The end of Thursday Night Social

It is with regret that we announce the end of the Thursday Night Social. 

Glasgow Life who provide Trongate 103 with front of house services is pulling out at the end of March and we can no longer deliver out of hours’ activity.

The situation might change, and the tenant organisations in Trongate 103 are asking Glasgow Life to work with us to find a solution, but for the foreseeable future Project Ability’s studio will close at 5pm.
We are looking into alternatives and will keep you posted.

The last Thursday Night Social will take place on Thursday 30 March.

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Artwork of the week - ‘Mobile’ by Cameron Morgan

We're celebrating the closing of two exhibitions this week with another brilliant slip-cast telephone made by Project Ability's Cameron Morgan. This candy coloured phone is the last in a series of slip-cast telephones which looks back at the evolution of this marvelous invention! 'Put your sweet lips closer to the phone' has been on show in our Gallery II for the past month, and tomorrow is the final day. Each of the phones on display is an edition of five, and each one is priced at £180. Read more about Cameron on his webpage, or check out the brand new TV Classics website to see what Cameron has been up to over the past year.

Tomorrow sees the final day of this exhibition as well as The Artists of the West Midlands: A New World; a beautiful exhibition of paintings and drawings made by six very talented artists from the West Midlands who have been involved in a mentoring programme with acclaimed portrait artist Tanya Raabe-Webber

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Artwork of the week - by JM Boyce


Artwork of the week features this beautiful painting on canvas by ReConnect artist JM Boyce. The Doberman Pinscher has a perfect sheen to his coat and it’s colouring is complimented by the deep magenta flowers and green foliage in the back ground.
JM Boyce is extremely gifted in painting and this subject matter is her specialty. She has been painting many different types of dogs for several years at the Project Ability studios, and, as is visible here, she has perfected the art. This painting measures 70 x 50 cm which makes the dog just about life size. It is picture perfect in every last detail and stroke of the brush. If you would like to see more of this artist’s work please contact the gallery.

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Artwork of the week -  #21 by Ross Prince

Ross Prince works in oil pastels on paper and canvas, creating 'mood landscapes' of various colours and compositions. #21 is an abstract drawing that has the look and feel of a painting. Using oil pastels in a creative and painterly way, Prince beautifully captures light and movement. Although he hasn't used any brushes, one can almost see the brush strokes that have made this artwork. The challenge of using this pallette should not be underestimated; we don't often see a painting with greens and oranges together in a harmonious way like this.

This is one of several 'mood scapes' by Ross in our current exhibition, 'The Artists of the West Midlands: A New World', which features six young artists from the West Midlands. This exhibition has been orchestrated by acclaimed artist Tanya Raabe-Webber, who also curated the exhibtion with Project Ability. Tanya also acted as mentor to these artists and has helped them to develop their artistic talent.

We are delighted that Tanya has secured funding to allow the artists to come to Project Ability for a two day Cultural Exchange, titled ‘Take 6’, which will include workshops at Project Ability and gallery visits around Glasgow. This has been funded by a ‘Grants For The Arts, supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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Artwork of the week - ‘Brick 1980’ by Cameron Morgan


Artwork of the week features this slip-cast ceramic  'Brick' mobile phone made by Cameron Morgan. Part of our current Gallery II exhibition, 'Put your sweet lips closer to the phone', this 1980's style cell phone is an edition of six, and sized a bit larger than the real thing. There are four different types of phones in this show, each one an iconic piece of history and design.

In 1876, 29-year-old Scottish born Alexander Graham Bell received a patent for his revolutionary new invention–the telephone. This marked the beginning of an evolution of wired and wireless communication that has proven to be one of civilisation's greatest and most important achievements. 'Put your sweet lips closer to the phone' highlights this evolution through Morgan's usual vibrant and bold style. Priced at £180 each phone is a limited and signed edition of either six or seven. 

The exhibition is up until February 21st, along with 'The Artists of the West Midlands: A New World', at our first floor gallery at Trongate 103. Stop by for a look at the exhibitions and a browse of our gallery shop, which features a wide variety of hand made crafts and fine art - all made by our artists in our third floor studios!

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Artwork of the week - ‘Untitled Impressions’ by John McNaught

Artwork of the week is this beautiful painting on canvas by Project Ability artist John McNaught. John works in our Aspire studio and has been a member of Project Ability for several years. 'Untitled Impressions' takes its composition from the much loved subject matter of many impressionist painters - bridges, flowers and women in hats.

This painting is bursting with colour and warmth. Measuring 110 x 110cm it is a powerful and serene presence and would be a gorgeous addition to any home. This painting will soon be for sale in our gallery shop so please contact the gallery if you are interested. 

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Artwork of the Week- ‘Always Here’ by Erika Juniper


'Always Here' by Erika Juniper is our artwork of the week. It is a four-minute video, filmed in the Tycanol Woods, while the artist was on residency. The solo material was created through a process of listening and responding to the self, the wild and the music. Project Ability is currently showing Erika's solo, along with three other artists’, until November 26. Each is accompanied by photographs and its own soundtrack, available through headphones.

Erika Juniper, along with fellow artist Andrew Kelly, both came to Glasgow to help lead workshops in our studios at Trongate 103. They, along with Arty Party's Ray Jacobs and inclusive movement practitioner Rachel Ligget, worked with Project Ability artists and dancers from Indepen-dance, to create their own personal 'solos'.

'Four Solos in the Wild' features moving imagery and photography. Additionally, there is also a slide show of images documenting the workshops that took place at Project Ability and Trongate 103, in the week before the exhibition.

Juniper's solo is a beautiful look into one person's relationship with the wild. It is a moving short film, a dance and a story. “Always Here’ can be seen until 26 November.


This project is supported by Arts Council England, The Basil Houghton Memorial Trust, and Telford and Wrekin Council.

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Artwork of the week- ‘Duck’ by Scott Smith

Artwork of the week features this lovely 'Duck' in duck egg blue on mottled grey/brown paper. 'Duck' is one of many beautifully drawn birds on display as part of Scott Smith's exhibition titled, 'Birds'. These pen drawings on paper are flying, swimming and waddling off to new homes at a quick pace, so if this one takes your fancy please be in touch with the gallery before it too flies the coop!
Scott Smith has been working within our Aspire studios for several years, and his work generally depicts people and animals with confident lines and a sense of the beautiful and the comical. He began drawing these birds just a few months ago and we are delighted to be showing them as a whole collection. They are all new and original works of art that have already proven to be very popular.
The drawing, sized 43 x 59 cm is priced at a very affordable £20. 'The artwork is framed for our exhibition and is available for purchase in the frame, ready to hang on any wall, for £75. Come by the gallery to check out 'Birds', in our Gallery II, until November 26.

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Spooky Movie Night 2016


After the success of last month's fundraising Quiz Night, we are launching our second fundraising event this year: Spooky Movie Night!

Join us on Thursday 27 October in your best spooky fancy dress (or not!) for the screening of cult-classic Frankenstein.

Each entry includes pizza, a drink and a free raffle ticket. We will draw the raffle on the night, and as usual you can expect some great prizes! The best fancy dress will win a prize too, so be creative!

Note: the number of places are limited, so make sure you book your ticket soon. We won't sell any tickets on the night as we need a bit of notice for the catering.

Tickets can be bought from our 3rd Floor reception or from our gallery.

Thursday 27 October, 7pm-9.30pm

3rd Floor, Trongate 103, G1 5HD

0141 552 2822

Cost: £10

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Artwork of the week - ‘Elaine’ by Lewis Scott

This week we bring you 'Elaine' by Lewis Scott as our Artwork of the week. This drawing is oil pastel on paper and sized at 60 x 83 cm. It is one of five portraits Lewis has made in the past year with us. Lewis works in our Aspire workshops and has been an artist at Project Ability for several years. His mark making is bold and strong, and his colours are rich and dense. 'Elaine' wears a black vest and bright pink t-shirt. The style is decisive and not at all precious. You can see the strength and energy that has gone into every colour and form, with no time wasted to clean up smudges and finger prints. To see the four other portraits by Lewis Scott please visit his webpage

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Artwork of the week - Cookie Monster by Aiden Kelly

'Cookie Monster' is the star of our Artwork of the week post! Made in our Create studios by Aiden Kelly, it sits proudly in our current exhibition Young Talent 2016. Complete with a plate of glittered cookies, he has his arms open wide in anticipation of his favourite meal of the day. Aiden created this sculpture from cardboard, paint and glitter over several weeks in our Saturday Create programme for young artists.

'Cookie Monster' is only on exhibition until tomorrow at 5pm, when our Young Talent exhibition closes for another year. The young artists who work at Project Ability are making amazing works of art all year long in our Trongate 103 studios, and August/September is the time when they get to choose their favourite masterpiece to go on display in the gallery. It is always a fun, creative and exciting show. This piece is just one of the brilliant artworks that make up this year's show. If you haven't seen it yet there is still time! 

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Artwork of the week - ‘Glitter’ by Judith Abubakar

This week we bring you this mixed media canvas by Project Ability artist Judith Abubakar as our Artwork of the Week. Judith very often uses glitter and tissue paper to create her artworks. They are bright, colourful and full of energy. Working with these materials on a stretched canvas gives the finished piece a mix of both two and three dimensions. The bright pink back ground is applied first and given time to dry. Then the colours and composition of the glitter and tissue paper are carefully considered to make the work as brilliant and bold as possible. 'Glitter' is part of our Young Talent 2016 exhibition, on display in our gallery until Saturday the 24th of September. 

Each year our annual Young Talent exhibition showcases and celebrates the artwork created by children and young people from Project Ability’s Create Programme, now in its 16th year. Our Create programme engages with children and young people with disabilities in a wide range of creative activities including visual arts, film and new media. For more information about this exhibition follow this link.

Judith's piece is a small but mighty work of art. With its colour, contrast and sparkling glitter, it joyfully shares Judith's talent and creativity. 

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Artwork of the week- BB-8 by Alistair Downie

Artwork of the week is this ceramic sculpture of the droid BB-8 from the latest Star Wars film- The Force Awakens. The sculpture is about as cute as the real thing, and very skillfully made by Alistair Downie. Alistair is part of our Create programme for young artists. Our annual Young Talent exhibition will feature this work, along with about 40 other artists' works from our Create programme. Opening this Saturday at 2pm, we welcome all of our young artists, along with their friends and family- and the general public- to join us in celebrating the amazing Young Talent of 2016 at Project Ability!

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Artwork of the Week by Sam Perks

This abstract painting on paper is our chosen Artwork of the Week. As yet untitled, this is one of a selection of paintings that will be exhibited for the first time in our Gallery II later this month. Sam Perks works in our Create groups for young artists, and he has a very well developed and distinct painting style. Though his colour palette changes, the movement and brush strokes of his compositions can be recognised in each of Sam's paintings. Using bold brushwork and lots of dripping paint, these abstract paintings have an expressionistic feel to them.

Perks’ use and variation of colours are strong and confident, he has a talent for choosing a sophisticated colour scheme and making the most out of the complimentary and contrasting hues and shades. Sam often uses masking tape along the edge to create a clean white border around the image.  This further adds to the power and clarity of the expressive brushstrokes. Keep an eye on our exhibitions page for Sam Perk's first solo show in our Gallery II, opening on 16 August!


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Artwork of the week by Martin Sloss

Artwork of the week is 'untitled cottage' by Martin Sloss. Martin works at Project Ability as part of our Aspire programme, and currently has an exhibition here with fellow Aspire artist Ralph Douglas.  'Untitled cottage' is a beautiful painting that perfectly captures the feel of a country cottage; complete with fields, trees, rock paths and fences. The neutral tones of the colour palette, along with the different shades of purples and greens give this work a warm fresh feeling. The unusual layout and composition brings an abstract feel to the landscape, and allows the eye time and freedom to wander around the canvas, navigating and recognising all of Martin's subtle artistic gestures.

'Untitled cottage' is on exhibition as part of our current show at Project Ability, 'Ralph Douglas and Martin Sloss'. It is a gorgeous exhibition and well worth a visit if you enjoy painting. Martin has a unique approach to painting; he has had the opportunity to nurture his skill and talent at Project Ability, and we are very pleased he continues to share his creativity with us in the studios. This painting is for sale in our gallery and online as are most of the paintings in this exhibition. At £75.00 it would make a lovely addition to any home or office. You can see this painting in our gallery until July 9.


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Artwork of the week by Robert McCamley

Artwork of the week celebrates one of our much loved artists who passed away at the end of 2015. Robert McCamley was a charismatic character in the Project Ability studios as well as a very talented and inspiring artist. He worked with us for many years, and made many friends here. Today we held a reception, buffet style, in honour of Robert the artist and friend. 'The sun, the moon and the stars' is up in our Gallery II until July 9. This piece, of the leaning tower of Pisa, is a large drawing on paper, and a striking example of Robert's artistic talent.

Thank you to everyone who came along to the reception today, it was a beautiful way to remember Robert and his love of art. Project Ability would especially like to thank his family for their support and enthusiasm in the run up to the exhibition. He was clearly a man with much love and kindness in his life and we hope the exhibition reflects this.

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Artwork of the week - by Paul Dowden


Artwork of the week features this painting on panel by Paul Dowden, currently on exhibition as part of 'The Rainbow Collection', in our Gallery II. This painting is a beautiful example of Paul's work, showing many of the techniques he uses. Scratching, sanding, masking and polishing are just some of these processes. Finished with a supremely high polish-  this particular painting is reminiscent of 1950's design. The shade of red adds to this effect and the mark making appears to pay homage to Kandinsky and possibly Miro in a subtle way. It is a gorgeous painting and can be viewed as part of this exhibition until this Saturday.

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Meet the Volunteers - Simon Worthington

This week, we are very pleased to introduce Simon Worthington, another of our fantastic volunteers! Simon has been a great addition to our ReConnect workshops.

"I was attracted to Project Ability by the consistently exciting gallery programme and shop. On my first visit to the studios I was overwhelmed by the creative and supportive atmosphere.

Volunteering at Project Ability has given me the opportunity to spend time in the studios and, using art as common ground, connect with people I might have otherwise never met.
Being out of education for a few years it is really good to be back in a communal creative environment, the level of insight into other artists' practices is really valuable and I often find myself thinking 'I can't wait to try that when I get home.' As a shared working space, Project ability couldn't get much better. There is a sense that it is a place where many people come throughout the week and invest a lot of their creative and social energy, which contributes to an uplifting atmosphere.

Another thing that's striking about Project Ability is the range of materials and facilities available, this ethos of quality and professionalism is really impressive and must contribute towards the atmosphere of pride felt by probably everyone involved. In the studios seemingly anything is possible.

I chose to work with a ReConnect group and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I very quickly felt at ease in the group and very welcome in the whole at Project Ability. The open plan nature of the space means you can't go anywhere without a few smiles and 'hello's.

There is no visible structure to the classes which means you don't assume a predetermined role. Whilst this might seem daunting initially, it allows everyone to be themselves and work with autonomy. Most of my time is spent chatting to the artists about this or that. I can't offer much technical advice but enjoy talking about what work people find inspiring and why they think they're drawn to making art. It's great to see the same faces each week and watch their projects develop.
Celine, the tutor in our group is a master of facilitating a comfortable and informal environment- the importance of this over anything else is what I will take away from the experience."

Thank you very much, Simon!

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Artwork of the week - ‘The Tardis’ by John Cocozza

Artwork of the week this week could only have ever been The Tardis by John Cocozza. This sculpture has been hand crafted with the utmost patience and care taken by the artist, and can be seen on exhibition at KEY in Glasgow. It is one of the highlights of the exhibition, titled 'Flying Through Time', which features both Cocozza's work and some select pieces by artist Kevin Cantwell

John's work often centres around his love of science fiction, and The Tardis is one of his most beloved flying machines. This piece is strong and sturdy, measuring about 80 cm high, and the attention to detail means the artist has included everything right down to a miniature poster printed out just as it is on the real Tardis. Inside the light at the top of the piece the artist has inserted an LED flashlight so once the light gets dim the Tardis glows.

Using recycled bottles, cardboard and other various arts and craft materials, this sculpture truly is a magnificent example of upcycled sculpture and an incredible accomplishment for the artist. John worked with Kevin Cantwell as part of our  Research Rooms exhibition, during which time he was mentored by Kevin in the art of this type of sculpture. The Tardis is the first piece he has designed and created solely on his own, in the Aspire studios here at Project Ability. Visit Cocozza's artist page to see more of his work, and check out the exhibtion page to read more about his current show,  'Flying Through Time'.

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Meet the Volunteers - Jyni Ong

This week, please meet another of our fantastic volunteers: Jyni Ong, who has been an invaluable addition to our Create workshops.

"I was recommended to volunteer at Project Ability by a friend as an inspiring insight into Glasgow's Art community and a refreshing break from being an art student at GSA.

I have found it incredibly inspiring and have realised many things about my personal working process by working with Create participants. Their enthusiasm and love for creating art is wonderfully infectious and has inspired in me a resurged appreciation for making through materials. I love their spontaneity and energy to follow their ideas and their eagerness to explore new mediums. I have learnt a lot from them, particularly in their lightheartedness and enjoyment in their activities which I often miss in my own work in the attempts for perfection.

Seeing how unself-conscious and confident many of the participants are in their work is great to see and has taught me a lot about how I wish to view my own work. Also, witnessing the progression in their work over the weeks is incredibly fulfilling and how their ideas have manifested and developed in the things they have made, which are often of a really high standard. The tutors are also lovely and incredibly patient and generous with their time and knowledge attributed to each participant. Overall there is an immensely special feeling of community and welcoming support to all in Create. Most of all, I have learnt to try and enjoy myself as much as possible in my work like how all the participants do and I thank them and all the tutors for giving me these realisations and greatly inspiring me."

Thanks Jyni!

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Meet the Volunteers - Katrina McCann

The sun is shining, our studios are once again buzzing with creativity after the Easter break, and our volunteers are back for another block of workshops! This week, we are delighted to introduce you to the fantastic Katrina McCann, who came to Project Ability via a student placement and has been volunteering in our Create and Aspire workshops.

"I have loved my time at Project Ability and found it to be one of the most welcoming and friendly organisations that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I worked with both ‘Create’, on a Saturday and ‘Aspire’ on a Monday Morning and although both classes had extremely different environments, what remained the same was the unique, amazing standard of art and a warm welcoming attitude.

I was introduced to Project Ability through my placement at university where I study psychology, and felt my placement reached a personal level, as I have grown extremely fond to the people attending Project Ability, as well as the tutors and other volunteers. I have been inspired by the people who attend Project Ability and their fearless attitudes when approaching large scale pieces, along with their individuality which has created quirky and fun projects I could only imagine of doing.

I hope to do a post grad in art therapy at the end of my psychology course, and have found this experience to be both fitting to my degree and instrumental in learning the amazing effect art can have on people, outwith the workshop. Project Ability not only offers the development of skills, but also the chance to socialise and connect with a range of amazing people, which generates a positive energy that is contagious to everyone who attends.  You are offered the experience to not only assist the development of artistic ability, but also to see a person grow in confidence, and light up every time they enter the studio.
I would encourage anyone looking for a volunteering position to consider Project Ability, as the experience has been invaluable, and I would love to have the opportunity to return in the future."

Many thanks Katrina!

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ReSearch Residency - April: David Roeder

David Roeder spent the month of April in residency at Project Ability, working on his own practice and interacting with our artists. Here he tells us more about his experience.

"Doing the residency at Project Ability was such a rewarding experience on so many levels. I met so many interesting and highly creative characters and I loved working alongside them for a while.

I saw some exceptional pieces being made and I had great conversations, but most of all it was the relaxed and inclusive vibe that I enjoyed, which suggested a more than valid alternative to the capital-driven and elitist forces that are so strongly at work within the sphere of so-called "fine art".

I have read and written extensively about problems of evaluation in regards to creative expression (with a focus on non-academic art), so the residency felt like a natural, hands-on extension of that field of my research. I was amazed by the high quality of what I saw being made in the workshops, pieces that in my eyes (and without hyperbole) can easily raise the bar to almost any museum collection or contemporary art show.

I also loved the feedback I got from some of the artists in the workshop - although at times very critical, it was always rewarding and made me question my work outside the parameters as suggested by most contemporary art education/writing. What more can I say? A great experience, I wish I could have stayed another four weeks (or more)!"

Many thanks David! You can see his photo diary on our ReSearch Residency Instagram: @PA_Research_Residency

1: Cameron and Celine at the Cosima V. Bonin show at the Goma
2: A cat painting I loved but whose author I couldn't find
3: John Cocozza working on his sculpture
4: One of the paintings I did myself: "Stuff washed up on the shore"

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CATS - a series of workshops with Joanna Peace and Luke Shaw

Join Joanna Peace and Luke Shaw for creative writing, image-making, and publication-creating workshops. Those who don’t like cats are just as welcome as cat lovers!

CATS’ will be launched alongside the exhibition of the same name in the Project Ability gallery in July 2016. Just turn up to one of the following workshops if you'd like to take part in the making of the publication:

Sat 14th May CREATE  1pm – 4pm
Tue 17 May RECONNECT 1pm – 3pm
Thu 26 May RECONNECT 10am – 12pm
Wed 1st June ASPIRE  1pm – 3pm
Fri 3rd June RECONNECT  1pm – 3pm

For more information, please contact

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Artwork of the week- Untitled, (Friendly Wave) by Lesley Nimmo


Artwork of the week is this painting on paper by Lesley Nimmo. Lesley is part of our Aspire programme, and this painting shows her unique bold style. Large blocks of colours applied with a large brush is Lesley's signature, and she paints a variely of subjects including people, landscapes, animals and everday objects. This blue subject is looking almost like a welcome sign, or a sign of a happy farewell. Her work is always bold, colourful and direct. She is a prolific painter and whenever she is in the Project Ability studio you will find her with brush in hand! Many more of her paintings can be found on her artists' page.

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Artwork of the week- ‘untitled, 2016’ by Simon McAuley

Artwork of the week features a new painting by Simon McAuley, 'untitled, 2016'. This painting is one of several we will be exhibiting from April 9 to Aprill 21st, in our Gallery 2. The exhibition, titled Strange quarks, is a solo showcase of Simon's most recent explorations in painting. 

"My painting practice absorbs some ideas from my photographic work. The two media differ and are often squashed together. I think that photography is better compared to literature, (in the broadest sense) than to painting. I like this idea as it leaves painting lacking with an insubstantial material leftover. For me this reduces paint and finds itself within my practice as something to elaborate into a basic form. Often via something random or unplanned."

Strange quarks previews on the 8th of April from 5 - 7pm. All welcome.

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Meet the Volunteers - Florence Dwyer

Another week, another 'Meet the Volunteers'! As usual, we are more than pleased to introduce you to one of our amazing volunteers - this time, the brilliant Florence Dwyer, who has been both part of our Art Matters team and also undertook a ReSearch Residency.

'I've had a great time volunteering at Project Ability so far. Helping out in Art Matters on a Saturday afternoon, I was welcomed by a group of people, each unique and united in their dedication and enthusiasm towards their art. I straight away picked up on such a calm and relaxed atmosphere, and it was noticeable how everyone felt so comfortable in this environment. I was quickly integrated into this feeling and soon started to have good conversations with people about what they were working on.

The work that is created in these sessions is full of energy. I feel so lucky to have had an insight into this and have been amazed at how quickly people produce incredible things. People seem fearless of scale, making decisions impulsively allowing them to express themselves in non-restricting ways.
I've learnt from how the tutors work alongside everyone in a way that allows people autonomy, freedom to paint/ draw/ sculpt, and feels completely non-hierarchical. Both tutors provided such good energy and enthusiasm to the space which created such a trusting environment.

The positive energy and focus generated in these sessions is definitely something that's contagious. I feel uplifted leaving the project ability studios at the end of the workshop which is something that's had a good impact on my own work. My practice as an artist is predominantly sculptural, it mainly involves ceramics, casting, drawing and photography. I am interested in autonomy in spatial environments, and how physical infrastructures and furniture/objects can effect this. My time at project ability has definitely given me a lot to think about in relation to this and has also made me feel a lot less precious about the way I make work.

I would love to continue my experience in working in this kind of environment and am excited about starting the next block of workshops with everybody.'
-Florence Dwyer

Many thanks Florence!

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TV Classics posters in every Glasgow Subway station!

Cameron Morgan‘s TV Classics Part 1 posters are now in every Glasgow Subway station for the next three weeks! The artist took a trip to St Enoch and Buchanan Street stations this morning and proudly posed with his image of Dr Who.

if you come across one of the posters, send us a pic and you might win a selection of nine postcards representing Cameron Morgan’s nine TV Classics paintings. Just use #tvclassicsposter on Twitter, Instagram of Facebook.

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Meet the Volunteers - Lucy Payne

We love reading about how volunteering with us impacts our volunteers' practice and outlook! This week, please read about the amazing Lucy Payne, who has been a great addition to our Aspire team.

"I am currently in my final year at The Glasgow School of Art, specialising in Illustration on the Communication Design course. I enjoy working across a range of mediums including ceramics, printmaking, animation and drawing. I am very much interested in the process of making not just the final outcome and seeing the work of those in my Aspire class has confirmed the importance of the process of making for me. Prior to this I had never worked in any sort of workshop context but had always wished to. After art school I hope to continue working with others in the realm of community art.

I volunteer on the Tuesday morning Aspire classes. It was amazing to see the range of materials on offer such as ceramics, printmaking, painting, glass, knit and batik. Members of the class could choose from week to week what they wished to create, this range of materials and resources allowed for their ideas to be fluidly translated through different mediums. It was also refreshing to see the speed at which people worked, being free to create as much as they desired in our 2 hour slot. On the other hand it was great to see the patience and determination of others involved in long, painstaking projects, of which you could really get under the skin of. It has also been great getting to know the different personalities of the class, all of which welcomed me wholeheartedly on the first week, casting aside any feelings of nervousness I may have had. Some of the artists I worked with more closely which allowed me to get to know what makes them tick and why they are drawn to their chosen subject matter. We also made great use on Project Ability’s library, using their wide range of artist and general interest books to draw reference from.

The workshop tutors were particularly helpful in showing me the ropes. Their love of the job is evident and they create a relaxed, trusting environment to work in. They gave me lots of advice when working with certain methods and materials which has broadened my knowledge and practice. Everyone I have met who works at Project Ability has been open and kind and I love the studio atmosphere where everyone you pass says hello. The studios are wonderful to work in due to their huge windows and the open plan nature of the space, allowing you to mingle with different people. Volunteering alongside my university work has been great for me as it creates a break in routine and allows me to see how other artists work, drawing influence from them.

Volunteering here has introduced me to working with artists in a supportive capacity, which I have found completely engaging and fulfilling. The artists in my class have definitely influenced my own practice, inspiring me to be less precious about the work I make. It also has confirmed for me the cathartic nature of making and creating and showed me the level of engagement making art can bring. Project Ability has provided me with a wealth of experience of working with others, equipping me with the skills I will need when finishing university. I am greatly looking forward to seeing all the faces I have gotten to know in the next block of classes.

Thanks for this great experience!"
Lucy Payne

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Multi–sensory, drama and storytelling workshops for people with learning disabilities

TV Classics Part 1 is an exhibition by artist Cameron Morgan. It is a celebration of the culture and history of television throughout the decades. Each painting marks an era, a style and a classic television programme. 

Tina Vision (aka drama artist Clare Hume) invites you to join her in her living room, in front of the television.  She's made a pot of tea and buttered toast, during the commercial break, and is looking for a chat on the sofa.

Prepare for a multi-sensory, TV Classics, trip down memory lane. Slippers are optional.

Where: Project Ability, Trongate 103, Glasgow, G1 5HD
When: Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th, Thursday 14th April and Tuesday 19th, Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21th April.
Time: 10 – 11.30am

Workshops are free of charge and suitable for people with learning disabilities, communication and sensory impairment.

Group bookings are welcome, just pick one of the dates and contact us on 0141 552 2822 or

There is a maximum of 8 people per workshop including support staff.


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Launch of TV Classics Part 1 website

We are delighted to announce the launch of Cameron Morgan's very own TV Classics Part 1 website!

Designed by Cole Ad, and inspired by Morgan's colourful imagery, the website provides information on the artist, news, interviews, as well as behind the scene action and work in progress videos. 

The work, commissioned by Unlimited, will premiere on Friday 8th April for the Glasgow International festival, and will then travel to Wales and London. All the information you need is on, have a browse!

Supported by Unlimited; celebrating the work of disabled artists

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