Donate now - John McNaught’s story

John McNaught is a very talented Project Ability artist who has been attending our Aspire workshops for many years. His paintings have been exhibited nationally and internationally, and are a testament to how far he has come since the accident that changed his life almost ten years ago.

In 2006, McNaught suffered a massive stroke which left him paralyzed on his right side and unable to talk. Whilst in hospital, after months of extensive physiotherapy, John started attending art classes, which helped him cope with the devastating effects of the stroke. He had to learn how to draw using his left hand, and soon discovered a real interest in the arts!

John is now a regular at Project Ability and a familiar figure in our Aspire visual arts classes: always focused and working on intricate paintings of landscapes or sceneries. His wife, Patricia, tells us: “His passion for art has played a huge part in his journey today.  Painting takes his mind off what he’s gone through and gives him something else to focus on. It’s also helped to make the left hand-side of his body stronger. If it wasn’t for the art classes, I think John would have struggled more.”

Our workshops play an essential role in our artists’ lives, they are a place where creativity is celebrated and where people can work in a safe, supported environment. You can help us continue delivering a first rate programme of workshops by donating via our Local Giving page. No amount is too small, every pound counts! And thanks to Local Giving, if you donate £10, they will match fund it, giving us £20 in total! On behalf of all our artists: thank you!

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