Congratulations to Scott Lang!

Scott Lang, a former participant in the Connect programme, has recently graduated from Glasgow Kelvin College, with his fine work on display as part of their degree show.  His website can be found at - here's how Scott describes the motivations behind artwork:

'My recent practice has drawn on Glasgow’s ‘traditional’ gang culture. Personal experience, having briefly joined a gang in my teenage years, informs and connects with my research. Although brief, my involvement with gangs has had a significant and prolonged effect which has influenced several aspects of my life.

My work has explored the many facets of Glasgow’s gang culture, the territorial nature of gangs, the associated status symbols, the multicultural makeup of contemporary gangs and the stereotypical representations of gang members. By addressing these stereotypes, I endeavour to add humorous elements to what can be a very dark subject.

I usually begin by creating photomontage images which I then explore in a variety of media, including various printmaking techniques and mixed media pieces. I often try to incorporate materials relevant to the subject matter; spray paint with stencilled images, for example, to reflect street/urban art and gang tag practice.'

Well done, Scott - we love your work!  

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