Creative writing workshops with Anthony Autumn

Over the course of ReConnect sessions, writer and editor Anthony Autumn has worked with participants to run informal, flexible, interactive workshops. With the aim of introducing attendees to new methods of writing, forms of poetry, and a range of writers and artists working with text, the open workshops have been a combination of reading, discussion, writing and experimentation. Towards the end of the programme, participants are given a hand-out refreshing them on the contents of the workshops, and including a range of optional writing exercises they might want to try in their own time.

Anthony will be coming back to run another ten weeks of workshops during the next block of ReConnect sessions. Though the sessions will be kept informal, and people will be able to come and go as they please, there will be an emphasis on participants producing their own written work and an organised programme of subjects so participants can choose each week whether they want to attend. The sessions will comprise of readings and videos of other artist's work, discussions, readings of our own and each other's work for those who want to and collaborative exercises for the group to work on together.

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