David Bradley in ‘Dizziness of freedom’

Project Ability artist David Bradley has been selected by Outside in to exhibit in the group show Dizziness of Freedom as part of the Anxiety Festival 2014.

"Dizziness of freedom is a group exhibition exploring the notion of choice in a contemporary society defined by consumerism, an excess of information and endless possibilities. Bringing philosopher Søren Kierkegaard’s Concept of anxiety to present times, the artists approach choice as an act of freedom as well as an ever-present strain.

Through installation, sculpture, film, performance, painting and photography, the works hint at moments of decision-making – both in artistic processes and daily life – often infused with feelings of aspiration, self-consciousness and playfulness."

Bradley will see his work ‘Frustration’, ‘Drunk’, ‘Suit’,  and ‘Fear’ exhibited in the show.

‘Frustration’ (top)
You can go about all day feeling frustrated and nobody would ever know. I used a brush and a cloth when I painted this. I often feel frustrated but I never own up to it.

‘Drunk’ (second from top)
When I paint, I don’t have a given idea. The painting develops probably through mixed feelings. I pushed and I rubbed until I got what I was looking for. I could relate this painting in different ways which helps when you are putting it together.

People who wear suits often make important decisions in our lives. I painted the eyes and mouth going in different directions. Often we have no control over what people do to us.

Whenever I leave my flat I feel fearful of other people. I use primary colours as they make sense to me. Fear, like lots of people, has played a big part in my life.

Dizziness of Freedom Thu 26 June - Sun 13 July, Bermondsey Project
Preview: Thurs 26 June, 6 - 9pm

Curated by Anxiety 2014 with Mette Kjærgaard Præst.
Developed in conjunction with Crisis
In collaboration with Action Space, Bethlem Gallery, Creative Future, Outside In, Royal College of Art London, Goldsmiths University of London

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