Details from a day in Paris, by Simon McAuley

Details from a day in Paris by Simon McAuley

Simon McAuley spent a few days in Paris last week for the European Outsider Art Association conference Curating Outsider Art. There, he took part in “The Artist’s Viewpoint” a conversation with Julia Krause-Harder and Thomas Röske about their practice. But a stay in Paris wouldn’t be complete without a wander around its beautiful streets.

“These photographs were made on a day spent walking through Paris towards the gallery district. I was interested in these little details amongst the hustle and bustle of a large city. Occasionally I would come across a little quiet pocket where I could make some pictures.”

Simon will be in Wales next week for his solo exhibition Light Space, opening on Thursday 22 May in Celf O Gwmpas‘ new gallery. He will give a talk about his practice on Wednesday 28 May. 

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