untitled (Glass Cat)’ by Jan Thomson

Shop Item of the Week time again, and this week we bring you something rather unique - an exquisite handmade glass cat, crafted by ReConnect artist Jan Thomson.  This is a very pretty object indeed, and it won't be long before it finds a new home.  The little creature also proudly wears a fully functioning bell, so no need to worry about it catching any birds!  This little gem can be yours for just £37 from our online shop, so be ready to pounce! 

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Artwork of the week by Martin Sloss

Artwork of the week is 'untitled cottage' by Martin Sloss. Martin works at Project Ability as part of our Aspire programme, and currently has an exhibition here with fellow Aspire artist Ralph Douglas.  'Untitled cottage' is a beautiful painting that perfectly captures the feel of a country cottage; complete with fields, trees, rock paths and fences. The neutral tones of the colour palette, along with the different shades of purples and greens give this work a warm fresh feeling. The unusual layout and composition brings an abstract feel to the landscape, and allows the eye time and freedom to wander around the canvas, navigating and recognising all of Martin's subtle artistic gestures.

'Untitled cottage' is on exhibition as part of our current show at Project Ability, 'Ralph Douglas and Martin Sloss'. It is a gorgeous exhibition and well worth a visit if you enjoy painting. Martin has a unique approach to painting; he has had the opportunity to nurture his skill and talent at Project Ability, and we are very pleased he continues to share his creativity with us in the studios. This painting is for sale in our gallery and online as are most of the paintings in this exhibition. At £75.00 it would make a lovely addition to any home or office. You can see this painting in our gallery until July 9.


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Shop Item of the Week - ‘Untitled (Dancers)’ by Ralph Douglas

This week we bring you 'Untitled (Dancers)' by Aspire artist Ralph Douglas as our Shop Item of the Week. Ralph's paintings are always very popular, and this one in particular displays Ralph's highly expressive style, making a very pleasing image indeed.  This stunning piece, along with a number of Ralph's other works, are now on show in our gallery as part of his joint exhibition with fellow Aspire artist Martin Sloss which will run until July 9th in our main gallery. 

The work has been made by Ralph in acrylic on stretched cavass, and can be yours for just £65. Available to purchace here

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘Mako Shark’ by Lesley Nimmo

Shop Item of the Week time again, and this week we bring you this delightful acrylic work by the ever popular Lesley Nimmo.  Lesley's work is immediately recognisable; with her use of bold shapes which are packed with beautiful colour, Lesley is able to create highly engaging works which charm all who see them. 

Available here for £50. 

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘Spotted Beetle’ by Jonathan McKinstry

Shop item of the week is this golden ray of sunshine, 'Spotted Beetle' by Jonathan McKinstry. This small but colourful painting on stretched canvas is full of Jonathan's usual bold, sharp style. It is a lovely painting and would add lots of character and charm to any home. Measuring 31 x 31cm this mixed media painting is ready to be taken away and hung straight on the wall for only £35.00. 

Jonathan has a love of all things humorous and comic related. He spends hours creating comic style characters and clever compositions to set them in. Dynamic, entertaining, colourful and expressionist all describe McKinstry's work. Check out his artist's page to read a bit about Jonathan and see more of his magnificent artworks!

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘The Red Sea’ by Paul Dowden

This week we bring you 'The Red Sea' by Paul Dowden as our Shop Item of the Week.  Using ink and varnish on box panel as his materials, Paul meticulously creates his works, putting hours and hours into the various stages it takes to make such striking artworks. We love the results, and this piece can be yours for £170.  

Available online or from our gallery shop. 

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Artwork of the week - ‘Untitled quark flavour 10.3’ by Simon McAuley


'Untitled quark flavour 10.3' is our chosen art work of the week.  This is a small oil painting on paper by Simon McAuley. Currently on exhibition in our Gallery 2, this painting is one of a series of small square paintings on paper whose subjects seem concerned with an ambiguous shape made of one continual stroke of the paint brush. These paintings are some of Simon's newest, and show a slightly different side of research to his practice. To read more about Simon and his work have a look at Strange quarks, on exhibition until the 21st of May here at Project Ability, located within Trongate 103.

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Artwork of the week- Untitled, (Friendly Wave) by Lesley Nimmo


Artwork of the week is this painting on paper by Lesley Nimmo. Lesley is part of our Aspire programme, and this painting shows her unique bold style. Large blocks of colours applied with a large brush is Lesley's signature, and she paints a variely of subjects including people, landscapes, animals and everday objects. This blue subject is looking almost like a welcome sign, or a sign of a happy farewell. Her work is always bold, colourful and direct. She is a prolific painter and whenever she is in the Project Ability studio you will find her with brush in hand! Many more of her paintings can be found on her artists' page.

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘Cat hasn’t got your tongue’ by Cameron Morgan

This week we being you the wonderful 'Cat hasn’t got your tongue' by the ever popular Cameron Morgan.  Cameron's ceramics - like his paintings - are becoming more and more desirable, and at just £50 for this new piece someone will be very lucky indeed to own it. Cameron's bold style is immediately recognisable, and you can see his brand new exhibition TV Classics Part 1 now in our Project Space as part of the GI 2016 festival.  Come along from 5-7 this evening (the 8th of April) and have a peek. 

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Shop Item of the Week - ‘Urban Streets’ by David Bradley

Yours for an absolute bargain at just £45, this acrylic on wood panel piece by artist David Bradley is our Shop Item of the Week,  David's work flies off the shelves in our shop, and this represents another great chance to own some of his work.

Buy it here

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