Ceramic bowls by SooJa Massey

Some of our most popular shop items are these wonderful bowls decorated by artists from our Aspire programme. But did you know that it's ReConnect artist and brilliant ceramicist SooJa Massey who has made the models used to create the moulds we now use?

Last April, tutor Tracy Gorman showed SooJa how to use the pottery wheel, and since then, the artist has been producing a multitude of beautiful pots of all sizes. She donated three different sizes of bowls to be slip cast. We produced plaster forms from which we cast the earthenware bowls that the Aspire artists are now painting, glazing and decorating. "It's great to see the many different decorational artwork by other Project Ability artists."

You can find some of SooJa's original bowls as well as the cast ones decorated by Aspire artists in our shop and pop up shop! 

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