International Summit – Call for Artists

International Summit – Call for Artists

The summit is a space for artists with learning disabilities to show their work and tell their stories.

Where: Glasgow, Scotland, UK
The Summit takes place in Project Ability’s gallery and studio and throughout Trongate 103; a centre for arts and creativity in the heart of Glasgow’s vibrant arts community.

When: 4th – 6th March 2015.
Project Ability are inviting world class artists with learning disabilities and their support studios to come to Glasgow in March 2015 to exhibit, share artistic practice, network with peers and celebrate their achievements
Who: Ten international studios will be selected, each studio represented by two artists with learning disabilities and two key personnel such as the studio’s CEO, Artistic Director, Lead Artist, Curator, Development Manager.

How: Each invited studio will be given an individual exhibition space approx.  5 x 5 metres – install your exhibition on the morning of the 4th.  The Summit opens for business at noon Wednesday 4th March 2015, followed by three days and nights of talks, workshops, discussion, exhibitions, screenings and socialising.

Project Ability with support from Creative Scotland can provide participants with accommodation for the duration of the event, lunch, dinner and exhibition costs.


Purpose: Project Ability considers the artists we work with are the experts in determining their artistic development and progress in the arts world.

Led by Project Ability, taking place at Trongate 103 and bringing together the most exciting and progressive artists with learning disabilities and their support studios working today, the Summit will bring together artists and studios; people who are working at the highest level creatively, ethically and innovatively to celebrate and share ideas, discuss and bench-mark quality, exchange knowledge and provide opportunities for networking, peer support and peer learning.
The most successful element of any conference and event is the opportunity to meet peers, share practice and celebrate achievement – it’s the “chatter” that takes place over lunch and tea.  The summit boldly cuts out the keynotes – the artists are the experts and the 3 day event is built around supporting them to exhibit work and share practice; where artists and professionals can learn from each other.
We will capture the event on film, in images and text. We will share information across arts and disability arts networks digitally and through social networking platforms to build an online resource.

 Are you interested in being involved?  In the first instance Project Ability invites Studios to submit an expression of interest by the 30th September 2014. 

1. Briefly outline the Studios key achievements, history and goals over the next three years (no more than 500 words) and send up to 10 images.

2. Select two artists representative of the artists working in your studio and supply their c.v.’s and 5 images each.  We know a hundred and one things can make it difficult for people with learning disabilities to travel and these artists might not be the ones who attend the Summit.  If you are selected we ask you to involve two artists with a defined practice, who can share their work, who would engage in the Summit and enjoy the experience.

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